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My friend from college, Jeanne Marie, offered me some books to supplement the Summer Reading List (which, let's face it, I am not too far through. By the time I crawl into bed every night lately, it is only mere minutes before I am snoozing, completely zonked out. But I aim to change that, since it is, amazingly almost June -- can't believe that -- so many books, so little time!). Anyway, JM was planning to send the books, and then she casually asked if I would like some old hankies that she had inherited through various means. I said (of course I said) Yes, please! I finally had a chance to open the box yesterday and completely flipped over these babies. (Oh, and the books are great, too [wink] -- thanks JM!) So, I need to check the comments on this post for framing ideas again, as this haul is going to be promptly installed in the downstairs hallway, along with the others I have. I'm loving these. So psyched here. So very psyched. Thanks for thinking of me, Jeanne Marie. And I promise I will be good and read something someday, too.

Did anyone watch the Nigella Lawson biography on the Biography channel last night? Were you as confused by the narrator's voice as I was? Was he not making it sound like a parody of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, or something? It was so bizarre. I watch Biography all the time and I've never heard that narrator before. Anyway, not important. I am completely fascinated and very moved by Nigella Lawson. This is the second biography I've watched about Nigella, and she actually spoke throughout most of this one. She says things like, "I always worry now that if children are too happy, they'll never read." I've never heard anyone actually say this. I think she could probably say anything and I'd listen. I have all her cookbooks, and I actually read them. I mean, I cook out of them, but I just drag them upstairs and read them page by page, too. I've learned a lot from Nigella. She believes in grabbing whatever happiness life allows, I think. I'm glad she's shared her story and herself with us. I wish she'd have a show again. I miss looking at her house.

Wow -- is that the sun I see here in Portland this morning, instead of torrentially downpouring rain? My peonies are smashed like fallen pavlovas (a Nigella word) all over the front lawn. Poor girls. I forgot to put those corset things around them again. I think Nigella's waist naturally is that small.


Oh my! As a St Louis girl, I am in love with the St Louis hanky. So beautiful. How is it possible I have never seen one like it before?

Those are neat! If it were me, I'd just find a basic square brushed silver frame for each one and cut the mat to accomodate any size differences. Does that make sense? I'm so tired today, I have no idea.

Chris Howard says: May 25, 2006 at 11:14 AM

How about doing a clothesline effect? You could get some cord and string it down the length of your hallway and some cute clothespins (antique baby ones?) and just pin the hankies up. You could even have clothesline "tiers" going along the hallway for visual interest. Doing it that way, you can still sort of touch them and interact with them, and if your collection got larger, you could change them out from time to time... Just a thought. Have a great day!

You should make yourself a little quilt top of those beauties, they are so sweet all lined up together. Didn't Martha do that once? And, I heart Nigella too. Do you think she would scoff at us eating chemically altered pudding though?? Tic-a-lock!

Holy-moly! those hankies are so cute!! can't wait to see them all framed up in your hallway. I imagine framing them would be a bit challenging--getting them to lay flat and not be all wrinkled??
what a wonderful gift!

We don't have the Biography channel, but I'd watch anything about/with Nigella. Even her unbelievably awful day-time show which was axed last summer after five weeks. Alice, Phoebe and I spent a happy, wet week on holiday on the Suffolk coast watching, tongues hanging out and jaws dropping, her lunchtime foray into being a chat-show hostess. I think she's incredibly private and is (mostly) very clever at creating a public Nigella persona which is what we all love. It just doesn't include vacuous chat and interviews.

Those hankies are adorable. I feel sure you'll post some photos when you get them up!
I also adore Nigella. I love the whimsy in her recipes. I made her cream cheese brownies not too long ago and the insructions said "While you're waiting for it to melt, idly beat the eggs..." How great is that?

I'm not sure if it was the same program, but we watched a Nigella bio show the other day, and it was nice to see her doing most of the narrating. What a hard-working lady!

Beautiful hankies, I love the rabbit one.

A, they have the peonies in at Trader Joe's right now and I went NUTS. Just go treat yourself because how can you get 5 stems for $6.99 and not go nuts (you have TJs in Portland, right)?

I have pics up of them, come on, you know you wanna...

Oh, and your hankies are precious and Nigella is a delight and and and, OH, thanks for the office redo inspiration - I did it!

oh those hankies are just wonderful and will be a fabulous addition to your adorable house! what a catch. and you are no alone, i read cookbooks like it's normal. and it's a darn good thing i do otherwise we'd still be putting our tomatoes in the refridgerator!

cherylc says: May 25, 2006 at 12:00 PM

Did you finish Case Histories, by Kate Atkinson? I remember you started it. I bought it on the recommendation of the summer reading list, but the first part crushed me (the case histories). I knew it wasn't going to be a sunny book, but, man, I was lying in bed in my room completely freaked out after that part. I think I want to see where she's going to go with it, but I need to read it during the daytime.

Lesley S. says: May 25, 2006 at 12:29 PM

I TiVo'ed it, haven't seen it yet -

This might be of interest...it is where she shot one episode of her "Summer" series. I swooned when I saw that episode. I have bits of it on video tape...now, I can just gaze at these lovely photos...

I wish they would put out a DVD soon - I miss her cooking show...


