Alicia, May 1988

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Aliciainbluedress This is not a happy girl in a Peter Pan collar. Just sayin'.

Julie, did you take this picture? I mean, did I make you take this picture? Stop laughing. I blame Morrissey, completely.

"You stay away from my tree."

No wait.

"Sigh. Only my tree understands me."


Oh, wow. That is SOOO great. SO very very great. Look at how adorable you were...even in 1988. ;)

Ooooh, fantastic picture. Perfect expression for that dress, love it. Morrissey can take the heat.

Chris Howard says: June 10, 2006 at 09:03 AM

Heh, teenage angst defined. I had a Pat Benatar haircut around that time :)

I will NOT tidy my room and you CANNOT make me.

That is all. :D

You look adorable, but how can you blame Morrissey for a drop waist and P.Pan? Wasn't he just hyperfocused on Johnny Marr and oblivious to the rest of the world at that time?

I just finished Prep, we should definitely talk

I got my ass kicked for wearing a dress like that in 1984. Beat up on the late bus. I'm sure I looked like that and it had nothing whatsoever to do with Morrissey. But Morrissey made me feel understood in the aftermath.

Alicia, I'll have to find my 8th grade graduation photo to show you. My mom made me that EXACT dress, which I loved to pieces. So cute.

Ahh does it get any awesomer than that? Flash from the past.. Love, LOVE Morrissey...

Oh, now I see...its the melancholy tree syndrome. Makes perfect sense now.

I think my first 4-H sewing lesson was making that same dress. Except mine was with light blue and white stripes, with the stripes going horizontal on the top and vertical on the bottom...or something attractive like that.
I remember my sister and I getting on a drop waist jumper kick one summer.
what were we thinking?

who is Morrissey and how old are you there?

I didn't have one of those dresses in 1988 I was more your short,tight and must be lycra chick (ooh the embarassment!)but I did have a skinny watch the same!

that might be the same dress that i wore to my high school graduation in '88. minus the peter pan collar, but add a giant satin sash.

did you know the dropped waist dress is making a comeback? not at anthropologie, but at urban outfitters, yes.

Ahh, the drop waist dress. I had a white pinafore style one which I wore over a coloured T shirt (turquoise was a fave) with matching coloured socks and white canvas Ked-type sneakers. I also sewed myself a blue version with a sailor collar (cringe) and if that wasn't enough, a long sleeved black and white gingham one with a black velvet peter pan collar after seeing a picture of Natalie Merchant in (I think) In Style mag wearing an identical one...

Thanks for the memories!

This is an adorable picture, Alicia! You look so cute!
It takes me back to my elementary days of wearing Gunny Sak dresses in between bouts of tomboyishness.
Besides, I still love peter pan collars. Really!

Okay it is simply unfair! Again, I am getting a little tired of this!

It is just not right for you to look fabulous and adorable ALL the time. No one was cute in the 80's!! No one but you apparently! Hmmph!

I am very dissapointed young lady!

Oh so sweet! Nice to *see you :)

Now that I think about it, I did have a dress like that. But never a babydoll dress; I have *always* looked pregnant in empire waists. Well, since puberty, anyway.

Now why would we want to relive that era? Okay, only the good parts, and only because we can now remember being mopey in a sort of nostalgic way.

How could any girl NOT love Morrissey? When he sings "Your the one for me Fatty" my knees (and thighs) wobble and I remember that not all boys like rakes.

Yes! I took that picture with the film we bought and processed by mail. Remember that stuff? I always liked this picture. You really need to find the one I took of you (I mean, the one you made me take of you) when you were wearing that ballerina outfit in front of the birdcage in your bedroom. When you were fifteen.


I'm thinking... Heathers (the film c.1989) That... is awesome. If you get a second... check out the random Smiths lyrics generator... great on a rainy day or to make those dreaded sunny days (as Morrissey would say) a bit more bearable ;)

First let me say, you must be the long lost love child of Morrissey and Laura Ashley! Cute pic. Made me laugh out loud this morning.

Second, after catching up on posts of the past few days...have you read anything by Faith Popcorn? She has a great book out about marketing to women (can't remember the name right now) that I read a few years ago. Her stuff is so right on the mark when you read it and then think about it in a logical way. She talks about how we have switched back to a home-based type of socializing since 9/11 because people feel safer being at home with friends that they know instead of out among strangers. She calls this "caccooning". I think all of this goes right along with the Anthopologie article. You can be offended by it and say, "That isn't me!" But they are talking more about the subconscience mind then anything. I know the post was meant to be taken with a grain of salt, but just seeing what kind of a response you got shows that Anthropologie is on to something. Whether you as a consumer kknow it or not.

I manage a retail store and I think that makes you look at marketing a little differently. It is truly a love/hate relationship. But come on, we all love know you do.

that takes me back!
but i didn't
pull it off,
morrissey or no morrisey,
as well as you did.

I didn't have a dress like that, but I did have an acid-pink boiler suit which I wore all the time.
You look much cuter than I did.
My in laws live around the corner from Morrisey, and he's actually a 'right laugh in the pub', as we say over here.

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