Do You Know My Flower Girl?

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Flowergirl2Isn't she sweet? Do you know who she is? I found her at an antique store for a few dollars last week and I'm crazy about her. She's painted wood? I think. Or maybe some kind of very lightweight ceramic. She has four little holes across the top of her basket, and I stuck these little millinery flowers in. She doesn't hold water, because there is a one-inch hole in the bottom, covered only by a piece of cardboard. The cardboard has a little round navy blue sticker with the words "Wales" and "Reg. U.S. Pat. Off." and "Made in Japan" written in gold, and a little picture of a crown.

I love her. She goes with my little cottage paintings. I was just wondering if anyone had ever seen another one, or knows anything about her provenance? I'd love to find her a sister.


oh, sorry i can't help with the history or geography..but i will submit my two cents.....she is adorable! rosey little cheeks and a basket full of flowers. she is ready for spring!

Not a clue! Maybe she's meant to shake things up, literally. Perhaps she could dispense confetti, like a real flower girl. Good luck with your search!

Oh she is the sweetest lil thing!

I have no information about her what-so-ever except that she is clearly the cutest antique store find ever!!

She is quite darling. I don't know either, but maybe she was a toothpick or hairpin holders????

I'm no expert but I would imagine she was designed for exactly the purpose you are using her.To display faux flowers.I have seen similar but larger animal forms,made from a light ceramic of some kind, holding baskets with holes in to which faux flowers were placed.

She's adorable!

i can't wait to go antiquing with you! she is adorable.

I love her little kerchief and her slightly prim expression - amazing find.

I have 2 similar girls, a larger one with a pincushion for a hat (I think it is meant to hold hat pins) and I have one that is a vase of sorts. The hat has an opening on top and her arms are on her hips. Both are paper mache, very colorful and made in Japan. I bought them at NYC flea markets and they were kind of pricey. Anna Sui collects stuff like these. They are from the 60's. That is about all I know.

Papier mache wall pockets. You can buy them on eBay for much less than they go for at my local resale shops. They can sometimes be found in the 'antique doll/papier mache' section of eBay (despite being neither a doll nor antique). All of the color combinations I've seen are adorable. I even like the avocado ones.

wow she's great!

...and I forgot to say, one of the things I love about your blog is you use words like provenance, fantastic!

Hi Alicia - How about this one on e-bay? (I'm sure you'd find it no trouble at all with the great advice above)...

she is terribly cute... my favourite thing about thriftshop goods and antiques is finding out where they are from... it's the first thing I do when I get them home... I google and ebay it and hope something comes up.. Good luck xooxo

sorry, i don't have any new information to share, but i just wanted to tell you how cute I think she is. adding the flowers was the perfect touch.

my grandparents gave me a larger
version when i was little... they were made in the 60's and they are paper mache.
i've always used mine as a pencil holder, but the posies look lovely, too. i've never seen another one before post
again if you find her a sister:-)
lovely blog...truly inspirational! Thank you for sharing....

Its oh so very cute!!!
U seem to find some lovely things - I need to head out to my local flea market more often!

She is cozy at Posie's! And taht is what matters!

Thank you everybody! It seems they're a bit hard to find, but I'm going to keep my eyes open for a sibling. . . . Thank you for your help!

She is a papier mache lipstick or perfume holder for the dressing table or bathroom shelf. They were made in the 60's as someone mentioned and there were all kinds of items of this type made. I even have a 3 1/2' pedestal to stand a vase of flowers on made the same way and a hend held mirror with a lady's face on one side and there are animals made in this way too. And I thought I was the only person that liked these!

I'm with Alicia on this - paper mache lipstick holder, if you start looking around now you'll find lots of these type of paper mache products, from the 60's, all over. This one is especially sweet - love it with the flowers.

oops, with Susan (reading the posts incorrectly)

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