Dash & Albert Rugs I Love

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DashandalbertWe are rather rug challenged around here. At least upstairs. On the stairs to the second floor and throughout the second floor is your basic ten-year-old Home Depot berber-type wall-to-wall, which, in the six years that we've lived here, we've aged about . . . seventeen and a half years. On the stairs it is completely pulling away from the risers, and on the landing is a big yucky spot about two feet in diameter where I couldn't figure out what was going on until I saw the dog rolling and rolling and grunting happily back and forth on it one morning. It's apparently where she likes to get all the dirt and dew off her coat when she comes in after her dawn trip to the back yard. Lovely. She can't do this in the mud room, she must do it in the very middle of the house. The carpet also has a lot of stains from animal puke and other "things," and also the distinct impression of an IRON in the upstairs hallway, when apparently someone tried to iron their shirt on the rug. We let some friends of friends stay in our house while we were on vacation one time, and though they didn't, like, steal anything or burn the place down, apparently they . . . almost did.

Dashandalbert2I have been very conflicted about replacing the carpet because 1) I have no money, 2) the carpet is practically white (which is part of the problem) but I must say that I have gotten used to having all that lightness up there, and I know whatever carpet I choose to replace it, they (you know, They) won't let me get anything near as light. So I will be a little sad, because I like it light upstairs, and 3) the extreme amount of traffic in the hallway, which has a sort of clubby, Pottery Barn-ish feel, requires something durable and dark, but the bedrooms, which are feminine and vintage-y, beg for something less . . . practical. Something more detailed, more evocative of a summer house. Something prettier. The tweed olefin waffle grid in khaki was not really pretty.

Dashandalbert3Now these -- these are so very, very, very pretty! I love them very much. These are rugs from the stripe collection at Dash & Albert, and I have been wanting them for a year now, when I first heard of the company. In fact, it was exactly a year ago that I went running out to Susan, who owns the furniture store in the back of which our store is tucked, begging her to open an account with them, since these rugs are not available anywhere in Oregon, or even Washington. She applied, and never heard back. Then I think she forgot. I sort of forgot and decided to live with the upstairs carpet for one more year.  Well, that year has come and gone and it's carpet-time again, and though I have looked at many a carpet and area rug since, I still have my heart set on these, the beautiful stripes.

Dashandalbert4Now, these are area rugs, of course, and runners, and runners by the yard. And part of the problem is that I have no idea how much they are, because they don't give prices on their web site, and there's nowhere for us to see them in real life. They are probably so out of range, don't you think?

Someone asked me, in one of the comments, I think, if I was inclined to make my own rag rug, which I most certainly am but every time I've thought about it, or picked up a book about doing it, I think to myself -- could I possibly stitch the rows of braids together tightly enough so that the whole thing wouldn't completely fall apart? Do I want my hours and hours of work (as I'm sure it would take) to clothe the floor of the vomitorium that is the guest room? I do have more fabric than I will probably ever use, so a rug would be a good solution. It's a big -- as in physically big, like how would I sit with it on the couch, which is like a major criterion for me in choosing to do, oh, anything -- project that seems like you would need to devote a whole room to making it. Maybe I'm wrong about all of this. I hope so, because I'm sure I can't afford these D&As.

Dashandalbert5 For a while I had the Random Stripe Generator on my blogroll but I don't know what happened to it. I'd better put it back up there. I love that thing. I've heard that you can crochet rugs, too, but it seems like they still might be too flimsy -- like, I don't want to wind up with a blanket on the floor. Maybe -- crocheted strips of fabric, into stripes? That would have to be one enormous crochet hook, and some very thick strips of fabric. And crochet doesn't really make clean-lined stripes. And I have that whole enormous Faded Tulips blanket to work on. And I already shouldn't be working on that so much. Hooked rugs -- too complicated for me, I think, because you'd have to sit there with that enormous, inflexible piece of canvas. I'm thinking braided or crocheted.

Really I'm just thinking, "Man, I hope these ones here are cheap!!!"

I think that's what They call Wishful Thinking.

Ohmigosh -- I almost forgot. My friend Jodi is writing an article for a national bridal magazine about surprise weddings, and she is looking for sources. If you are part of a couple who has been married less than five years and hosted a surprise wedding -- that is, one where your guests thought they were just coming over for a barbecue, and then you came out in a big white dress with a  bouquet -- and you want to tell Jodi about it, please email her at jodiATjodihelmerDOTcom. She would be ever so grateful!


