The Studio Makes a Full and Speedy Recovery

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Studioblue2Oh my. I really can't believe it. I don't know how the room went from this to this in only three days. Actually, I do know how. It practically wiped all of us out. But it had to be done, and it had to be done quick, because Andy only had one day off to paint, and I had two to put back together. We had been talking about painting the studio for several months. How it was possible for me to pick the exact same paint color that I picked for the pantry about two years ago I'll never know, but it turns out it is the same -- River's Edge, from Behr.

Studioblue31 I'm fairly sure I've never been so happy. Or relieved. On Sunday morning Andy went to work and I started trying to put things back into the empty studio. I finished last night around five. I needed to heavily edit my stuff. I brought two huge plastic boxes or extra fabric to the Back-Tack party, brought probably another four boxes of general stuff down to the basement, and threw away probably three. It was just too much. I never want to let that happen again. I do have two enormous cabinets in Andy's office full of felt, yarn, patterns, stuffing, supplies, things like that.

Studioblue29This studio is a full-on working studio, not just a craft room. It has to hold all the paperwork, the computer, the packaging stuff, the cardboard boxes, all the mounds of materials, everything I need to run the business. As such, it gets so overrun with stuff that it is hard to actually work in it. I used to have curtains, and pictures, and artwork, and all this extra decoration that I thought was cute. But for this re-do I wanted as little as possible actually up on the walls because it gets so cluttered with the necessaries as it is. This cabinet of stacked calicoes looks like an exquisite monument to impracticality to me, but I don't know how else to store little pieces of fabric and have it at my fingertips, do you?

Studioblue27All those round white boxes up on the top shelf need labels, and I think what I'm going to do is make some labels on the computer, print them on iron-on paper, and then iron them onto pieces of felt, or if it's readable, pale calicoes. Then I'm thinking I'll affix those to the boxes with removable double-sided tape so that when I want to change the contents of the box I can easily switch out the label. These boxes and jars are filled with sewing notions, paints, fake flowers, cagelet supplies, trims, embroidery stuff, rubber stamps, paper stuff, rick-rack, buttons.

Studioblue18I'm so excited to get back to work in here now. Isn't it amazing how having enough room to do things makes such a big difference? When I was growing up, my sisters and I sewed with our little sewing machine on the floor. We made dresses and patchwork quilts. We sat on the edge of my futon, watching Beverly Hills 90210, eating Domino's pizza, ironing on the ironing board in my mom's room, where her ancient sewing machine was. It was always about 90 degrees in there. My dad would turn on the attic fan and our patterns would blow all over the place. When someone would come in the room, they'd have to step over the sewing machine to get into the back of the room, which snaked around the corner. It was kind of fun, actually. In hindsight only, of course. I do miss 90210 though.

Studioblue5This office-supply arrangement is pretty precious, I know. But what can you do. You always set things up this way and are really good about putting everything back in exactly its place for a few days until it all gets messy again. But this time I'm determined to be good! I must be good! It's hard though. Worth it, but you really have to pay attention if you don't want it to get out of control.

Studioblue6_1 That silhouette was made by my mom when I was three. I need to take it off that board and put it on some acid-free stuff, I think. Maybe even retrace it. That basket below it? Filled with ribbons. I'd thought that they would take up less space if I took the ribbon off the spools. I was wrong about that. They don't. This little paper mache mannequin came from a store called Willow Nest on the way to the beach. My mother-in-law bought it for me as a surprise, several years ago. I sobbed when I saw it. It is one of my absolute favorite things, ever. Ever. I just love it.

Studioblue22 I'm excited. Don't hate me because it's beautiful! Or, if you have to, it's okay -- I don't think I need friends now that I have Miss Blue Room here. I'm glad we didn't wait any longer to work on it. The best part is that we spent no money, except for the new paint and a new garbage can. It was a little bit of a painful process -- oh the aches and pains  and moans and groans that rung through the house you can't imagine! But a few Aleve and a good night's sleep have worked their magic, and it's all good now. I wish I could work in here all day today, but I must get moving and make it to the shop on time this morning. I've barely left the house in three days. I think I forgot how to get dressed.

Studioblue33 Thank you for taking the tour of my "new" studio. If anyone needs me, I'll be here, hugging myself with total, unabashed joy.


