The Good Things About Being Sick

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Milkshake2 Milkshakes with Haagen-Dazs. (This one's for you, Anna.)

Yard1People let you buy the kinds of (and all the) plants you want at the nursery and carry them for you from the car.

Yard2 You can spend an hour and a half washing twelve pots while sitting in the sun saying, "But I don't feel good."

Yard3_1And so then anyone listening to you moan will nicely plant your stuff for you. But you will still have to cover the pots in yogurt and dirt yourself, to see if that whole moss-growing thing really works.

Yard4_1The dog will follow the planting person around and lick all the yogurt and dirt off of the pots after you go into the house to get under a blanket and drink orange juice and eat cookie dough. You won't find out about the licking part until later, which is good.

Yard5 The next morning, when you wake up feeling even worse than you did the day before, you will feel better knowing that today you can sit bundled up in your Adirondack chair and watch the plants grow and the gravel settle without being compelled to lift a little finger.

It's a good thing. [Sniffle. Cough.]


way to look at the positives of being sick!! I hope you feel better!

Sorry about the illness. Hopefully the sun this week will back it out of your system. Your back yard looks amazing! What a transformation! I love the pea gravel... unfortunately, my turf-loving spouse won't let me rip out all the grass... yet. I'm still working on him.

Your yard is looking good. Hope you feel better soon!

Hope you get to feeling better... lots of cookie dough and milkshakes should work : )

it is always the 'fighting it off' period that stinks, really sometimes it is a relief to just give in to being sick! i hope you feel better soon.

Chris Howard says: May 01, 2006 at 08:58 AM

Oh man, that milkshake sure looks good. It makes me almost wish I was sick! The yard is looking great, but I think you are still pushing yourself too hard. Back on the couch miss!!!!

Oh, feel better soon. Being sick is rotten.

(And the yard is really coming along.)

Hope your well soon.
If the yogurt thing doesn't work. Take some of the dried moss and buttermilk, mix it up or put it in a blender together. Spread the mixture where ever you want moss to grow.
Your yard is coming along nicely.

Such a good attitude for someone under the weather - feel better soon!

Positive energy going your way for a speedy recovery :-)

Oh, dear! Get better! But what a transformation in your yard! You've been giving very good orders, and cowboy pajama pant man is a really good listener!

my mom would say, "if you can eat haagen das and go to the nursery, you obviously aren't that sick." but then again, she's a hard ass. feel better my love.

:( feel better soon sicky!

Oh! Sorry to hear you are not feeling well...Hope you feel better soon!

hope you feel better. this is exactly how i feel today! hoping someone will hear my little sighs and coughs at work and tell me to go home!

Poor baby! Sending cyber chicken soup...

But hey, the yard looks fantastic!

sniffle, sniffle. I'm sick with a cold since yesterday too but you have a much better attitude about it than me - probably because I don't have an adirondak chair :(

That's one big blender you have. Or a very tiny cat... Hope you are feeling better very soon.

The garden is transformed into an Eden - it looks lovely.

Phooey...I was hoping you would be feeling better. The yard looks spectacular! Now it really looks like an outdoor room- so inviting, as always! It also looks much bigger and more spacious. Does it "in person", or is that an effect of the photos? Take care of yourself, Dear One.

The kitty might be looking away, but I imagine it's in a 'Hey, look over there!' sort of way, so as to distract you. Then she'll hop over and stick her nose in the ice cream carton. Clever girl.

Good for you, don't lift a finger! Get well soon!

Awwww sweetie, I hope you feel better soon. xxx

:) hee. well get well soon anyway, even though it sounds like so much fun!

Funny, clever, and the yard's not bad either.

Awww poor baby! I hope you are feeling better soon! If you get to to sick tell Andy there is only one cure ... new shoes ... germs ya know!

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