Sunshine and Marching Peeps

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2parade2It's so pretty here in Oregon this morning. I can hear the birds singing outside, and yesterday I noticed that my magnolia tree is getting its fat purple buds. My snow cherry is ruffled with tiny whites. The peonies have sent up their curious red periscopes -- these sprouts are always the first emissaries from underground, and I clap my hands in delight when they show. I have ten peony plants in my front yard, and this might be the first year we have more than four or five flowers, total. I'm extremely excited about these. Actually, this reminds me to grab some metal cagey things while I'm out today, and stake them early, lest the pretty peonies wind up splayed like fluffy, drunken bridesmaids all over the lawn in a couple of months, when the party gets out of control.

I put this little spring critter parade together for Stephanie, to welcome Little Birds back to the party, too. Oh how we've missed our little birds. See my kerchiefed Mama Duck? Ordered from Steph's lovely new Etsy shop. One of the best things about the past six months for me has been getting to know Stephanie in real life as well as a-blog. In fact, as much as I love Little Birds, I love the beautiful, real-life Stephanie more, and that's a lot. So glad you're back, Steph. Lunch Wednesday? Or even Thursday. Either one. Actually, maybe Thursday.

2parade3_1I had such a good time yesterday! I was working on something new. I'm not sure if I'm going to show you or not. Or I mean, I'm not sure if I'm going to show you before the recipients receive them, though I doubt I'll be able to stand it, show off that I am. It kills me to be coy, honestly. This project is kind of a new medium for me, but seems perfectly suited. I'd been kicking the idea around in my head since last fall, and yesterday just seemed like the right time to try, what with all this sunshine and the carbonated promise of spring and new things. Did I mention I love spring? Yes, I'm a crazy spring-crazed fool. I always remember my old friend Beth once telling me that she didn't like spring. (First thought: Oh my! Such people exist?) But I think she said she felt like it was too spazzed out and unpredictable, too fraught with emotion, bewildering growth spurts, capricious take-backs, hormonal thunderstorms. (Um, yeah -- she is a poet.) But I'm okay with that stuff. I live there year 'round, no matter how much deep-breathing I practice.

BilletcollageOh -- one more quick thing: Did you know it's Papier Valise's birthday? My little order from them arrived on Friday, and no, I don't really have time to be setting up little trolley tickets and doll hangers on a bread board and taking pictures of them, but I just couldn't help myself. Their stuff is fascinating. Don't know where to get a tiny brass envelope that opens and shuts? A set of lilliputian metal wings? Yeah. Over here.


I bought a tiny painted dancing girl yesterday at a thrift store. No idea what I'm doing with her, but she's I reached my hand out to pick her up, I thought of you.

What a sweet little parade with mama duck bringing up the rear like a good mommy should!

I adore your parade. It brings back the child in me. Spring is my favorite time of year too, I don't like the cold, damp wet days we get here in N. California. You are a real inspiration - tickling the child like heart buried so deep in me...

I just called Emma in here to look at your peep parade, knew she'd oooo and ahhh and she did. The pink bunny was the one she couldn't take her eyes off of. Easter is bigger than Christmas to Emma because of chicks, bunnies, etc. The tiny pink and yellow fuzzy chicks are all over our house right now, I love those.

Aren't Stephs stuffies the most amazing things? I'm jealous of your two having lunch together. Sounds like too much fun.

Chris Howard says: March 19, 2006 at 11:12 AM

I hate to admit this, but Posie, I gotta tell you, I HATE spring too. I know you think I'm crazy, but I do have my reasons. The pleasant weather most people associate with spring lasts in Georgia for about two weeks, and by as early as mid April we are pretty much into hot, humid deep south summer that's gonna stay with us till October. I hate yardwork and I wind up killing just about every plant I even remotely look at. The massive sinus headaches and allergies have already started with me, and will stay with me till about June (and by then it will be so hot I'll just want to die anyway). Our world is about to be literally awash in the tacky safety-yellow pine pollen that makes it impossible to sit outside or enjoy any of the pleasant weather. Spring, I just don't have much use for spring..but fall, ah that is my season! All that being said, reading your blog almost makes me like spring...almost...

what a lovely parade :)
Paper Valise ??? Just ordered their beautiful things last week, can't wait to receive them here in France :)

I love spring too but it is dreadfully short where I live now. We have so much snow this year we'll be lucky if it's all melted by July 4th! The daffodils and tulips won't be up until June and then it's a mad dash to summer - officially 100 days here :(

Apparently Sam (who is nearly two) was looking over my shoulder cuz he's carefully lining up all his little things in a perfect row and blathering nonesense while pointing at the computer spring. I can decide which is cuter-- all this cute is killing me-- a parade of cute! oh geez... Spring is cute.

oooo... I meant SCREEN... "while pointing at the computer SCREEN"... ack.

stop what you're doing and post pictures of your something new immediately! I know it is going to be wonderful and I cannot wait! you also know that spring is still weeks away for us poor chicagoans so give a girl a break! :)

yay spring! we've been outside all day. i love this easter parade, although looks like nilla finds the shelf a bit slippery. little lambs can have that problem.

yes, thursday, but i don't want to wait until then to see what you've been up to.

i agree with stephanie and hillary--stop and share! we need to know what you've been working on...oh and thanks for the wonderful link...just spent many minutes drooling over little do-dads!

Drunken bridesmaids...Ha! Perfect!

(You're pretty much a poet too, you know?)

Look at those wee marching ducks! Too cute babe.
P.S. I love Papier Valise too, I'm an ephemera whore!

oh, it's the official parade of Spring! i love it! spring is my most favorite time of year! i just love it.

"curious red periscopes"

pure poetry!

Hail to the new green babies and tender sprouts, may your periscopes spy out a warm wonderful day for you to grow strong and flowerful :)

What a cute parade of critters! Thank you for that link! I'm inspired just from looking at their goodies!

ohhh, keep your secret if you want to keep your secret. we'll last, but that feeling (the budding, the unfolding!) is precious.

in the meantime, we have received 24" of snow in the past week. but spring is on its way--in the air!

i was away from my computer for most of the weekend and now i am visiting you and getting cute overwhelm and i can barely stand it. i am coming to visit april 14-16. do you want to hang out on the 15th? lisa

oh i adore the spring parade! just 10 minutes ago yet another bout of hail started coming down right in san francisco and it's slamming the skylights in my office. your little parade just lifted my spirits and i cannot wait for spring to arrive here!

So clever, delightful, I am going to go around and find little friends for my window sill parade! I can hear the marching band! What creative energy you have! A delightful morning feast for my eyes!

I love your little spring critter parade- too cute!

How cute little things!

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