Glad Rags and Party Bags

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Pirouetteillus2These bags are very versatile. They're for people who have real lives and actually get invited to parties. I'm not one of those people but I know they're out there because I see them on TV. But these bags are also for the rest of us, who like to hang stuff we wore twice on the door, with the bag, and pretend that maybe someday we'll have somewhere to go.

I'm not sure what it says about me that I am probably the least athletic person on earth, but the vast majority of my wardrobe consists of mismatched, poorly fitting athletic-type clothes: sweatjackets and velour sweatsuits and floppy t-shirts and very ugly stretchyish pants. This is why, all my life, I have wanted to wear a uniform. I think I hit my fashion prime when I was a movie theater candy girl and a dressed exactly the same every day: black mini skirt (this was the 80s), black tights, white blouse with Peter Pan collar, apron. And always with the Doc Martens. It was cute, very Parker Posey. Actually, come to think of it, I do in fact dress the same every day, except that now I'm very, like, junior-high volleyball coach.

Pho_piro_libraryplaid_lg I thought I'd get more done yesterday but I always underestimate how long it takes to Photoshop all the new photos and create the new pages. Nevertheless, things are moving quickly off the site, and I've been meaning to extend a huge and very sincere thank you to everyone who's been ordering from it, and stopping by the shop lately. I'm sorry it's taking me so long to finish everything I have planned, including new cagelets. There are a lot of new things up there today, including another ten or so Pirouette bags like these. If you're someone who has been waiting to see stuff, please have a look. It turns out that the blog readers are getting a jump on things much earlier than the mailing list people because I'm not able to get the newsletter out as frequently as I am able to update the blog. Typepad makes life so much easier! I love it.

Pho_piro_aquamarinestripe_l_1 I've noticed that it's kind of tricky to Photoshop product photos on the laptop. The way the screen tilts can really affect the way the lighting looks in your photo, and I have trouble getting everything consistent. I try to keep the colors of the product as true to life as possible, regardless of what that does to the background, but it's still kind of tricky. I love these bags, though. These are the ones I made on HGTV. I've been doing them for a long time. Once these are gone, I probably won't do them anymore. My silk stock is getting low and I'm really trying to use only the supplies I already have from now on.


Your bags are lovely!

lol I didn't realize until right now that you're the person in that episode. I remember seeing it long before I ever started reading your blog. :)

Ohhhhhh that 'Vintage Rose' tote is killing me w/ it's gorgeous fabulous-ness :)

These are so lovely. I just had a look through on your site and its all so practically posie and perfect in every way. I can't believe you do this work all yourself. Do you have more than 2 hands?

I don't get invited to parties, but I love your bags. There is something very feminine about having 'little bags' just hanging around. Your photos are beautiful!

Sigh. I used to have that life - the one where you go to events in the evenings. Now I couldn't even hang a cute bag on the door or the kiddo would be getting into whatever was behind the door. Maybe in a couple of years... Your bags are lovely!

Oohhh is there a link to the episode?? my friends in the US keep telling me about that show!
their site is great too!!
Lovely bags!! You are very clever!

I discovered your work on the Another Girl at Play web-site a long time ago and was so happy when you started your blog although I’ve never commented. I cannot wait for you to release your aprons, because those are meant to be worn indoors and I can wear one over sweatpants without shame! I love your new bags. It was more than a little sad to imagine how I would look carrying a gorgeous purse as I traipse around in my hooded sweatshirts. I’ve always admired your sense of personal style and am secretly relieved to hear that I am not the only “wanna-be volleyball coach” out there. Thank you for being so real (and reminding us to support the dreams of those we admire).

You are still so Parker Posey. I love Parker Posey.

Will your online shop be selling the Pure & Thimble Sewing Kit that you posted a while ago? I am so in love with it. I've been waiting and watching with hopes that one could soon be mine. :D

They're all so lovely! I also love that green dress!

Beautiful! Lovely! Equisite! I LOVE your pictures. I felt a renewed energy to get my own little shop open and cleaned up this weekend. Must be the spring weather.

Alicia, I have been a bit behind in my reading and wanted to say how much I enjoy you and your posts and creativity. I'm SO glad that you've made a recovery from the accident, and I'm so sorry that you had to go through something so painful, physically and emotionally.

"This is why, all my life, I have wanted to wear a uniform." Yes! I feel this way, too, and have also had the same epiphany that I *do* wear a uniform -- just not the one I want. The bags are lovely!

The bags are beautiful! I hope there are still a few left when I get paid on Friday! :)

i don't get invited to those kind of parties but i do carry cute purses anyway. and i love yours. thank you for cheering up my sister yesterday. she spoke highly of the impact of your laugh on her frustrated mood.

"They're for people who have real lives and actually get invited to parties."

Yikes! I guess I don't qualify for that anymore. With three babes it's hard to go out and mingle BUT I do love cute bags anyway and the first one is ADORABLE!


Quite by accident, I saw the HGTV segment this morning. (I never watch tv in the a.m., but was avoiding packing boxes-we're moving.) What fun it was to see you making your bags. I've been reading your blog for awhile, and was feeling like I know you. Isn't the internet wonderful???
Enjoyed your segment, and enjoyed seeing you "in person". Great job

Love the one on the olive coloured dress, I always enjoy the way you photograph your work.

been catching on your blog since i discovered it a couple of wks ago but wanted to tell you how much i enjoy your writing & images - the uniform comment prompted me to write - i went to catholic school until i was 15 as did my husband - & then we sent our dtrs all the way through high school - then i worked as a nurse until '98 so the uniform concept is comfortable for me - when working as a nurse my wardrobe consisted of scrubs, mom clothes (sweats/jeans/t's) & my Mrs. Partner clothes for "important" evenings - when i retired a few yrs back i had to figure out what my style was - finally decided on a uniform which makes life so much easier - khakis pants or skirts/polo tops or cotton blouses which i love to press/cotton cardigans & tennis shoes that don't really look like tennis shoes - now i don't mind changing from jams to an outfit everyday because everything pretty much goes with everything else - just jazz things up with a headband, cute bag & lipstick & i'm put together - sort of

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