Love the Brown Cow and Neopolitan rugs...hmmm, now you have me thinking. I may have to give ol' Charles Faudree a call and see if he has any idea how much those rugs cost (he is an Interior Designer located in Tulsa, OK -- of all places).

I am with you... by the time you spent all that energy getting everything ready and then crochet and/or sewing a rug, you probably could have bought a spectacular one and used a lot less energy....but then I am one with no money and A LOT of fabric and yarn too..... (probably why I have no money!)
If I get ahold of Charles I will be sure to ask him what the cost runs on those rugs.

thank you for my mid-morning alicia fix. i can always count on you to make me realize that my work is not the most important thing in the world.

Hi!!!! I've been lurking and reading your blog for a couple of months now and just LOVE your creativity & color sense, and home style.... Could go on, won't (must be getting ready for work).

Anyway, those rugs are beautiful, but have you considered painting a floor-cloth in a similar style??? Canvas, primer & paint, varnish (or is it shelac?). I imagine the wider stripes could be painted quite easily just by taping off sections, then run a slender strip of color down the center (to give you the look of slimmer stripes) with a paint pen. I know the HGTV site has had instructions (Carol Duval, I think, did a segment a couple of years ago) in the past.

Having read your blog for a couple of months now and seeing how incredibly creative & thoughtful you and your hubby are, I'd bet you could come up with a whole new take on these rugs, at a much less expensive price.

Anyway, hope you don't mind me jumping right in with a suggestion/though for you without any real intro.


I found a website where you could buy these rugs: http://www.lavenderfieldsonline.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWCATS&Category=606 If you click on one of the designs you get details about all the different sizes they come in, and how much they cost. Now you might prefer to keep dreaming about them instead... ;-) I might join you there - that pink and brown one is just great, but I would have to redecorate my whole flat to make it fit in...!

We have a joke around here that if any company has two names, its gonna be expensive. Peter and I are currently contemplating something Thomas O'Brien (that two name thing, so you know what we're dealing with). I was just thinking about making my own braided rag rug, but I....just....um....(off she drifts to go fold laundry).

These are beautiful, very you.

In the book "Felted Crochet" there is a little crocheted (and felted, obviously) rug that I have been eyeing. It's pretty small (more like something you'd put under a chair or something), but I don't see why you couldn't make it bigger. It's basically a giant doily made with bulky yarn, and felted. Cute, IMO.

And now a question for you: I have one of your pouf flowers (love it!) and I'm wondering where you got the printed stuff (feels like interfacing?) that you use on the back? It's so cute with your logo and all.

Oh, yes.
Lovely, lovely, and lovely.
I had to look them up as well.
And, shockingly, they aren't totally out of the range of possibility, considering what Pottery Barn or whatever will charge you.

I am sitting in the library, procrastinating by reading your blog. It was so funny that I kept choking, trying to keep down my laughter. The girl sitting next to me keeps looking at me strangely.

The rugs are quite beautiful. They look so cheerful and fun, like summer and lollipops. I planned to make my own braided rug before. I printed out the directions, got out the fabric - and never continued with it.

This came in my regular email and I thought I'd share it for anyone interested, and thank you Mathea and others for further information. The rugs ARE affordable, I'm very excited to say! Now we just have to pick which one!

Anyway, this, from Chris: "I just read about your search for the perfect rugs and I just happened to go to a craft show where they showed you how to crochet your own rag rugs. Like you thought, you use a huge hook (I think size Q). This company also sold the fabric, which was actually a bolt, cut into 2 or 3" wide strips. You just crochet it however you want. They had an oval rug, rectangular rugs, a half circle rug, etc. I just found the pamphlet...their website is: www.rugssoeasy.com It's a Canadian company I think (I live in Ontario, Canada). Thought this might give you some ideas.

Good luck on your hunt for the perfect rug!


I read your post while I was at work, shhhh don't tell, when I came home I had a new magazine! I love getting magazines, it's like getting a present in the mail. Anyway, I got the new, and first, issue of Blueprint. While I was looking through it I noticed a very pretty foyer re-do. The carpet runner on the stairs was from the company you linked to in your post. The info box below the photo said that the runner price was $34 per foot! Sounds a bit high to me. They have really beautiful carpets though, maybe it's something worth saving for!

