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AnemonesThank you. For each and every one of your comments, and your kindnesses, we both thank you, from way deep down inside. For the past day we've been in and out of the house, and occasionally one of the other of us would stop by the computer to see what someone had said. There'd be silence for a few minutes, and then you'd hear sniffle . . . sniffle . . . . Then we'd switch places and the other would hear sniffle . . . sniffle . . . . Then a couple of times you'd hear BOO hoo hoo hoo hooooooo! Hoo hoo hoo! (that was me). He'd rush over and start reading and it'd be real quiet and then I'd hear sniffle . . . sniffle . . . . . . . . . snort [nose blowing].

Thank you, everybody, for listening. It means a lot, to us both. Thank you.

Love, a


Damajuana says: March 06, 2006 at 05:43 PM

THANKS. I just found you, i dont know why, i was just lurking arround the web and i foud your words, and teach me a lesson. After 5 year of relation and with a beautiful bride dress ready on my closet my boyfriend and i broke up. i am confused and scare and even when i knew i m going to be allright your words teach me the beauty of what is happening in my life. it es changing, it is an oportunity to learn more about my self.

Thank you so much for sharing your truly awe-inspiring, amazing story...Your quote about the "world constantly falling apart and brigades of individual human angels, with kind eyes, apples and stitches repairing, mending the wounds of the world" is one of the most lovely, inspiring pieces of prose I think I've ever read. The strength, beauty, & love of your spirit, & that of your husband, shines through your words.

Just wanted you to know that your words are still haunting my thoughts. My grandmother, who had been my whole life, passed away a little over a year ago and I've been just fumbling along trying to find a place "to be" ever since. I can't explain exactly why but your post has given me enough courage to go forth with my work and given me permission to be me again. ((((hugs))))

you rock, alicia. can i come visit you again??

your story and love is quite amazing.
your words speak this lovely truth - in such a discriptive way - like we were there with you.
again that you for sharing!

I just read your last post and was very touched. You are truly an amazing women. And it sounds like you have an amazing side kick (your hubby)too! I remeber you writing in an old post about your home being a special world for you, which I thought was nice that you felt like that and every women she have her own world, but now I Really Get what you mean, and from what I see and read, and I don't know you personally,but it looks to me, that you create a special world where ever you go and many are touched by it. ~hugs~

I check in often to see pretty things, but I didn't expect to read about the true beauty of your life. Fear, sadness, and pain soothed by love and commitment. Thank you for sharing your story.

I just couldn't comment... it is so sad. You are an amazing woman. Amazing.

I was (AM) so moved by your grace and peace that i blogged about you! I just wanted all of my friends to know you too! What I cannot get out of my head is the picture. Honestly, at first i thought it was a doll, or something NOT REAL. as i read your post, i kept scrolling back up to the picture. that picture is so completely amazing! everything about it! I love the way it represents you..bright, colorful, sunny, eclectic and quirky! It's such a depiction of Grace and true ownership of all of who you are. Embracing all of you with joy and light!
you are so beautiful!

I don't believe things happen for a reason either, it's what we do about it that brings meaning. Such emotional recovery takes longer than mending flesh and bone and I hope you will continue to write.
Your ability to touch others with your words of hope and acceptance
is a gift that I'm so happy you shared.

I've always hated the pat condolence that "everything happens for a reason". I agree that the true meaning and reasons come in our response and how we live in light of our experience.

Your blog is a light in my day. Your creations are inspiring, but more so your response to your life. I am SOO finding you/your store in May when my hubs and I trek to the Kennedy School for our anniversary!

Blessings, Alecia

Isn't the power of love amazing? No greater expression of love can be shown than from caring for another. You were blessed the day you met Andy and so many more have been since your terrible accident as it inspired him to care for others as his profession. I don't know if things happen for a reason, but sometimes it does seem like they do.

Your writing is generous in so many ways, whether it's a 101 in selling, your inspirations for creating, or the deeply personal experiences you share with all of us. Thank you so much for enriching our lives, and for being a good healer.

I keep going back to your "I felt hopeful watching things bloom in slo-mo." and I think: We should ALL do that.

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