What a wonderful little escape it was this morning to visit your inspiring studio. I am completely in a relaxed state of mind now. Beauty does feed the soul. Thank you!

Everything looks beautiful, I will have to agree with you. I just love that color of blue. It is so calming. I hope you really enjoy your room now and go on a huge creating spree : ) If I had a studio I would be so inspired to dive right in.. oh wait, I just re-did my master bedroom and vowed I would not paint for 6 months.. but I think your work would inspire me anyway!

Lovely studio, I love the colour. Now I really want a house, so I can have my own work room & I hope when I finally get one it will be as pretty as yours. Oh how fun it would be to look through all your boxes, I can hear myself oohing & aahing.

mesclun says: May 23, 2006 at 08:55 AM

Oh, dear - how am I ever going to work now? My business office is functional and has a few pretty things, but even with the bouquet of violas next to my computer, the whole place looks like the bottom of a birdcage in comparison. Even your strawberry imac has a little flowered hat! Gotta make some changes around here.

Wow- just beautiful! What an inspiring room, everything a working studio should be!

susanna says: May 23, 2006 at 09:04 AM

Oh my...I don't think I've ever seen an office or studio look so gosh darn perty and oh so girlie in all my life!

A studio that has French doors to a backyard with wicker chairs!? I'm so envious!...Wonderful space!
Everything looks so yummy!

The studio looks incredibly inviting......enjoy! I can even picture the little paint splatters in Andy's hair- I'm thinking the color looked great there too!

Are you only allowed one comment a day ? well ! sorry ! I looked at everything wrote my first note and then did my I want to poke fun for a sec and say....

okay Girl! I want a follow up story in .....ohhh, sayyyy....three weeks on the status of The Cute and Tidy Studio

c'mon! just for fun !

I have faith in you !

Love , S.

Oh my gosh!Going green here:)

ok, I know your beautiful weblog isn't the place for such blue language but.. holy shit! that's amazing! it's so beautiful and so well organized. isn't that the greatest feeling? I felt the exact same way after I finished my craftroom reorganization. of course now it's a disaster again. sigh. keep the clean slate clean. it's good living. congratulations :)

Oh My goodness! What a studio! It's so so you and just really lovely. It looks so happy, how could you not want to create in there ;)

Where did you get the magic wand you waved over your studio?

As one former editor to another, I got a real kick out of seeing the Chicago Manual of Style and what looks to be a Webster's dictionary holding up your desk lamp.

The room is really beautiful!!!

Ay caramba, it's beautiful. Oh I gasp in awe. [No hate, don't worry.]

Good work!!! Hug yourself and your husband; y'all did a splendid job.

Thank you for sharing it.

Gorgeous. Love that colour. Come and do my craft room too - please!!!!Love that you've shared it with us.

What a beautiful STUDIO! I want to eat it because of all the color and pretty things!

I haven't even read your post yet but I have to say that your studio is soo amazing beautiful, and cute that i just want to sit down and cry!

Oh, thank you for posting those photos, I have really been looking forward to them. (In fact, it's sad to say really, how much I was looking forward to seeing the "after" of your studio)
It's wonderful, beautiful and oh so inspiring. I bet you will come up with even more amazing cuteness to blow our minds now.
I enjoy your blog oh so much. 0
Enjoy yourself in there...

jenni s-g says: May 23, 2006 at 10:12 AM

That's the most beautiful studio I've seen--and the colors are just brilliant!

Labels on boxes idea: using self-adhesive photo corners to hold the label. I'm not sure they would hold felt, but maybe small tags covered in the pale calico or other cotton/linen material? I keep thinking that removable double-sided tape would lose its tackiness over time... it could be my climate, tho.

There are also small clips (spring hinge, colored paperclip, curled Clipio, etc.) you could attach to the boxes on the front, and then clip the tag. Not a flat solution, but super-easy changearoonie.

oh enjoy it! it's just gorgeous and such an inspiration to me right now. can't wait to see it.

It's such a beautiful room - but what I really envy is the doors that open straight into the garden. Paradise. And I (along with everyone else it seems like) would love to go exploring all the details of the studio and the rest of your house...

Chris Howard says: May 23, 2006 at 10:19 AM

I want to come and live in your room! Good job Miss Posie!!

Just seeing this makes me happy. Gorgeous! You worked your a** off obviously!!! Can you send some of your energy this way?

wow! that is all i can up with... wow!!

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