Flowers in the Vase that I Bought Today

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Flowers2Saturday, really. Liked that CSN&Y reference tho. Took the weekend off — ahhh. We puttered around estate saling, buying blooms at that little house by the creek near Reed College, across from the farm stand. The lady cuts flowers from her garden and bundles them up in buckets, and leaves them out on the driveway next to a box where you put $3. I couldn't resist. That's cottage industry, and I adore that house, every time I drive by. The pitcher was already in the car, coming back from an estate sale, and it all matched my little crochet-hook case in a way that inspired me to get out some yarn and relax. Ahhh. Nice weekend. Hope yours was, too.

Gorgeous sunflower photos over at Jenny's today. She's in Italy. Just go see. Dreamy.


I love yellow. Wearing yellow makes me look a bit odd, so I introduce custardiness wherever else I can.

I never pictured such mod drapes (or whatever that drapey fabric is) in the Posie house. Very cute -- I love mixing modern with other things.

Zinnias are one of my very favorite flowers. They look so awesome in that yellow pitcher..the whole photo is so pretty!

It sounds so charming to be driving along and see buckets of flowers for $3, on the honor system no less. I would have fallen too! Is the pitcher ceramic or plastic? It's a great shade!

My dad always grew zinnias in our back yard vegetable garden....
Perfect vase for them, btw..

darling, as usual!

How I wish that there was somebody near my house that would sell flowers that way! Actually, I've never seen that type of thing here in San Diego. Maybe it happens more along the edges of the county.

oh alicia...i am swooning over everything in this picture!

ps. have you ever said what kind of camera you use?

What a beautiful photo! Love the story of the lady and the flowers.
So glad you had a nice weekend.

This is lovely. You are really a photo stylist extraordinaire.

Cute sweater too.

What a great idea! (The flower lady.) The neighborhood around Reed is so pretty.

I love the way the vase of flowers matches your crochet hook keeper. I noticed that first thing. Love everything about this picture and the story of the lady with the flowers. Thanks for the link to Jenny's site..what a wonderful post! I just watched Under the Tuscan Sun AGAIN last night. sigh. I never tire of it.

Oooh I'm also loving the lamp with the pull chain. ahhhhh

:))))) grin. you are so lovely alicia!

i couldn't resist those flowers either, there's just nothing better than fresh cut flowers, bought in the way you describe, displayed somewhere at home to cheer you.

(oooohkay. maaaybe that and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies too ;)

hugs! xoxo

i love that little cardigan. so very sweet!!!

I love your beautiful arrangement and sort of surprized to see my mom's old Tupperware pitcher as your vase. We still have that and the mugs that go with it. It never occured to me to use it as an vase! How clever you are!!

Also I just love buying flowers at those road side stands... how quaint....

:-) xoxo looks and sounds wonderful...we have a similar flower stand here--a little old lady who has hardly any eyesight and even less hearing, who still manages to have an amazing flower garden--with a little shed right along the road and a 'money box'. i rarely resist.
(LOVE those drapes sneaking into the shot, by the way.)

Oh, I never knew about the lady and her flowers! I will have to check it out when I go back.

And I love how cosy and wonderful the shot of your flowers and crocheting is.

Ooo, I recognize that sweater pattern! I've made it, or one very much like it. If you crocheted all that today, then you are one speedy crocheting lady!

oh, so pretty. My Zinnias did not germinate this year, and I miss them sorely.

but that's okay, it means I get to buy NEW SEED in February!

You know... everytime I come to your page I immediately smile. I smile because of the picture you have of your dog in the upper left corner. Thanks for posting him/her.

You take the prettiest pictures Alicia! I had some zinnias in a vase too (paid $10 for mine) was able to take a few pictures of them in my studio and then the cats knocked over the vase, not once but twice, trying to get to the water. They're not looking so good now :(

How beautiful! One day I'd like to have a cutting garden so that I could have fresh flowers all through my house. Right now my lonely pot of zinnias are dead. fried. brown. crispy. Maybe I'll have better luck next time.

such a beautiful photo - is that adorable little sweater soon to be for sale ;)

I am loving these colors together. Actually, that's my problem. I love all colors and love to try them in different combinations. I just don't have enough rooms to try all that I want!

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