You Give Us Those Nice Bright Colors

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Markers2Makes you think all the world's a sunny day, oh, yeah!

Remember this song, "Kodachrome," by Paul Simon? It's something our whole class learned to sing in eighth grade chorus. It, along with "Fifty Nifty United States," is burned into my memory as almost the only song I've ever been able to remember all the words to (though, honestly, if Stevie Nicks's The Wild Heart came on I'm sure I could yodel it out from start to finish, come to think of it -- love you 4-ever, Stevie!!!).

Anyway, these markers came from Andy for my birthday and they sit in the living room because they're so colorful and cheery. My dad was a commercial artist and he always had beautiful markers like these in his office that we were to never, ever touch, and apparently it's that residual fear that's preventing me from touching these, my very own. I think I'm afraid of them. They're so . . . saturated. I'm going to use them today, though, no matter what.

Anyway, yesterday something happened at the post office that I have never, never, in all my hundreds of mornings and afternoons there, seen happen. There were, as usual, twenty of us in line. Two clerks were at their windows. One customer was at the counter with no less than 33 (I counted, as I waited) huge envelopes of what seemed to be books that he stacked and stacked on the counter, chatting merrily throughout. (I know, chatting merrily at the P.O. -- weird!) I was actually third in line, but it was clear we were in for a long wait; I could sense the humanity twitching and sighing heavily behind me. And then, and then -- another clerk came out and opened another window!

Another clerk came out and opened another window. Yes, you heard that correctly. At the S.E. Station, another clerk came out and opened another window. And we all moved merrily along! When Andy came home I told him all about it. He said, "Wow! So you had a great day!" I said, "I know! It was awesome!" See, it really takes so little to make me happy! Really!

Anyway, what I supposed to tell you about today is Crafters Coast to Coast. Remember how last week I mentioned that I made the Pirouette handbags on that show a few years ago? And then the next day, coincidentally, the episode was on? And then yesterday I got an email from the producer saying that they were currently scouting peeps to be on the show in its fifth season. The show is now called That's Clever! and if you live within an hour of Portland, Oregon; Des Moines, Iowa; Boise, Idaho; or Oahu/Big Island, Hawaii, write to Julie Choi, the segment producer, and introduce yourself and she'll send you an application to be on the show.

She's at JChoiATWellerGrossmanDOTcom.

More information about the show is available at the HGTV web site, if you're not familiar with the concept. They basically go around the country profiling different people making cool things in their own studios or homes. It's a lot of fun to do, and you should think about applying, unless you are a glass blower in Portland, because apparently they are fully stocked with glass blowers from Portland. And while we craft-blogging-types have numerous craft-related meltdowns of our own, I think it would be safe to say that they only involve glass if it's holding, say, wine; so write to Julie very soon and see if there is room for you and your art on the show.


You are blowing my mind! Another clerk? At the Post office? While people were waiting? Are you sure you weren't in Albertson's? I hear they have a policy about opening new counters if you have 3 people in line. No Huh? Sure it was the post office. Well, that's like winning the Post Office Lotto! (Wow had that whole conversation with my self, that'll take some getting used to!)

I find it hard to get up the courage to use my Prismacolors too, but they are always looking pretty by my desk!

And lastly, ooooh I love "crafters coast to coast". I wonder if I have seen your episode! I hope it is on again soon!! Are you going to be on the show again in the 5 th season?
I sure hope so!

Warmest Wishes for a Sunny Day!

Wow, lookit those colors! Have fun with your new markers. Ah... new markers.

I can't draw at all, but my husband does and I always drool over his lovely Prismacolor pencils all in a row.

Love your P.O. story. When I lived in Brooklyn, every post office visit involved a long line filled with mostly impatient people. There was always a self-appointed person on the line, who'd yell "NEXT!!", the second a customer left the window.

When I was younger, I'd be intimidated by that person, run over to the clerk who wasn't ready and then I'd be stuck.

I now live in a small, coastal town in southern California and even in the midst of peak times like tax season or Christmas, the line is orderly, people are patient and chatting and there's not a "Next!" caller in the bunch.

It was a strange and wonderful thing to have a pleasant experience at the post office. Glad you did, too.

I hope it makes you happy to know that the FCEK with your lovely pattern is for sale in downtown Chicago at Books A Million - corner of Clark and Adams - located in a classic Art Deco building.
Looking forward (not) to my lunchtime visit at the secret dowtown post office! It is better than going to the main post office but since it is small sometimes there is a long line.

oh i love the colors! so many things to do with those yummy markers! that is a very cool idea for a show..i had never heard of it! too bad i am way down her in thanks for posting though!

I have to admit I'm partial to "Edge of Seventeen" by Miss Stevie :)

I didnt realize, CC2coast was the same as That's Clever. Now I dont have to be upset for not getting up at 7:00a.m. to watch CC2C. So, are you going to do That's Clever????

Love your posts!

