Where She Severs Her Intimate Relationship with the 8"x8" Canvas

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Collage1Oh, but I'll miss you, my dears. For four days it's been paint, patch, and paste as I cobbled together these little tiles of appreciation I mentioned I was starting on Saturday. Never one to take on a project unless said project grew to such proportions as to inspire dread and disorder for days and dozens of square feet in every direction, I made 22. Oh, just say it. It's been said before. It'll be said again. Psycho.

These made too much of a mess and took up too much space (cats, gingerly and not-so-gingerly, suddenly find sitting on the mantle on a collage impossible not to do; tricky scattering a cat without scattering a still-wet collage, let me tell you) to complete in anything less than record time, though oh! did I ever have fun with them! But every flat surface in the house has held a collage the past few days and some residents are complaining. Though they complain anyway. I opened the front door to get some light on the floor where these were set up to be photographed and Bridget (who was outside) and Violet (who was inside) started punching each other through the screen, along with a most violent display of hissing. These cats are so mean to each other it's just freakish; they've lived together for six years. Violet, the twelve-year-old, is just getting irritated with everything in general. She's decided she will only eat "wet" food out of those little foil pouches, or sometimes, in a pinch, cans. So around our house you will routinely see either one of the adults careening through the hallways or kitchen screaming, "Move! Move! Move! I got it on me! " and by "it" they mean "cat food," and these adults are not squeamish, and one is even a medical professional, who presumably has much more disgusting things on his hands on a daily basis, but no, it seems cat food is the pinnacle of total grossness which requires pushing anything in one's way out of the way on the way to the faucet. I told him to bring home a box of latex gloves so we didn't have to fight over who had to feed the pets.

But anyway, as usual, I digress. Here are my collages. You knew I wouldn't be able to wait, didn't you.


How fun! They look so interesting all together like that. I love squares and I love little detailed art, so these are especially appealing :o)

There are 22 very lucky people out there.

Eeek! Those are too cute chickie! I'm of course drawn to the one w/ the wee lil nest on it! Your talent never ceases to amaze me!

LOL, what *IS* it with cats sitting on stuff? My phychotic furballs Are extra especially COMPELLED to find things that still have tacky mod podge or gel medium on them. i can't tell you how many pieces have that "EXTRA" little collage element of CAT HAIR on them! LOL!

Anyway, such pretty pieces you have there! Lovely work, as always!

oh how lovely! if only i lived on the other side of the country....i could saunter into your quaint little shop and pick one out just for me! oh wait...will they be on the cyber shop? oh..how i hope so!
i love projects that end up taking over! such a sense of done-ness when you are....done.

Ah yes, I've been called "psycho" more times than I can count, namely by my dear hubby. The collages are adorable!

Oh they are so pretty! so pretty! You make the most wondrous and beautiful things, truly. and hoorah to you for undertaking such a large project.

Psycho? Never. Now the cats, psycho? Maybe. Mine sits all over everything also. Lovely 8 x8 squares!

Oh, these are so beautiful! So truly, irrisistably psychotic!

Dude. How do you do it?

Oh my goodness! They are all so pretty, especially together like that.

WOW WOW WOW. So much loveliness in one photo. they look incredible together!

I was having a similar time recently while cat sitting for 2 weeks, I took bits of magazines and papers to amuse myself and went crazy making things, but the place on the floor where I worked was right beside the WET cat food. The smell is so hideous!

Absolutely lovely! I want them all... hanging on my wall together just like that... sigh.

Chris Howard says: March 22, 2006 at 11:28 AM

They all look lovely and special, and I know that everyone who receives one will treasure it forever! LOL, crafting and cats do not mix (try cross stitching in front of a 10 week old kitten)!

How very cool! What patience it must have taken you to get them all done - good job.

Chris Howard says: March 22, 2006 at 11:32 AM

They all look lovely and special, and I know that everyone who receives one will treasure it forever! LOL, crafting and cats do not mix (try cross stitching in front of a 10 week old kitten)!

so terrific - glad they made it through the process! and you too, eh?!

Patience personified.
What a lovely collection.
I spy those fab trolley tickets and other goodies. I keep clicking on the close-up to see all the cute things you've done.
I am in awe of your talent!

These are so cute, very lucky folks out there!

these are amazing! you are a trooper for getting them all done...and they ALL look so good!

Cute cute cute! I love the description of 2 shall-remain-nameless adults icked out by cat food on their hands!

I love them. Incredible Absolute Perfection!!!

It's been said before. It'll be said again -- you absolutely, positively, crack me up.

Wow....spectacular! I keep looking at the closer-up version as well to try to see the precious little tidbits. You're amazing.

laughing out loud at your cat food story - and loving the little squares!
you are a buzy girl over there in p-town!

At first glance the tiles looked like a quilt and I thought, "Gah! Bright spring green, aqua, pink - what gorgeous colours for a quilt!"

how lovely! all the colors are so pretty together and each little square looks so fun and inspiring and reminds me of spring! what a beautiful thing to do for others.

(i agree that wet cat food has to be one of the most foul things ever!)

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