Well, those rugs are divine! As for a surprise wedding. I hope to have one this year.

Have you received the premier issue of Blueprint yet? They had a lovely runner on the stairs of the featured house that reminds me of one of your photos. Not sure who it was made by, but just FYI.

Having woven a ton of rag rugs for my own home and living with 4 dogs I can tell you that rag rugs are extremely durable and most of mine end up in the washer/dryer at least once a week. They take a ton of abuse. However, rag rugs that I've made with cotton fabrics don't hold up well at all, those that I've made with old (or new) sheets take a ton of abuse and hold up the best.

A firend of myine had a lvoely spupriseparty. It was his own. Organised by his girlfriend because he never asked her.. Thankfuylly he said yes because she was allready wearing the dress..

I really love Dash and Albert rugs too! Infact last year I had 2 striped (the stripes are the BEST!) rugs on order for the kitchen. Just for in front of the sink and stove. I ended up cancelling the order because I felt guilty about spending 70.00 on 2 small rugs. I mean, why can't the thrift store keep these in stock for like, 5 bucks a piece?

The fabric store near my house has all the stuff for crocheting rugs. The thought has crossed my mind too.

I hadn't seen these rugs yet - thank you! I love them. Dash & Albert is located in Pittsfield - just a half hour from my house. Now I have to plan a field trip!

I have been wanting a Dash & Albert runner for my stairs for years (I think I saw one in Martha?). I just saw one in the Blueprint mag and the runners go for about $36/yard (if I remember correctly). Jack might be able to get an account with them. I'll let you know.

You probably would have considered this if it was even a possibility, but I had a thought...From what I can tell from the lovely pictures of your home, it's an older home, right? Don't most homes built some time BEFORE...um, the 60's have hard wood floors underneath all that nasty ol' carpet? If there ARE wood floors underneath, they probably aren't in tip-top shape. Refinishing is expensive, BUT, you could always sand it your self and PAINT (yes *gasp*, I said paint) the floors. You could even do cool stuff like...checks...or STRIPES....or...something....
Anyway, like I said, you've probably thought of this already if it was even a possibility. We pulled up the carpet in our 50-something year old house a couple years ago...still haven't refinished it *sigh*. IF we weren't planning on moving in a year, I would sand and paint the floors myself, but....I figure I'll let the new owners decide what they want to do. I'd better stop typing before I ramble on any further.

Good Luck!
Laura T.

OOOhh I want to give you a big smooch for the link to the random stripe generator. What fun, what a gas! I've been trying to do random striped felted bags and my random somehow always manages to look contrived :(

Rag rugs aren't that hard in the end, and their size seems exponentially related to time available to go thrifting for wool fabric, and then to spend on the couch with a glass of wine and some decent conversation. They do get unwieldy though past 4' (when I stopped working on mine because I ran out of "winter white" wool fabric and no one even gives that to the thrift store anymore, let alone wears it). In any case, not hard at all and more fun than writing. (OK, gotta get back to writing.)

I've lurked forever, then last night while reading my sample copy of "Blueprint" they used a Dash and Albert runner --$34/yard--up some stairs. Looked cool and I had to tell you.

Oh i love those rugs! I can not wait to see what you get.

Thank goodness you clarified the meaning of surprise wedding. I immediately imagined a woman coming home after a hard days work and finding a groom (hopefully someone she knows) and a complete wedding party waiting for her. Oh that would be bad very very bad!

The second thing I imagined was the kind of surprise wedding where you wake up next to someone (again someone you hopefully know) both wearing t-shirts that say "I married stupid" (insert arrows pointing to each other here) and find that during last nights alcoholic stupor you married said person. Jodi's article sounds much much better.


I've just discovered the Dash & Albert rug site through Apartment Therapy and I came across your blog. I was wondering if you ended up buying a Dash & Blog rug and if you did, which one? I'm curious about other reviews as well.

I had to laugh when you mentioned that "two names" equals expensive! When I found the site, I was positive that the rugs were going to be out of my price range.

Before finding D&D, I was considering the Fiesta rug from PB. Now, I'm so glad that I didn't get it. It will be nice to have some rugs that are so much more unique. I'm having a heck of a time making a decision!

You have a great blog, I'll definitely be back! :)

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