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to say no, I won't be applying for the show -- too much going on already and not sure I could handle the total freak out I had last time when I had to watch myself on TV. Andy actually sat next to me with the blood pressure cuff.

of all the things i could comment on in your post, i will choose to say that i also love stevie nicks and saw fleetwood mac live in college.

In New Zealand when I was a kid you could only get boring 12 colour sets of marker pens so anyone who went to Australia on holiday came back with a massive 48 colour set and was the envy of the rest of the class. Thanks for the memory.

(And I love my post office - the guy who gives me my parcels says hello to me by name when he sees me in the street and hasn't yet told me I need to pay for a bigger box even though I am constantly ringing the back door bell with little red bits of paper saying I have something to pick up that's too big to fit in my box!)

Oh, my goodness! I read your blog all the time, but I've only lurked, quietly enjoying it until now.

I can't believe you mentioned "Fifty Nifty United States." I learned it in elementary choir and I still find myself singing it in my head.

Here's where it gets scary, though. Just last night, my husband and I were watching Jeopardy! and the final Jeopardy question was about the states, so naturally, I started chanting the song in my head. (I got it right, too, and the answer happened to be my home state of Kentucky!) I then proceeded to regale my husband with the song, hand motions included. He was less than impressed, but perhaps he was just jealous that he couldn't name the states in alpahbetical order. Anyway, what an odd coincidence that you mentioned that song today.

I love your blog, by the way. Your posts always have such heart!

P.S. If you happen to go to my URL, you won't see much of anything there. I just got up the gumption to create my own blog and join in the conversation after months of procrastination and I haven't really done more than name it, yet. Next week should bring at leas one post. (I think I'm feeling a bit of stage fright!)

Ive been thinking about Markers all day long - got to get some new art supplies!!!
That show does sound cool - wish we could get creative shows here in Australia!

Oh, I love prismacolors! Shawn bought me a big box of markers before we were married, enticing me to draw more... it worked! They are so tremendous. The colored pencils they make are wonderfully saturated too. :)

My sister wanted me to try crafters coast to coast when it first started airing... but I'm so--- camera shy! I feel much more comfortable on the other side of it. I'm so glad you took part in it though, I hope you sign up again! :)

post-office jealous.

you won't be seeing me on HGTV anytime soon, although i'd sure love to see some other blogging crafters do it (and one day i'll be some place with cable tv and catch your episode).

oooo... i cant wait to see what you create today! ive never played with those before. i am very lacking in drawing skills.

How was your experience with, “thats clever!” I am curious to know if you think its helped your business? Or if you were even in business then?

And, a question that always bothers me when I watch that show: do they encourage you to say really corny things? or does that happen naturally after the marathon cleaning of the craft area?

Oooh! Those markers are delicious. And "Landslide" would get my vote for one of the most beautiful songs in the whole wide world ever.
(Anna-Maria - Snap! I grew up in NZ too. I remember the best felts (remember calling them that??)came from Australia and Fiji.)

Get out Alicia! You looked cool as a cucumber (on HGTV)! You made the whole process look so easy. I tried it....I still bear the scar.

Portland Post Office...Nice? I go to the NE 42nd street station P.O. for entertainment. When I order the big pack of stamps, she looks like she's going to come across and punch me. Christmas she forgot to put my postcard stamps in the bag and I was worried I had a fight on my hands...but when I showed her the receipt and asked for the stamps, then she was sweet as questions asked. I trembled the whole ride there for no reason!!! P.O's crack me up.

Good luck with the pens tonight!

Ooh OOh! I forgot half of my comment. I was wondering where you got those pretty pins? I have seen them around here and there, but I haven't been able to find them.

Oh and I can NOT wait to see what you do with those markers! It will probably be more fabulous than I can possibly imagine! I am trying to imagine what it would be like right now and ya know what? Nothing. I can not even begin to imagine it!!

I can relate to your recent P.O. visit...long lines, chatty clerks, piles of packages..and two clerks..I've been reading your blog for the past few months and always enjoy the visit....

I remember when I was a little minion working girl just out of college and my boss had a set of impeccable prismacolor markers. I just wanted to touch them, and, ok, I also liked to smell them. They always inspired me (not the smelling part, the color part).

Next time I need to mail something I'm going to Portland.

The photo of the markers brings back so many memories! Just the smell of those markers made me feel like a "real" artist! About two months ago while straightening the attic wares I found a set I had back in art school (shhhh... that's almost twenty years ago) and they still work!!!!

And I'm glad to hear that not everyone denies having loved Fleetwood Mack! They were great.

I love your pens! I secretly coveted those for a long time. I've eyed them at the art store and thought once about buying them for my son (so that I could use them too)as a gift. But never had. I have a nice set of colored pencils, and watercolor paints, and acrylic paints. Maybe for my bday next I'll ask for these - they're so pretty!

whooohooo! I hope my package was one of the ones that was able to be mailed speedily because of the open window! :)

ooooooo prismacolors....!!! Yummy!
just picturing the DH with the BP cuff....too funny!!! LOL

oh man, i have recited fifty nifty song to many a child..impressing them with knowing all the states! hehehhe...smiles, andra

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