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Nametag3Finally got  organized enough to finish my post for Whip Up, where I'll be writing about crafty/business-y stuff. I'm very flattered to be asked to participate, but a little bit nervous! I'm not quite sure why I'm nervous -- I think part of it is that I'm not exactly sure who the audience is; that is, are they hobbyists? business-y types? academics? you all? It's one thing to blabber about on your own blog, but it would be nice if I could control myself on someone else's, and not spaz out all over the place. I will try, Kathreen. I thought I'd sort of start at the beginning; this first post is "Naming Your Crafts Business" and hints at my thinly veiled ambivilence about my own business name, which I feel (most days) was pretty much of a total crap choice. I was lying in bed one morning going, "Gee, I think I'll start my own business. I'll call it 'Tapioca.' No, wait, I'll call it 'Posie.' "

Yeah. That's pretty much how it happened.

I've talked before about why I think this was a bad name. I'm just saying, if you have any ambitions for even one person outside of your own family to buy your work, please think even just a bit longer and harder than I did about what to name your business, no matter how small.

You'll thank me six years from now.

Actually, I sort of wish I'd called it "Tapioca." No doubt that would've created its own set of probs.

And, to answer the emails that people have been sending me lately asking me how I get stuff done (in case my response about my "third arm" and "second head" is getting old -- I mean, it never gets old to me, but you know), I'll leave you with this picture, which I just call "What the Front Yard Looks Like at Dawn after One Has Already Showered, Dressed, Checked Email, and Had Coffee." Wow it's early.



When/if we get a dog, we are so going to name it Hercule Poirot. Thanks Andy!

Don't feel so bad about your business name. It's nostalgic and appealling. My sister used be involved with naming products and product lines at Nike and this is what she's been telling me as I brainstorm the name of my fabric line: "Don't disregard your first instinct, there's something to it. You can spend hours brainstorming a name and you'll often come back to your first instinct." I appreciate the spontaneity of your naming story. Spontaneity is playful and so is your business. Cheer up.

I love your light with the trailing vine of flowers! That probably sounds dumb, but hey, I think you've figured out my spazy-ness by now, so no point in trying to conceal it and not say the first thing that comes into my head.

my first thought of a name for my handbags was SugarFish Designs. I still own the domain, and i still love it! I ended up with SammiBag because my initials are SAM (and some friends call me sammi) and i made bags. ugh. and now, like you said, i am pigeon holed into BAGS. i make lots of things, but how to you name a necklace a SammiBag. ugh. That was the main reason i changed my blog to SumThings. I want to branch out with my business and i am thinking about branding everything that is not a bag, SumThings. what do you think??

I think the tone of your Whip Up post is great! (& I like your business name, but then again, I am drawn to somewhat ambiguous one-word names.)

anyway, hello, I am pretty new to reading your blog (although we've emailed some about other businessy things before), & I'm enjoying it!

I'm looking forward to your posts on Whip Up.

People ask me how I get so much done too. Did you know Martha only sleeps about four hours a day? Apparently, that's all she needs. I've discovered once you're in the creative zone, you've got to keep going.

I have another business name Love Sludge which I'm holding onto until I have enough time to devote to it. It's my husband's pet name for me. Funny huh?!

Hi Alicia,
Ummm, well, I can speak on behalf of one of the academics who reads WhipUp. I'm a regular girl who is trying to get off the tenure-track-get-the-book-done treadmill and do something happy and concrete and finishable-in-a-day... It was a great column.

I'm with you on the pre-dawn awakenings. I can't even sleep late on the weekends anymore. It's the only way to get anything done! The downside, of course, is that I'm tuckered out by 9. Trade-offs and such, you know?

I'm so glad you're on Whip Up! It's such a great site with so much inspiration! Great post!

