How Much Stuff Fits on a Coffee Table

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Mess1By the dawn's early light, evidence of a late night at the crafting coffee table remains. Ugh. The weekend's happy muttering-puttering turned into yesterday's aimless and bewildered attempts to catch up on what I should have been doing over the weekend, and lasted well into the night (while watching our favorite show, Midsomer Murders. Englishwomen, is this show popular in England? Is John Nettles a superstar? He is our favorite . Love him! Also, should one really be terrified to enter small, seemingly bucolic English villages? It seems so! Please advise). Anyway, I'm officially behind, trying not to panic. The thing about selling what you make is that, you know, once it sells, you need to make more. And before you make more, you've gotta pack up the things that sold and ship them. And though I feel like I'm actually not slow at this, I also feel like I can't get on top of it, and I live in constant fear of someone calling me and yelling at me because it's taking me a week to get their package out. No one's ever actually called me and yelled at me for that, but I never, ever stop thinking that it will happen. I took an hour and sat crocheting tiny stripes on something I'm working on for the pet swap that Anna is organizing, chanting "Serenity now!" all the while, but I'm not sure it worked. Maybe it was the exclamation point I put on the end that defeated the message of the command's content. Serenity now? Please? Or "Serenity; now pack this and tape that and wrap this." Anyway.

I'm off to the shop today, and lots is going on there. Eli Halpin, one of our most beloved Portland painters, is finally moving to Baltimore to open a health food store, and coming to get all of her work that's been on consignment in the shop. She is the cutest girl, with these long wavy blond ponytails with big flowers on top of each one. She rides around town on a vintage bike with a flower-bedecked bicycle basket, too. She must be in her early twenties, and supports herself by selling her paintings. Huge paintings, some of them. I'm so sad to see her go. We're also advertising for an intern through the Art Institute of Portland to help us in the shop through spring and summer, which, if it works out, will be a relief. There are so many different things to help with, if one was inclined, so many ways we could use a fresh set of eyes and hands, and so many things for them to learn about; it can be a really good experience for everyone. Here's hoping.

Alice Aprons are happening, slowly but surely, and more birds, more bobbies, more stuffies, and more cagelets are still in the works for the store/site. The screen for the silk-screened part of the aprons is done, and waiting for its ink, which will happen this week, I think he said. Hon, when will you be able to silk-screen that stuff? I can't remember what you said. Gosh, I hope it all looks as good as I want it to, at the end of the day. Bear with me. I'll get there, I promise.


Man, I'm ready for a nap just reading this!

Chris Howard says: March 21, 2006 at 08:05 AM

Alicia, your beautiful hand made items are more than worth the wait! Take your time girl, I'll be here waiting patiently for new lovelies to appear at the online shop. Have a good Tuesday!

Elizabeth says: March 21, 2006 at 08:14 AM

Midsomer Murders is very popular here in England and is shown in the prime Sunday evening 9.00 pm slot on ITV (one of three terrestrial commercial stations). John Nettles is VERY popular with ladies of a certain age. He used to star in a series called Bergerac about 20 years ago and was certainly considered a bit of sex symbol then. About that time I used to work in the theatre in Bath and John Nettles was in the pantomime there one Christmas - not only was he extremely good looking in the flesh (so to speak), but he was a really nice bloke too. Love your blog by the way.

oh happy news. more birdies and aprons. i can see myself needing an apron. and the little birdie on my window sill is definitely going to be needing a friend, aside from the one little bird that keeps flying by for a visit and a look inside.

happy happy me today.



oh, if anyone were to ever yell at you..heaping firey coals upon their heads! ;) i am sure i will never have to get my coal shovel out (or buy one!) remember to breath. in. and. out. slow. and. steady. see..there you go. already better !

Uh oh -- guess I am of a certain age now. . . .

one of my male friends told me recently that he loves watching john nettles as he thinks he has such a friendly face. he wants to be mates with him! sounds like you'd love bergerac - I thought it was ever so glam when I was younger.

I live in a small English village in the middle of nowhere I venture in and out of it quite safely and I love it here, don't be too afraid. I am a new recruit to blogs yours is very inspiring.

