Emma Capelet

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Capelet1_1This is from the mysterious Family Circle Easy Knitting spring/summer 2006 issue that came out a few weeks ago. I had sort of forgotten what this little capelet, which I'd named "Emma," looked like. It looks very pretty on its Sienna Miller-ish model, though I have to admit my colors don't really fit in with their choice of color styling in the rest of the story: lots of lime green, navy blue, red, and lemon yellow, with big mod shapes in the background. I guess I'm a dove-gray girl in a lime-green world. It is a lot of fun to see my design, and the designs of my friends Kristin Spurkland and Ann E. Smith, who also have pieces in this issue. There are some cute things in there, including a very simple crocheted tank dress in stripes that would be darling at the beach, with white tennis shoes, and maybe a French Riviera-ish kerchief, a la To Catch a Thief? And you would certainly need some espadrilles for later, when you went into town.


Alicia, you are so funny, and you crack me up!! I love, love love this elegant capelet.

OK.....now I know why I couldn't find the right magazine at Borders. I was looking for Better Homes and Gardens Easy Knitting! The capelet is beautiful....I really want to make one RIGHT NOW, and then I'll look just like the model. Right? I love knowing you had a sunny, productive, happy, peaceful weekend with chicks and bunnies and ducks marching around in the sunshine!

Oh yes -- I forgot to mention that. Put this baby on and your entire head metamorphoses. This is another thing that's great about crochet.

great design! very pretty!

That is so pretty - I really love the double scallop at the bottom (would that be correct?). It's different from the one I bought from you a couple of years ago. One of these days I will take a proper crochet class...

Beautiful capelet. Although, i have to agree with you on the background colors. Kindof an odd choice for the pretty, soft colors of the capelet. Oh, well. Obviously, it doesn't affect how beautiful it it. It's gorgeous! Oh!The bit about your marching chicks this weekend reminded me of a wedding I went to several summers ago. It was an outdoor wedding, on a cute little farm, set up against the foothills of the Rockies. It was such a beautiful, sunshiney morning. Beautiful bride, lovely flowers, then in the middle of exchanging (misty-eyed) vows who comes "marching" across the lawn but a dozen or so fluffy, yellow, cheaping chicks. I'm not kidding. I just about cried, it was the cutest thing I've ever seen. They actually scurried in front of us all and over the brides train before proceeding down the aisle. *sigh* So cute, it hurts. Anyway, that's what your little sunny, animal parade reminded me of. Thanks for the reminder.

you're in for it now...

So beautiful - I love the colors.

Ooooh so cute!

Really nice...I think I am mostly a dove-gray kinda of girl too, but sometimes this Harlequin Macaw flys out from nowhere and I'm always a bit stunned! ha.

Hi sweetness! I've been asked to design a "cute-spring" ad for Martex.com and couldn't think of a better place to get inspired! Thank god I know you. Would love to see you this week. SWAK...

Oooo, cute, and now I want yet another magazine...

you'd better watch out posie. you're on my list now ;)

I am mad as hell that I'll never be able to crochet Emma for myself. it's beautiful! I love the bottom edge and the scallop bit around the neck. pretty! I'll have to pick up that magazine just to droll over.

like I said, I definitely have my c.r.s. under control. ok, maybe there was some swearing this weekend when a few stuffed chicken bodies went into the garbage. but again, no one was hurt. no goggles were necessary. and anyway, I'd spend all my time hurling things if I got all twisted every time someone made something beautiful that I could never make in a thousand years!

Emma is just every bit as lovely as you are, Alicia. Congrats on getting published!

I just wished I could (pun intended) wrap my brain around crochet. I've got several books and a DVD and it still hasn't sunk in.

Maybe I need to be taught in person?

You see, that just makes me want to learn how to crochet! How gorgeous! And the dove grey is beautiful.

Thanks for reminding me about your pattern in the magazine. Where's the best place to get it?

Thanks! The capelet looks beautiful!

Absolutely lovely! I wish I could crochet. I get going and I'm all, "I think I can. I think I can." Then I tank backwards down the hill (efforts posted at the blog). But if I COULD crochet, I would crochet that!

Congrats!!! I love it! So pretty and fresh, the dove grey suits it just perfectly, and the pink satin bow is to die for (I don't have lime green in my palette either). Might have to dust off the old crochet hooks and give this a go. Its been a while, but maybe like riding a bike it will come back to me, because I can't knit to save my soul. :o/

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