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BelladressWell, it's official -- you guys are nuts! In the very nicest of ways, of course, but honestly -- you thought that mess looked cute??? Maybe my photos did not display what a disaster area the whole first floor turned into over the weekend. They were taken pretty early on in the process, after all. How that much stuff fit into one room I do not know -- that was one densely packed room. It's about halfway put back together, but I can't even find the camera right now so it'll have to wait. I escaped briefly on Saturday to stop by Mariko's Back-Tack party (said I was making a lunch run) -- so nice of Mariko to do that! Thanks, Mariko!

Right now I am so tired and achy I am actually lying down as I type this. Now that I know it's possible to lie down while typing I might do it more often. I'm so heartbroken over Barbaro this morning. I feel like crying. I am just so hoping that he recovers and has a nice rest of his life on a beautiful farm somewhere. Dear sweet horse. I'm saying a little prayer for you.

Cecilycardi_1 Remember how much I love Susan Cropper from Loop in London? When I get over my fear of flying, I'm going directly to Loop, I've decided. Susan is the nicest person in the world. She has been so supportive of me and my crochet work I can't even tell you. I have not marketed my patterns to yarn shops at all, though I really did intend to do that. I mean, I still do intend to do that, when I get on top of things. Lucky for me, Susan found me on her own, several months ago, and I'm thrilled to have had my patterns at Loop. Susan has just launched the on-line shopping section of the Loop web site, and it is as gorgeous as the rest of the site, and, I imagine, the brick-and-mortar store.

MardicardiThese photos are of some of my original crochet patterns that Susan sells at Loop -- they are, from top to bottom, the Bella Dress, the Cecily Cardigan, and the Mardi Cardigan. They are all done in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, and fit tots from 3-24 months. Everything I design is very simple, perfect for someone who is just getting started or just wants to do a relaxing, easy project. I've sent several samples of these garments to Susan, so if you're in London you can stop by Loop and see them in real life. And now you can buy my patterns on-line from Loop, as well as lots of their other, wonderfully unique and fantastic things. I love this place.

Also, many of you have sent me photos of garments you've completed based on my patterns, and I should start a Flickr group for them because they are really wonderful. You guys did so great. The color choices, the work itself, all of it -- I love seeing them. If you've made something and photographed it and would like it included, please send me the photo with the subject line "Crochet Photo" and I'll put it up there. Maybe if you already sent one, you could resend it with that subject line? Or just leave a comment here with a link to it, if it's on your blog or something. If it's not too much trouble. Then I'll have them all together.

Okay, as Bridget Jones says, "Back to the studio!"


If only Alice & Phoebe were still in peach and baby blue. Loop is lovely - your garments will look fab there, I can assure you. And do give plenty of warning when you come over to do a store-check...

As soon as my life calms down I intend to make the Cecily caridgan for Emma.. of course it will have to be made quite a bit larger, my four year old is a little bit too big for Alicia's largest size, but I will figure it out because that sweater is way too cute. I may just have to make one for myself as well!

By the looks of these cute little frocks, I think I need to learn to crochet and have another baby. Not in any particular order.

I cried when I heard and saw Barbaro break his ankle - oh so sad - I too hope that he stays still and heals so that he can be a pampered stud one day only to be groomed, eat grass, and frolic with the fillies - On another note - love, love, love all of your stuff - the crochet patterns are truly lovely - gina

Chris Howard says: May 22, 2006 at 09:52 AM

I am just waiting to hear from my friend on May 29th (boy or girl) and then I plan to order some of your crochet kits from Rosy Little Things. I don't even know how to crochet. LOL, how crazy am I?

oh, those are gorgeous. congratulations on Loop!

Congratulations! Loop looks like such a stylish shop. They have the best selection and i love it that there´s so much "literature" going around: designers reviews,products descriptions: one could spend hours in their website!

Those are so beautiful...especially the ones with the ribbon ties! I've come to the conclusion that you must not eat or sleep.

I've been planning on buying a few of your crochet patterns I just haven't gotten around to signing up for paypal, must do that this week. Hopefully I'll order at the end of this week.

Okay that's it, I must learn to crochet. It just seams so odd to use one hook after all the knitting I've done, but I must learn to do it to make these darling things. Have fun putting the studio back together. Remember re-organizing means finding treasures!

Wow is there no end to your talents? Those crocheted dresses are beautiful!

The crochetted clothes looks beautiful!!
You have a nice blog, like to come and take a look here ;)

this may actually force me to put down my knitting needles and pick up a crochet if i just knew what to do with that hook...lessons, please? anyone? but if you say this is an easy pattern, maybe it would be good place to start. i can already tell it's great incentive.
and oh my, barbaro. did you see the jockey and trainer hugging after he pulled up from the race. ugh, it got me all teary. it just put a damper on the whole day. and the way barbaro kept holding his leg up in the was painful to watch...
maybe you could crochet a cute little stocking for barbaro to put over his cast? with ribbons, so he knows he's still a champion! oh, i better not mention this idea to my children, they wouldn't let me rest until I actually DID this!!

Damn boy clothes! They're just not as cute as girl clothes. Are your patterns available online anywhere besides out of London? I might have to start crocheting for my friends with girls. :)

Oh I am hoping one day before my sweet little amazon princess of a four year old grows too big, that those patterns will get sized up a hair. I am so in love with that sweet dress!

Yes, I would second the notion that your mess still managed to be cute...the patterns, colors, compartments can't be outdone, even by a vomiting studio!

And normally I am content with being only a partial renaissance-craftista, but your lovely crochet makes me seriously re-think my non-crochet ways. They're so lovely!
Seriously. (<---imagine italics here)

wow! You're amazingly talented!

I'm almost squealing with excitement! Well done!

I ordered three of your patterns last week through your online shop. Now if only they'd arrive...

hee hee just kidding--you sound just about as busy as you can be. Just so they arrive in time for my week at the beach--the thought of sitting on a white beach and crocheting up those adorable pieces is what's getting me through the time between me and vacation.

If they turn out well (and aren't ruined by the sand), I'll send along some pix.

thanks so much for all the lovely inspiration and the kind, true words I find every day on your blog.

Your patterns are absolutely gorgeous!

Yes, it's true I'm certifiable. But if you could see the mess that is *me* spring cleaning, you'd agree your room was the epitome of gorgeousness. Oh that fabric of yours...

I can't crochet either. Whether this is because I'm certifiable or in spite of it, I'll leave to you to decide.

Your baby things are beautiful/love/spectacular/gorgeous/all the usual/all the above.


I'm with you on Barbaro. I'm not really into the races, but it absolutely kills me to watch/hear of harm coming to animals.

Thanks for the link to Loop - nice site!
Your baby crochet patterns are adorable - I love traditional outfits like that - so cute! I can crochet quite well but dont have a baby girl to crochet if I can convince my hubby we need a 3rd child then maybe I'll get lucky!

these are gorgeous. the last little orange one is the perfect ode to a creamsicle. ahh, summer and winter all in one.

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