The Organza Apron Summer '06 Tour

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Presents_1 Thank you, everyone, for your get-well wishes and for saying that you liked the garden! It also makes Andy happy, Andy the secret comment reader. He sneaks in and reads all the comments very excitedly every day. He especially likes it when, unlike a recent visitor to our back yard who said, unimpressedly, "Well, it looks . . . like it'll be really easy to take care of . . .", you think he is a brilliant genius for even thinking of a back-yard solution like this in the first place. Honestly, although I was very nervous about it at first, I am so totally loving the back yard. I highly recommend it as an option for ease of care (because yes, it will be easy) and pretty, sort of French-park feel. That front patch of dirt in the photo on the previous post is the regular herb/veggie garden, just outside the kitchen window. That will get planted if it ever gets warm out. In those big pots I planted (er, I mean I picked out and he planted) three different lavenders and an assortment of standard herbs -- thymes, oreganos, sages, sorels, your basic yummy-smelling potager-reminding stuff. I thought it would be kind of cool to be sitting there in your Adirondack chair, drinking a mint julep, reading the latest selection from the Book List, smelling some delicious herbal aromas.

All the selections I made for the yard had to be sort of Frenchified. Red geraniums for the window boxes, periwinkles and grayish tarragon-looking stuff for the ring around the tree, more lavenders coming. I have to say, there was something really fun about imposing the French-ish constraints. I tend to get so overwhelmed at the nursery, and by the yard in general. I like the idea of gardening better than the gardening itself, I think, especially after the first weekend. My foot just doesn't want to cooperate in the garden. Though I do like a very nice garden. So usually I'm sitting out there twitching instead of relaxing because in order to have it not be unruly (especially here in the Northwest, where stuff grows to monstrous proportions [unless it's grass in our back yard]), you have to work on it and plan it all the time. There are just way too many variables for me. But this whole gravel backyard is an experiment in restraint and I truly am looking forward to taking care of it, because I know that I only allowed in what I felt I could take care of well. Do you know what I mean? Like, I could've chosen only blue things, or only cacti, or only things that started with P. And it was kind of nice to work within those self-imposed limitations -- not at all something I'd normally do. Sort of reminds me of Back Tack III. And that sort of reminds me of how uncomfortable the criteria they've set out naturally make me -- I never work in black and white, which is why I wanted to give it a try. It will be such an experiment. Except that I have to make something for Ms. Back-Tack-Half Nicole, so I also want it to be really really really good -- yikes, no pressure there or anything!!!

Strawberryapron Above -- pretty postal things! Aw, such great mail! Some I bought -- the cool hostess apron at bottom from my coastal-living friend Carrie at Sommer Designs, and the vintage-green-and-orange-fabric Penelope bag by the wise and crafty Blair. I like to think of her affectionately as Wise(ass) Craft Blair. (She sent me some pudding, too, butterscotch and vanilla, fat-free, sugar-free. What are you trying to say, B? She's not speaking to me because I bought the pincushion she wanted so she has to communicate with me through skinny pudding, I think, and apparently she is saying, "Get off the couch and plant your own damn plants, bubble-butt.") Other things were gifties, too -- books from the Book List from the very generous Jamie (do you have a blog Jamie?), sweet Jenn, and literate, wonderful Jane. Jane also had a Green & Black's butterscotch-flecked chocolate bar in there -- that was gone right away, so it's not in the picture. Tea and a lavender drawer linen from Carrie, and a strawberry pin cushion; and felt and buttons and other smaller wonderfulnesses from the happy Chicken; an awesome blue-rose apron from Blair (she really does love me after all); a ring to match my bird's nest necklace from Lindsey; vintage fabric from thrifty, crafty Hillary; and this, the reigning princess of all aprons from Lisa. God I hope I didn't forget anything. IT'S TOO MUCH!!!!!!! But I can handle it.

ApronposteredgeI was dinking around with Photoshop and found this "poster-edge" function which automatically does this kind of thing to your photos, which I thought was cool, especially if we, like, want to start a band called Organza Apron or something. We could play ukuleles and pennywhistles and pass out apple cider at our shows. We'd of course make all our own costumes. We'd ride vintage bikes from venue to venue and charge people in peonies. Our groupies would sit in the audience crocheting, and we'd always do the Hokey-Pokey for an encore at the end of the night. Who's with me.


I'll play triangle! The garden is lovely.
As for a blog, there is one in the works.

I don't know? I'd hate to cramp the Partridge Family's style.

First, I love that apron! Would definitely play in a band if that is what I would get to wear. Second, Andy did a wonderful job on the yard. If I did not have 1/2 acre I would consider doing the very same thing!
Glad you are feeling better!

back on the subject of books...after reading your post on marilyne robinson, i picked up a copy of 'housekeeping.' it finally moved up to the top of my stack and i started it last night. i had to MAKE myself put it down and turn out the light. what an amazing book. most of the time, i get caught up in a story line and pay no attention to the writing itself. (often the writing doesn't warrant any attention...)but i was savoring every sentence, every word. thank you so much for turning me on to this book.

I could play the spoons...all kinds, wooden, silver, stainless steal. And then I could do an intermission demo on kitchen utensils :)

Corny, I know..but you started it!!

Just wanted to join in the fun. Have been noticing a lot of your beautiful canvases around. You're brilliant!

Come see my blog.

cute post!! I can totaly relate to wanting the garden to be Frenchified. I just wish I had a green thumb. Got to love my Father in law - he keeps ours looking gorgeous!

I'd be happy just being a groupie in your band/land of make-believe.

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