Happy Birthday Amy

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Cupcakes3 Darling Amy, happy birthday. I'll be dropping these off for you later. I don't even know what you're doing today, but I hope it's something very special.

I love our little chicken. She knows me in real life and she still talks to me, which I always think is sort of a miracle. Amy is completely responsible for my having a blog at all. I started it because I met her at my shop one day, and she encouraged me. I only vaguely knew what a blog was, back then. (Back then in September.) Little did she know she was spawning a blogging evangelist. I think everyone should have one. You should have one. Just have one. It's fun. Amy, tell them. (She says it better.)

Cupcake4 Actually, what Amy said was "It's really good if it can come from the heart." And the way I heard it wasn't like "It'll be a good blog if it comes from the heart" but "It's really good for you if it can come from the heart." Good for you like oatmeal is good for you. Warm, honest, hearty, straightforward, earnest, a little bit cinnamon-spicy sometimes, a few raisins here and there to keep us guessing, some lovely whole milk straight from an old-fashioned glass bottle, all served on a small-quilted placemat. That kind of Amy-ish oatmeal, straight from a big, sweet heart. Happy birthday, sweetie.

And thank you to all of you who stopped by here yesterday to be excited about the studio with me -- thank you! Oh, thank you. Has anyone ever told you you are the nicest people in the world? I am so happy with that space. I think Virginia was right -- having your own room is super great. (If you can't have your own room, make sure you have your very own corner, shelf, or drawer -- your very own one all to yourself.) But a whole room is like -- oh my -- it's as good as having your very own (very safe but still extraordinary) fireworks show! An in-ground pool! A 1964 robin's-egg blue vintage Volvo! A pony!

Okay, well, not as good as the pony. But still. Pretty great.


I've never commented before, because coming here reminds me of being in a beautiful but crowded room and I prefer to blend in and slip out. I just wanted to say I love the color you painted your office. It reminds me of living in a Tiffany's box. I hope your friend has a happy birthday.

I agree with Karen about the Tiffanys box colour.In fact I nearly posted a picture of mine(yes hubby's a sweetie!) to compare my tiny cardboard box with your huge treasure filled one!

I adore your blog! That's ADORE. And I think you just helped me clarify why. When I come here to read your musings and see what you're up to it is obvious that you do write from the heart. You are genuine and that resonates. So though Amy may have emphasized the good that comes to you from being a blogger-from-the-heart, I can say sincerely that for me, your blog, this space is just like that delicious bowl of oatmeal you've described above. Thank you, from my heart, for sharing yourself with us, your readers. This is indeed a very yummy place to be.

And, add me to the list of admirers of your gorgeous and inspiring studio! I printed out copies of the pictures and they are now pinned to my bulletin board as inspiration for my own office/art space.

your blog always gets me all warm and cosy about oatmeal...i mean blogging. thank you to amy for inpsiring you to become an evangelist.

(i love what karen said about your craft room--like living inside a tiffany's box. that's excellent.)

A pretty as a picture birthday spread! Matches your new room -- as does everything else I imagine. :)

I hope your friend loves all her birthday goodies! Your right, blogging is FUN! I'm just starting mine now and have been thinking of all the blogging opportunities I have now let pass by. I love your blog and it is one of the reasons I blog now. So yes, you have inspired me. Thank you! See how that works? ;)

Everything you do is lovely!

I'm a brand spanking-newby blogger, and I will print out your description and keep it by my computer. It's the perfect way to think of blogging...from the heart...good for you like oatmeal is good for you. Perfect!!

Those look yummy! Amy is a lucky gal to have a friend like you! Like the other posts- I love to come here- makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.. hmmm.. Such great inspiration is found here!

My B-Day is on June 5th so if you could just wrap up a few of those pretty cupcakes and toss 'em in the mail to me that would be great :)
P.S. those are the raddest candles ever!!!

oh yes, blogging is good for the soul and visiting yours is like eye candy!

I absolutely love Karen's comparison to living in a Tiffany's box ~ dreamy, now I want to paint my own room so I can pretend I am Audrey living in a Tiffany's box!

Oh I just think people named Alicia have a special way with words as well as personal style.

love and kisses from Another A.

susanna says: May 24, 2006 at 02:29 PM

Oh man, those cupcakes look sooo unbelievably good! I want one! I want two! I'll take the whole plate! And I have to go to the gym in about three minutes. Ugh. You're evil, Alicia. in a very sweet, funny, super-talented way, of course! ;p

And going along with the Tiffany's theme, I'd just like to say that everything you make is far more beautiful than anything that comes out of a Tiffany's box.

Heather says: May 24, 2006 at 03:26 PM

Great job on your studio. That's a tremendous undertaking. I started re-doing mine a couple of months ago and I still haven't got it together. Kudos.

Also -- FYI, your photos always have the funnest colors -- love the hot pinks and turquoises. You have a fantastic color sense. Just thought you'd like to know.

Yes, Happy Birthday Amy!

kylie d says: May 24, 2006 at 03:56 PM

I have never commented on here before..just wake up everyday, feed the kids, grab a cup of tea and check out what my friends in the USA have been doing while I have been sleeping..(Im in Australia). My mother in-law told me yesterday that she is to do a quilting trip across America (with her sister in-law) and I said "You MUST go to Portland, to this gorgeous shop and buy me something, anything will do, even if its the tiniest thing in the shop and get them to put it in a posie bag which I will keep forever!!" She thought I was completey mad But looked on the map and said she thought that would be do-able. So you just have to keep your shop till 2008...hmmmmm.Anyway I love your blog and its makes my day!! Thanks!
Kylie d

I am completely in love with your blog! I love blogging too. I have noticed that quite a few blogs are closing down at the moment. Such a pity.

Alicia, your posts take me to another world and you inspire me. I feel a bit like Dr Evil telling Mini-Me that you complete me. It's not that bad, but you do inspire me. I didn't comment yesterday because by the time I got there, there was like 120 comments. (wow) From a girl who works out of shopping bags, I am SO JEALOUS of your gorgeous room !!!!!!

Look at those cupcakes. I now have to go and clean the drool off my keyboard. Between those and Jane's rock cakes, well lets just say the diet has gone to pot!

Oh...those cupcakes are absolutely adorable. Happy Cakes! Thank GOD Amy made you blog. HOW would I start my day if she didn't??? Well...besides the 3 mugs of coffee. And your studio came together beautifully...of course. You've got the eye lady!

um-wow. so, thank you. I am reading this right now and am without words. I will think of some good ones. . .but I need to just smile like a big dork for a bit first.

Alicia -

Would those happen to be orange frosting on the cupcakes?

Darling cupcakes, my dear!....In addition to your studio being a lovely work space...I'd imagine that it's also such a refreshing place to just "breathe" in. Enjoy your renewed space! Oh...and I'd love a robin egg blue Volvo ~ but until it magically appears, I'm cherishing my cute little 1965 British Racing Green Volvo for me and Camilla to zip about Pasadena in!...xo...t

Alica, I love your Blog. It always gets my creative juices going. I hoping one day to come see your shop inperson. Thank you !! Clarice

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