Oh yeah, Nigella is the best. I'm a domestic goddess now, and it's all due to her. But pavlova is a kiwi word (and don't let your Aussie fans tell you any different) and even the great N doesn't really know how to cook it quite exactly properly. Not that she cares, and neither should you.

Wow - those are great vintage hankies. I especially like the St. Louis one. A couple of years ago I found a really unique vintage hankey at an antique shop in Oregon City. It has a center square that says "Calories" and then has little drawings of different kinds of foods with the calorie count listed below. Really odd 60's colors too - yellow, red, olive green, and brown.I brought it home and saved it and then had it framed last year. I'll try to take a photo and put it up on my blog to share. I've actually forgotten about it until reading this. The hanky cost me 50 cents, the framing $160. But the joy it brings me is priceless. I'll post a photo of it very soon.

The hankies are so pretty! I like someone else's idea of a quilt top too. What about a couple saved for a few pillows?

susanna says: May 25, 2006 at 02:32 PM

Pretty hankies! I saw a photograph in a magazine once where similar hankies were sewn together to make a tablecloth. As for Nigella, a friend of mine who works at the publishing company that reps Nigella's books in Canada said that during one book promotional tour, the office got to meet the beautiful woman herself. My friend said that she was absolutely wonderful in person.

so they're all good but the st. louis one has the added effect of being a bit ridiculous. i'd get on a train to the arch in a heart beat if i knew there'd be a monkey ready to read me a book at the other end. with that said, the bunny is precious and worthy of something very exciting-- like a bigger wheelbarrow.

Very cute hankies, and I love Nigella too, though I missed that show. I just found your site via Anahata, and I'm a Portlander too and I think I miight be having a small-world moment, but not sure. Are you Sue's daughter from Saturday Market? Some bells are ringing there. I used to do the market and it strikes me you did too briefly...? Anyway, love your site and love your new studio! It must be such an inspiration to work in!

If you ever come down this way I'll bake you a pavlova (or 'pav' as they are called around these parts). Chocolate and raspberry with loads and loads of whipped cream on top - magnicificent!

Jessica says: May 25, 2006 at 03:30 PM

i have a wooden box from my grandma full of old hankies and i love to pull them out once in a while. many years ago martha had an article about getting glass squares cut to the right size (2 pieces for each hankie) and then clipping them together with the hankies in between so they can be hung on the wall. it looked great. i just haven't done it with any of mine (where to get glass custom cut???).

I love the St. Louis one! Oh the color. No, I was not watching biography. Hello, the season finale of Lost? Isn't everyone obsessing over this show?

Holly hankies batman, I love those. They are too cute. My mom has a bunch she has inherited through various means as well, and I was always wondering what to do with them. I like Jessica's idea from Martha... to clip two pieces of glass together.. and if you are wondering where to get glass cut.. think automotive places that do windows and windshields. I never knew this, but I inherited some Austrian crystal from a great Aunt. A couple of the goblets had some small chips and I did not know what to do. I asked around and I was directed to a glass place for cars. They just slightly grind the top and make it all smooth and pretty. OH, and Lowe's cuts glass as well.
You have fun with those hankies Miss Alicia!

jeanne-marie says: May 25, 2006 at 07:46 PM

Ummmm . . . . I have a bunch more. Nobody come rob me. From the sound of some of these posts, I think I need to move them to a secure location.

Or I could send them to you and then, a la The Godfather -- "Some day, and that day may never come, I'll call upon you to do a service for me. But uh, until that day -- accept" these hankies as a gift from a friend who learned from you an invaluable lesson -- never iron when you're angry. (If you don't remember - - I was in that little room across the hall ironing angrily and grunting and cursing and saying ARGH! -- you came in and grabbed the iron from me. You gave me a lecture and then demonstrated the proper way to iron, saying things like "Oh, my beautiful clothes, I love you, oh my purple silk skirt, you deserve the tenderest of care, oh, I love you, etc." I still hate ironing but I think of you every time I do it. It cuts down on the unladylike cursing.)

Anyway, I told you I'd held on to the initialed hankies and a few others. Today was my grandmother's funeral; I knew Carrie was going to lose it so I unwrapped one I've been saving for the pussywillow project and pulled it out of my purse when she started to dissolve. I'll spare you the story of the pussywillow significance but it did work to pull her together a little. At least she smiled and whispered "where did you GET this?" It was a finger in the dam for a while, anyway.

FYI, she's due in November, and it's a girl. I am determined to at least acquire appropriate fabrics (with as much pussywillow as possible) for a quilt. I'll do the visual layout and send my aunt the materials and my blueprint. You know I cannot even sew on a button. Seriously.

Sooooooooooo, seeing how these cotton squares make you so happy, I'll pull together another bunch. I'll ask my mom where the stashes are. xoxo, jmcw

I just went back & checked your summer reading list, I've read a few of the books. Inkheart - Cornelia Funke was such a magical book, The other Boleyn girl - Phillipa Gregory was very interesting, the BBC actually made it into a Tv film or mini series, but I only saw bits of it. Shadow of the wind - Carlos Ruiz Zafon, hmm It was interesting, but I found it abit long & I think you have to be in the right mood when reading it, not in a hurry like I was. I have a quite afew of the books on your list waiting to be read, working in a bookshop I buy alot of books. Which book are you reading at the moment & are you going through your list alphabetically?

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