Pastry-Case Treats for Mom

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Peepcakes_3 I know this is late, but these just came into the shop. They're adorable hand-knitted and -crocheted pastry sachets from Peep Accessories (thanks again, Chris)! Everyone here is seriously freaking out over them. I wish you could see how perfect and beautiful they are in real life -- and they smell yummily like chocolate. They come in their own little boxes and we are carrying two types here at Ella Posie: the Chocolate Cupcakes with pink frosting, and the four assorted Bon-Bons. Oh! They're so cute. They're all handmade by the sweetest girls, Sally and Jane, and I am amazed at their work. It's perfect. Each box is $25.

Jaquabodybutter_2As soon as I saw them I knew they would be adorable with the ever-popular Buttercream Frosting, Lemon Merinque, or Peach Parfait Body Butter ($21) from Jaqua Beauty.  So for any of you who haven't gotten your Mother's Day presents already, I think we'll do a little promotion here in the shop through Saturday (or while supplies last): A box of Cupcakes or a box of Bon-Bons with one of your choice of Body Butters, all wrapped up in a pink bakery box with a ribbon and paper flower.

Peepcakes2Normally this would be $46, but because I love you I will give you my special lovely bloggy peeps a discount if you come in and say "Bloggers rule, dude!" No wait wait wait -- say "Can you eat these?" quizzically, while appearing to move knitted item toward mouth. No wait, then I might confuse you with the dozens of regular people who already say "Can you eat this?" while pointing at the flavored body butters. Okay, say, "My mom is gonna LOVE this!!!" and we'll give you the whole thing, in its prettily wrapped up pink box, for $40. I'm just kidding, you don't have to say anything, I hate that. But hurry over, because it's getting late, I know. We can ship to you anywhere, but not in time for Mom's Day, alas.


Thank you to everyone for your thoughtful, considered, honest comments yesterday. Those were really nice to read. I hope you do enjoy listening to the podcasts -- there is so much more in them, obviously, than I was going on about, and it's just such a cool opportunity to hear how people think and sound in real life. I like it. I think I'm going to listen to another one today. I know that there are posts on Whip-Up that point toward other podcasts; I'm so late with my posts over there I just haven't had time to check it out much, but I'm going to. If there are other podcasts that you like, please leave the url in the comments -- I'd love to listen. Oh, and I will keep you posted on the skirts, you cuties. How sweet of you to encourage me to bring them back. That made me feel good.

Peepminis2Actually, that's saying a lot, because we didn't get a lot of sleep in our house last night. Right at about ten, after a very disturbing Alias, and an even more disturbing (TiVo-ed) Veronica Mars, Andy went to shut the back door and get all animals in the house so we could head up to bed. We should have had three; alas, there were four -- a big black cat who wasn't ours was standing in the back hall. When Andy walked in, the cat spooked, and shot into the basement. After cajoling the cat for, oh, an hour with every cat-attracting thing you can think of (while our own feline/canine crazies were losing their minds at the top of the basement stairs) Karma came forward. We could see his tag well enough to read his name -- Karma -- but couldn't see the phone number. No matter, he started to come up the stairs. The second he was out the door and into the backyard, Andy promptly re-opened our back door and let the dog out. Why he did this, we will never, ever know. I stood open-mouthed as the dog cornered the cat between the hose holder and the wall of the house, dancing back and forth maniacally in front of Karma like a deranged cha-cha dancer. The cat was completely freaked out. When he was able to get six inches away from the dog, he shot immediately back into the basement.

He spent the night in our house, and this morning when I got up to go the bathroom he came jangling in nonchalantly to see me, then flopped on the floor pretty much as if he'd lived there all his life. Turns out he belongs to a new neighbor two doors down, and Andy went to get her at 7:00 a.m. to pick up her cat so we could let our pets out of our room. Apparently Andy and the neighbor had to look around the house a bit before they found Karma, not expecting that he would be lounging comfortably on a second-floor windowsill, watching the world go by. Andy said he sort of turned his head and looked at them like, "Yeah?" So funny.


Those knitted goodies do look good enough to eat.I must learn how to crochet as I have a cupcake pattern waiting!
Cats are sooo funny we have four and a few 'friends'.The neighbours joke that one of our toms,Sampson, visits them and shares a cigar by their fireside with Leo their cat.A bit like a gentlemans club!

KARMA? honey, you four are destined, i tell you, destined, to a new life with karma. and it isn't a bad life, just a new and refreshing one. at least her name isn't havoc, or krugar, or nightmare...
and a big yum to those pastries!

