A ROSE for My Love

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OhsuThis is Oregon Health & Science University, where Andy went to nursing school several years ago, and where he now works as an R.N. Isn't it big? It's the crown jewel in Oregon's health-care system. It's where my own life was saved, and given back to me.

This afternoon I got home to this, from one of the administrators at OHSU: "Andy has been selected to receive this year's OHSU's Annual ROSE Recognizing Outstanding Service Excellence Award.  Andy is receiving this award because he is the OHSU employee that in  2005 received the most ROSE awards for the entire year!  This award will be presented by the Rosarians and the Rose Court and a rose will be planted in his honor in the rose garden (behind Doernbecher Children's Hospital).  The ceremony is done with some pomp and circumstance and it is quite an honor for Andy to be receiving  this award."

In 2004 Andy was Nurse of the Year on his unit. I thought I couldn't be prouder then. This new award is the result of being nominated dozens of times over the past year by patients, patient families, coworkers, nurses, doctors, and other hospital employees to receive special recognition for extraordinary service. When you go to OHSU and you see employees walking around with little rose patches on their badges, you know that someone thinks they're very special. When you see the kid in scrubs with his badge covered in roses (front, back, on top of each other and on the badge fastener) that's my love. It's a bit embarrassing for someone as modest as he. But he deserves it. He deserves every single petal on every single one of those beautiful, beautiful blooms.

A rose planted for him in the Doernbecher rose garden, with the Rose Court (the queen and the princesses from Portland's fourteen high schools) and the Royal Rosarians (the city's official ambassadors of goodwill) in attendance. I'm sorry, but how cool is that. Awesome.

I love you, hun. You inspire every second. Every single one.


Wow, how amazing. I know just the roses you are talking about and I really feel so deep inside that the nurses can make or break it for a person. Its funny to me that from every hospital stay, the faces that stick with me are the nurses. You have every right to be so so proud!

Congratulations Andy! Thats wonderful!
Thats a great pic of the hospital and it surroundings - the lush park around the hospital looks great - it must be nice to have a pretty view of the outside world when u are a patient!

Congratulations Andy!

To borrow from my dictionary, that is simply: ex·cel·lent adj.
Of the highest or finest quality; exceptionally good of its kind.

oh andy, you uber-nurse you! congratulations!

Congratualtions Andy! Nurses can make a patient's day and obviously you are one of those.

You'll have to imagine how very proud I am....because there are no words that could possibly express what I feel as I read your words, Alicia. My eyes are filled with tears of intense feelings of love for both of you. "Proud" doesn't begin to touch those feelings.....I love you, Andrew. You deserve every kind word written or said about you. I could tell you with my eyes or in a hug...and I will when I get there!

That's awesome!

My younger brother is an RN at St. V's in Billings Montana in the cardiac care unit. He's a 6'2" former football player for MSU (GO CATS--sorry-- I know you're a Griz grad--tee! he!) and the most compassionate guy I know.

Nurses get very little recognition for what they do and what they're responsible for.

A few years ago, I got my CNA license and ended up working at a nursing home with Alzheimer patients. It's the hardest work I've ever done, yet the most worthwhile.

Good for him! Congrats Andy! And thanks for your service to your fellow human beings. I'm sure you have a lot of great stories. I know my brother and I do!

andy, you're a gem. so glad it doesn't go unrecognized.

My mom is a nurse here in K.C., so I know what tough work nursing is.

I'm so glad he's getting the recognition he deserves!

Sweetness! Why am I not surprised?

Nurses are very very special people. A super special nurse, an Uber Nurse, really, is nothing less than a gift from the universe to all of us who have ever needed the kindness of a stranger in a compromising situation. And a creative gardening nurse? Hmmm....special indeed. Congratulations, Andy.

Awesome!! Congratulations Mr. Andy!!

Andy, I just wanted to say congratualtions!!! and that this is in no way shape or form a surprise. I'll bet you would win the nurse of the universe award. really. The most amazing and wonderful thing, Andy, is that, knowing you, you weren't even trying... :)

Oh, Andy, what a man. That's such a lovely honor, and made me tear up.

Hip hip hooray! Andy, congratulations on the ROSE award. And, by the way, you got the prettiest rose in the garden with Alicia...our favorite rosy little thing.

That's so great. I hope he knows how special that is. I lost my Mom 8 years ago, and she spent a few weeks in the hospital until they found a way to manage her pain, and I still remember some of the nurses. There was one male nurse who was really special. He used to have to find a vein in my Mom whose veins were shot from chemo. He would say "we're in the car" when he was successful in finding one. That comment comes into my head when things are going well. Sorry for the detail, I just want Andy to know what an impact he has on his patients and their families, who are putting all their trust in him

"If the rose puzzled its mind over the question how it grew, it would not have been the miracle that it is." ~ J B Yeats
and andy is the miracle for so many, many people...and for you, dear alicia. how lucky the world is to have your andy! xo nina

So happy to hear that Andy is receiving the recognition all good nurses deserve! His own rose? Pretty darn cool!

feel a little pull of love for you and your wonderful man!!
you two are a pretty magical pair!

What an honor for an amazing guy. We need many more Andy's in the world.

This is so so great. It's so wonderful to have people in the Health professions that love their jobs so much. Way to go!

Now you ought to plant a rose in your own garden to remember! :)

Wow - what a wonderful catch. Congratulations to the both of you!

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