Happy Mothers' Day

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This is Violet, happy outside on the hammock. It's what I hope all you mamas are doing today. You deserve it. I don't have the heart to tell Vi she's actually spayed. She's the queen mother of this place nonetheless.

Happy Mothers' Day to all my mothers, biological and theoretical. And thank you. I love you. Xo, a


Your Violet looks exactly like my Sophie. And we both have a Corgi, too. Cool!

Vi looks totally content and happy.... I hope you had a happy Mother's Day as well (it doesn't matter if you have the two legged or four legged variety... before my daughter I always received a card on Mother's Day from my calico cat Schotcha : )
XO, Beth

Ohh, she totally reminds me of my Poe cat! I love her!

That is PRECISELY what I did. We hung the hammock today.
Oh, but not only that. There was also tea in bed n the morning... followed by the usual dishes and laundry and weeding in the garden and cranky, tired kids, etc. Mom stuff.

Oh, look how sweet! She looks SO happy in the upper right photo. And all that valuable belly fur!

Violet is so pretty! Makes me laugh too, as my own kitty has the same name - well it's Violette really, as she's French ;) And she is the queen of the house, that is, when she's not pretending she's the BABY of the place.

Yes mother's day was a lot like that for me. I woke to breakfast in bed and then my six year old, Milly, sprinkled confetti over me, not once but three times. Moments like that make all the hard stuff forgettable.
Your cat is lovely!

In my next life I am coming back as a cat. Or maybe I was one in my past life. Either way, lying on hammocks in the sun is the life for me.

She's so cute :) Happy mothers day to you too even if like me your not, there's no reason to not celebrate right ?

What a cozy, sunlit spot! Sweet kitty, xo.

jeanne-marie says: June 01, 2006 at 12:40 PM

I was just poking around in here and saw . . . Violet! I remember when you got her, thinking what a great name that was.

Amazingly, that little gray striped kitten is still with us. She is one tough cookie. Do you remember that you named her? (Probably not, as you seem to have great black holes in your grey matter where I am concerned. Say it to yourself: "Jeanne-marie. J-E-A-N-N-E----M-A-R-I-E.") I'll remember for you. I chose a six-toed cat from the humane society because it was October 31 (1989). We talked and you insisted on coming over. I picked you up and upon our return we found her crawling up the curtains in my little living room. Talk about freaked out. You named her Ivy. We decided you were her fairy kittenmother. You know, she still waits by the mailbox every Halloween, hoping for a card or maybe a mackerel.

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