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ThreecollagesI'm so sorry, I have to show you these again, and I'm especially sorry to yammer on again the way you know I'm about to, but I'll just do it really quick and then I promise I am going to get on with my life. It's just, I really love them and it is hard to let them go, although all 22 are sitting, packed in their boxes, waiting for their address labels, which will happen today if it's the last thing I do, so really, they're gone. But there were just a couple things I wanted to say about them collectively before they go.

OnecollageI sent my college (college, not collage) roommate a link to the engagement post from a couple of weeks ago, asking her if she remembered the surprise party they threw for me where I went to the bathroom with the door open while talking about everyone who was hiding only feet away, etc. Yes, she remembered. She also had never seen a blog before (I don't think) because she said, and I quote (sorry Martha, it was too funny), "WHO ARE ALL THOSE PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT YOUR STORY?!?!?!?!" I was like, "Um, well, they're my blog buddies. I'm not really sure how they got here. But aren't they sooooo nice?" Yes, they are! I told her, of course, that now it was only a matter of mere moments until she had a blog herself because, you know, that's what happens.

And at first I was thinking that what happens on the computer is different than what happens in real life. But now I'm not sure. Behind every computer is a heart, and blogs are like their secret decoder rings. It doesn't matter how you write, or what you say, or what you make; it's all good if it's coming from the heart. Amy was so right. I really hadn't thought about hearts very much before. I mean, I don't know what I was thinking of, but I don't think it was hearts. I know for certain that I was never encouraged to think about hearts, and I was certainly yelled at for wearing mine on my sleeve, those times when I just couldn't help it. Now I feel like I think about them all the time. When I feel crappy about the world, or my neighborhood, or myself, I try and remember all the hearts.

CollagecloseupSo, I'm not sure if I was explicit enough about what these really are, but they're thank you gifts to reciprocate all the sweet presents that have come to me since I started blogging -- both the kind that come wrapped in boxes, with postage, as well as the kind that are harder to contain: the generosity of quiet listeners, the e-mail humor inspired by crazy days and common problems, the countless times I've been startled by reminders of the sisterhood we all share across thousands of miles, many countries, and a million differences. For me, the grid represents a sort of calendar, each little installation represents a "post" containing a few little curated things. Collectively, the squares add up, and say thank you, for sharing. So, these are not for sale, though eventually some version of them might be because, let's face it, they are fun to make, but I do apologize to those of you who have come looking for them at the shop, etc. If I could make one for every single one of you, I truly would.

Do I talk about this stuff too much? I know I do. I'm so sorry!!! I TELL YOU I CANNOT HELP IT PEOPLE. It's all changed me so much. I think I'm getting it now, though. A little slow. We'll get back to business in a sec. I think everyone should have a blog. The only bad thing about it is that it's really cut into my busy TV-watching schedule, which, you know, some loons would say was a good thing. . . . Oh, and it's increased the delusion that anyone gives a rat's ass what I think, but you know, I already had that going on before, even without an audience.


They are just as stunning individually as singly and it's lovely see a closer-up shot of them. Beautiful placement and detail. Like a wonderfully pieced quilt.

That is such a touching, thoughful, and inspiring gift. You're a beautiful person, Alicia.

I love this post. It truly speaks about the blogger, the experience, and the friendships that are sprung from the click of a mouse.

Ironically, today is my Blogversary! And, funny enough, my post is very similar to this. Creative minds, and all that gobbily-gook.

xo, C.

What a wonderful post. You are so right that there is a heart behind every computer. Your heart certainly shines through your beautiful posts - I look forward to reading everyday! Cheers Alicia!


it is so amazing to be a part of this community. thank you for all that you contribute through sharing your life, your creativity, and your heart!

:) and they are so amazingly gorgeous :)

You put it so well. It's amazing, this blogosphere. And, your squares are, like you, I suppose, sweet, funny and "talkative". :D

As usual, eloquently said A. My blog and the network of lovely people like yourself that it has brought into my home are my real life. I am just as likely to mention blog friends as friends I see every day in conversations, I feel that connected to all of you. Infectious creative energy, encouragement, laughs, we're lucky enough to get it all, aren't we?

Care to discuss further over some Jello pudding mix? xoxo


happy day.

I loved getting to see close-ups on some of them! Lovely creations from a lovely person!

It's all so lovely, the collages, the story, the sentiment...keep that love light shining!

My daughter (who is also and Alicia) and I read your blog together nearly every day. we have had so much fun and had such inspirations from you...thank you for sharing.

They look so beautiful. You could stare at one for hours and keep discovering new things. Truly great work.

These are an absolutely incredible inspiring way to say thank you!! I am very glad that you posted them again because I wanted to see them as closely as possible! Beautiful!

I am also very thankful for the blogging community especially when presented with as much beauty as yours provides!!

Have a wonderful day!

Well I for one am standing and applauding! I couldn't agree or empathize more with what you said and how you said it. (I'm not so good at letting my heart out in public, wish I was... getting better)

You, my friend, have a heart that's biggest of all, and you make me proud to be a blogger!

I'm so glad you have kept talking about them, and showing them, because the images and words are making so many of us very happy indeed.

Chris Howard says: March 27, 2006 at 11:34 AM

The collages are lovely and heartfelt and worth posting about again most definitely. You and so many other wonderful creative bloggers have inspired me to blog myself. Thank you!

Your collages are gorgeous and I am so happy you write your blog from your heart.

Ooooh, they are lovely.
Very lovely.

What would I do in the morning without blogs? Where would I go for inspiration? Where would I find great treasures? I love blogging and blog reading and yours is one of my absolute favorites. Yay for blogs!!! ... and for you :o)

oh wow-once again, your humor and energy shine like a flippin' star, alicia. and just keep talking about all this stuff-becasue we all feel it, I know I do, and it's so good to give it the weight it deserves.
we are not alone in this world-we aren't! we aren't! and i love knowing that.

These gifts-collages are sooo cute ! How lucky they're those girl who'll get it ! And this post is soooo "émouvant" (moving) ! Alicia you're so lovely ! Have a great day my dear !! (PS I nearly finished your package :o) !)

Hi Alicia, I'm new to the blogging world and I have been reading your posts religiously for the past 2 weeks. I love that you blog daily and I know that in the morning there will be a new post for me to read. For me, reading a few new inspiring posts and a cuppa are the best way to start a day.

Those squares are the sweetest! Each one has it's own lil personality :)

Can I just say, i LOVE the way you go on. You always express the joy of blogging in the most beautiful way. That's why I come here. Even after you dissed dolls! (lol! it WAS heartbreaking to find out that you don't love dolls, but I got over it!) Thank you for being such a nice, cheerful, pink place to visit.

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