Chris Howard says: May 11, 2006 at 01:34 PM

I'm so glad that those scented cuppie cakes are as good as they looked like they would be. I gotta get me some!! Now if only I were a mother!
Hi-larious story about the kitty cat. LOL did the owner mind much that the cat was pretty much perfectly happy living with you now?

I just don't get it, everytime I check in with your blog, there's something just as marvelous as the last time, if not marvelouser. I'm packing my hubby off on a plane to Portland tonight (he's just returned from a week in Australia, but he won't mind) so he can come and pick up some of those for me. YUM! And he can take the kids too, so I can have both those marvelous (have I said marvelous enough? I'm not sure.) goodies and a quiet weekend. Good plan, me.

Oh, *squee*, knitted cupcakes and bon bons! You evil, evil girl! Those are so bloody cute - so perfectly amazing, and yes, I could eat them...if I flipping lived in Portland! How dare you tempt us out-of-town folk like that.

Karma, indeed. I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too!

Adorable. I always seem to be saying that! Those peeps girls are Sooooo talented.

Ohhhhh man, I looooove the Buttercream Frosting! I have to hold myself back from licking my arm after I put it on :)

Oh how absolutely adorable! Love them!

susanna says: May 11, 2006 at 07:19 PM

Once again, you have another supercute creation on display! Loved that the kittycat's name is Karma and that she hid in your basement overnight. Maybe she spends her days visiting strangers, bringing them good fortune or...claws? If she flopped down on your kitchen floor and gazed contently out of your window, I think you'll be receiving more good karma in the future.

Love the knitted cupcaktes. Think I will try to make something like them. Although not in the near future. Love reading your blog. It is delicious!

Such cute knitted items and the Karma story is sooo funny. It seems aptly named!!

What a cool idea crocheted or knitted food. well maybe I'll give it a go, after I've mastered the crocheted potholder.
My family are dog people, so it's always interesting when a neighbours cat pops it's head around the corner looking at my mum on the sofa with our insane dog sleeping next to her. No cats were hurt during this event.

those crocheted little delights... are the cutest things I have ever seen! The packaging is adorable! They are going to fly off your shelves :) re: the visiting alien cat... our neighbors let their cats breed uncontrollably (I looked into fixing their female...sadly, it's illegal) and during several weeks out of the year we could go into our yard, move the branches of any bush and pick up a kitten... look, we plucked ourselves a farm-fresh cat :)

*Chuckle* for a few seconds I thought that the cupcakes were real.

Thank you for this delightful link! I have been looking for something fun to add to my daughter’s tea set – and as she is obsessed with chocolate (I swear I didn’t do it – it must be innate!) the assorted bon-bons will be perfect!

Those "sweets" are just darling! Now, if I only lived in Portland (hmmm, keep trying to get HSBC to send me to Tigard/Portland for something so I can come to the store!).
The story about the kitty is hilarious. I had this issue in college. We had a neighbor with a little black and white kitten. It always came over to our apartment. They really did not take very good care of her because she always wanted to be with us. SO.. I named her holstein and she liked to sleep in our bathroom sink. She would go home to her "parents" everyday, but would always come back and night to be with me and roomie....

My family had a similar occurence as Beth above with a "stray" dog we named Desdemona. Turned out she wasn't lost at all, she was a con-dog with a night-home and a day-home right across the street. It made us feel special that Desdemona loved and trusted us enough to give us half her time. Animals are such fun, funny creatures.

Oh, how adorable! I don't like eating cupcakes but I make them anyway because I like decorating them. Shhh, don't tell. Everyone thinks that I make them for them because I'm a nice person.

Your cat story had me laughing so hard. My friends kept clustering around, saying "What? What's so funny?" So they read it too and then everyone was laughing.

A very very amusing story but I am disturbed by the darker undercurrent... is Andy not, in fact, perfect?!

Letting the dog out, that's what all other men might do in that situation, the men that drive us crazy! I'm putting it down to his having all this happen just before bed, he was tired and confused, he forgot he was the perfect man married to the perfect woman. Phew, I hope that explains it. Either that or he's not THE REAL ANDY!

DO the classic test, ask him if he remembers when you two had that great holiday in Thailand and spent the whole time swimming in the ocean at sunset and eating fresh mangoes, and how you stood on a sea urchin and he pulled the spines out your foot and then pee'd on it to stop the pain. If he remembers it all then stick him with the hypodermic you will have concealed beneath the bedclothes - unless of course you actually did have that exact holiday... but that would be too freaky!

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