John Nettles is popular, I'd guess mainly amongst "women of a certain age". My husband and I rarely miss an episode of MM, but I'd hate to think that the home counties truly are as murderous as they appear in the series. He is one of our favourite tv detectives on account of him not really having any kind of tortured soul or quirk or any kind.

You may like to know that he was once in another detective series called Bergerac set in Jersey (the island off France, not that place near New York).

First time comment here - love your blog and your shop is delicious.

Don't you just wish there was a packing fairy and a stand in line at the post office fairy?'Speed not haste' as my Grandma always told me!I laughed out loud at the thought of John Nettles a sex symbol.I think alot of tiny English villages are very close knit but not so murderish!(not a word I know!)

Yes, John had his big moment in the 80's when he wore out his leather jacket and seemed equally surrounded by murder and intrigue, so I think he is jinxed.

I just saw me in your blog links, ooh, very exciting, like getting a mention in a favourite magazine. Thank you.

Ah! I love Midsomer Murders too! Such a great show. Scott and I are kind of sad now because we just recently finished watching every single one that is out on dvd in the states. And yes, we have decided to never ever ever go to one of those bucolic English villages, because you never know when some kind of dirty vicar with black gloves and a deadly gardening implement will jump out and try to chop your head off.

Dangerous places, those English villages.

If you haven't already, you should watch Foyle's War, made by the same people and wonderfully well done. I think that I love Foyle even more than Barnaby.

p.s. I've heard that Sargeant Troy is getting his own show.

Oh thank god, I thought I was the only one who felt like someday someone is going to send me an email yelling about how long I take to ship orders out. Phew! I feel better knowing someone else fears the same thing :)

that looks a bit like my coffee table right now!! er, um, did you see yesterday that i am coming to p-land?

sounds like a lot of things going on. try not to get overwhelmed! good luck with your intern. i hope she's super helpful and loves it there!

Ooh, I love Midsommer Murders too! I have a season pass on my Tivo, and it's always so exciting when there are 2 or 3 episodes on in a day. Just knowing I can spend a few hours in a bucolic English village makes me giddy. It's a combination of my Nancy Drew aspirations and my love on those little thatched cottages with wisteria vines and climbing roses all in one show!

I often times feel that way about my work too. For a few months there i was very stressed out- pushing myself to take my business as far as possible. I have finally realized that i love creating, and that my business will go at my speed. Its hard when it comes to money, but its even harder to create when you are stressed out!

And i would love love love to work in your store! There are actually rumors that i might be moving to portland sometime soon (not soon enough to be an intern though!). Ive always wanted to visit portland, and now it looks like i get the chance!

John Nettles has been lusted over in New Zealand and Australia for decades now! Wish just my coffee table looked like that and not my WHOLE HOUSE.

Don't be too hard on yourself. I wish I weren't so far away, I'd apply for that internship in a heartbeat!

Good luck!

hello fellow posie! nice to meet you and love your space here...filled with so much goodness! best to you, amy

I'm so glad I'm not the only crafty that panicks over making things. I'm always thinking oh god it's been a week and I haven't shipped someone's order! They are probably cussing me and in truth they probably are just excited to get it lol!
Silly me:-)
Also, your store is so ridiculously cute I would like to move in let alone work there!!! Why don't I live in Portland, I just had to pick Seattle;-)

Oh...that's a little table of happiness! Mine looks much the same...but for some reason looks so much BETTER in your photo. Of cat spends half the time trying to know it all OFF the table! I will have to check the shop for new goodies! I have a birthday to buy for tomorrow (My mom is 60! It's Ella Posie time!!) and was heading in praying for more birdies. Fingers crossed....

Can't say John Nettles does it for me (I only see how much he has aged since Bergerac), but we do like the cut-glass accents and obligatory village green scene. We watch for about 5 minutes each time it's on, try to work out which old lady/vicar/doctor/hired help dunnit and then turn it off because we can't wait for two hours (or whatever) to find out it was the postmistress. Again.

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