Dawn...sheesh. That's about the time my wee one gets me up to eat (for the 2nd time). I'm no where near ready to get up. I wish I was...I would get so much more done. Beautiful lamp post by the way. love the flowers! what are they? I like your name. Every time I see or hear the word "posies", I think of YOU!!!

Oh man. Don't be sad about Posey. It's a happy word. Like Cupcake. Another happy word. And Tapioca is WONDERFUL...but then we'd only come in when we were hungry, and then we'd leave disapointed. I think Posey is fantastic. And then...the Ella part. Ella Tapioca? Well...you'd have some REALLY confused folks out there. I think this means only one thing...you need another store. Named Tapioca.

Oh my gosh. Dawn. This is a gal that just slept for 12 hours. (I am not sick, hungover or pregnant...just lazy). I will never be able to be on your level of craftiness if DAWN is what is involved. Unless I go to BED at that time!

Lovely, lovely. lovely. How are those apron pockets working out??

What a gorgeous photo, I wish I was more ambitious in the morning. Actually this morning I woke up suddenly around 4:30 a.m. snapping out of a dream. When I opened my eyes I saw this black blob sitting on the curtain above my head. I scrambled around for my glasses to investigate... and it was a BEE! Can you believe that?!

i read the comments to your post on whipup and they're all really positive. so it sounds like people like it! if you're really paranoid, you could always go on technorati or something to see what people are saying about it. but i don't really recommend that. i had a short stint as a columnist when i was in grad school and reading the negative things people wrote about my column wasn't much fun! crafty blog people are usually nice though :)

Hi, Dear One....I read your post on Whip Up yesterday and thought it was lovely. I have no idea which audience group I would fit into, and I'll bet most of your readers, everywhere, have the same quandry. What we all have in common, though, is that our hearts love your heart. And the lamppost-lovely- just wish I was there to chat over that cup of coffee.

Goodness me, is that what the world looks like early in the morning? Must make an effort to see it if it's as lovely as this all the time...

Oh a beautiful picture! I loved your nameing pot on whip up. I wish I had read it before I picked my name. I guess it is kind of unique though so atleast that's something! I like poisie btw!!

Have a great day!

Love the photo!

I happen to love your business name, but that's just me. You get up early; I stay up late! I love that beautiful photo (add it to flickr so I can make it a favorite ;) ).

love the above photo of the mannequin with the pin. got a giggle out of that. and the dawn photo is gorgeous.

Your post reads wonderfully, what a surprise!

I'm happy to report I did quite of the few things you suggest for choosing my name. I wonder if I'm ready to commit to the 2000 business cards and the 500 labels?

By the way, do you have a good place to have labels made that you could recommend? Thanks!

I prefer it when you spaz out a little bit and just be yourself! The audience over at whip-up is probably much the same as here on your blog. You are so right about the look on people's face as they try to pronounce the name I chose for my business (gingillo)...but it was my first instinct and I'll change it if something else comes to me that I like better. I think Posie suits you so well and I can visualize it on magazines/books (a small scale mag so it could be 'pocket-full-of-posie') why would you want to change it?!

I've often thought the secret to me being more productive would be less sleep. The problem is when I don't sleep, I'm grumbling about not sleeping and consequently not getting a thing done.

Loved your whip up post. I've wondered too, who all is reading. I believe there are something like 500 subscribers on the blog feed I get Whip up on. Wow!

I really need to start getting out of bed before 8, but Lila just won't let me. (once again, blaming the kids...)

heading over to whip-up now. Certain that I'm already wishing I'd named my business something else...

I loved your whip up post too. I think tapioca is soooo cute! So that's how you do it, predawn activities. Oh boy...that would be a serious challenge in this house. What about an hour and a half after sunrise? :)

What a wonderful photo, alas I've never been too good with early mornings.

I haven't had a chance to read your whip-up post yet, but I bookmarked to I'll be sure to get to it tomorrow.

Oh, and thank you for the reply and the comment on my blog. ♥

Hooray for morning people. Rising early is so underrated. Great photo.

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