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China1Square cups are cute. I got all this, along with the creamer and sugar bowl, for $7 at a garage sale last weekend. It's Weil Ware, made in California sometime between 1930 and 1950, and from what I can tell this pattern is called "Rose" in green. The guy who was selling it told me he bought it because he was going to crack it all up and make a mosaic. My dramatic gasp made everyone at the garage sale look up in surprise. "Noooooo!" said I, clutching the stuff to my chest and forcing the money on him before he changed his mind.

China6I don't know too much about Weil Ware but I like all of it that I've seen (except for the bamboo — I don't really like bamboo anything). I'd gotten this little snack set earlier this month at an antique store, and since there are several different patterns from this company that would all coordinate, I'm thinking about looking for at least three more snack sets, in different patterns. They'd make cute dessert-serving stuff. If I had more room, I'd probably collect china. I just love it. I might already be collecting it, in fact. It and Asian groceries with good packaging. Though the fish bouillon, soybean drink, and chrysanthemum beverage are cheaper, at least, and not as heavy.


i love the pottery.

i have to tell you, i was buying fabric today for a quilt, and i was irrestibly drawn to mint and red and yellow . . .

OMG! Alicia! I love the square plates! And cups! And dish! And the color! All for $7!?! You MUST check out the new group I started on Flickr - Thrift Thursday! You just did one!

Square cups? I didn't even know such things existed!

I kind of collect china too. Not a particular pattern, just whatever I like. Also silverware.

When I think of all my great-grandmother's china that is now gone, it makes me sad. A member of our family had access to most of the family china, silverware and jewellery, and either gave it away or sold it. Grrr!

Hmm, maybe that's why I collect it. I do have a few pieces of my grandmother's, thank goodness.

putting weil ware snack sets for alicia on my thrift/estate/yard sale list now...

Love the packaging and the china! I am a nut for great packaging!

Have a nice day sweet one!

I love this pattern! I'm a sucker for off beat china patterns. Weil Ware will now be on my list of "try to finds"!!

Those are so so pretty! And I loved the "gasping" story - I could just picture/hear it! And I think that I would have gasped too. It's nice to know that you rescued it from destruciton.

I too have square cups and plates in yellow depression glass. Very rare and pretty. It is called Lorain Basket and was made only for 2 years 1939 - 1941 by the Indianna Glass Company. So it is really hard to find. It can drive me crazy. For about a year I was haunting eBay every day looking for and bidding on it - when I realized that it had become an obsession that I needed to stop. I swore off eBay for a year and have kicked my habit.

All I can say is that it's a good thing that I don't live in a city with great estate sales every weekend and thrift stores galore or I would be a shopping/dishware collecting maniac. Because I LOVE dishes too and buy all that appeal to me, and even though I have a very large kitchen my cupboards are over-flowing. I'm currently looking for new storage space in my house for some new serving pieces I bought at the Crate & Barrel summer sale.

I realized that I've never put up a photo of my yellow depression glass on my website - I will soon.

I admit.
I listen in and peek at your site quite often ... TOTALLY adore it. I wait with great anticipation for the next chapter, the next morsel. What will I find today I think ... Tea in hand I navigate to your blog. I click the mouse ::PooF::Magic::

Mostly I keep to myself quietly dreaming in pink with so many others reading of life in a posey cottage. Always with great excitement (and not so silently) I point to Audrey's picture when it appears and exclaim to my Corgi, Terpsichore, "Lookie! A puppers like YOU!" & she dances about in excitement over my squealing. It's our morning ritual. Then I move on about my day a bit happier for having visited your world.

But this afternoon the ::MaGic:: click produces a wondrous stack of rescued green rose Weil dishes. Oh my ::SWOON:: I cannot sit still today and not say SOMEthing! You see ... I have a little thing for what you have found. Square plates. Green. Roses. 1930s. Yep. That about covers it. Nirvana. You're entire site. Nirvana!

Can Turpie and I come to your enchanted cottage to live?


AHHHHH! Why do people destroy beautiful vintage items to make less lovely modern items? There was an issue of Martha Stewart awhile back where they cut up *mint* condition Vera scarves to make pillows. I actually started to cry while reading it.

You did good, lady. The antiquing gods have obviously been shinning dowm on you this month. As they should.

I think from now on I have to bring you along to garage sales. I only ever seem to find the creepy, dirty stuff that you wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole.

Great find!

Oooh, such pretty things! You seem to have an eye for the most beautiful objects. I have such a difficult time thrift shopping as I never know if I'll like the item when I get it back home, plus my style radar isn't as sophisticated or specific as yours. I love it when people share their finds!

I can't express enough my envy over your pottery find. The green set with orange flowers totaly make me GREEN! I never seem to find that stuff around here. Everything in the midwest seems to be covered in roosters and barns... ugh! The search will go on! Congrats on the find!

The Weil Ware is absolutely gorgeous! I think I've found something new to covet... *scurries off to check Ebay*

Oh, those are just perfect! Tyler (my 14 y.o. son) and I just love Asian food packaging. His dad always sends him boxes of stuff he picks up in Chinatown in NYC. Candy, snacks, strange things he can't imagine actually!

Gawd. I keep going back and looking at that delicous green! Luurve it.

I am a sucker for California Pottery. Especially when made around WWII.

I looked up Weil of California in my Collector's Encyclopedia of California Pottery and it says:

Weil of California/California Figurines, Los Angeles, Max Weil, originally California Figurines Company, hand-decorated Figurines and figurine vases: later Weil of California, hand-decorated dinnerware, kitchenware, artware, 1941-1955.

That's all I could find. How sad they were only around for 14 years.

Holy Cow! It's not just the stuff you's the WAY you do it. The color is just like candy.

I have several pieces of Califoria pottery ware. Two of them are the most unusual shaped serving 'things'. If i had a photo host that worked I would post them. I will be traveling back east to visit family in 12 days and plan on bringing my zip drive and load them there.
As always your pieces and presentation are divine!

Destroy them?! Aahhhh! Thank for saving them – they are so beautiful and so quintessentially summer – why don’t I ever find such fabulous things at tag sales? I think I need to start looking harder! Thank you for the inspiration!

Ooooh Alicia, those are just so gorgeous..."Another man's trash is someone else's treasure" indeed!

I wish I could be a little fly on your shoulder and go with you on your buying trips! I can never seem to find anything as interesting...

Ooooh Alicia, those are just so gorgeous..."Another man's trash is someone else's treasure" indeed!

I wish I could be a little fly on your shoulder and go with you on your buying trips! I can never seem to find anything as interesting...

Great find! I love those little snack plate sets. I collect Blue Ridge China & it has a similar look to it. I can't believe that he was going to break all that up! Why wouldn't he just buy something from Wal-Mart for that!!?? Ugh, what are people thinking! Good save!

OK, I have to admit, I understand his desire to crack and break the china for some mosaic work.

Please don't shun me!

I get the same reaction from some people when they find out I rip pages out of books for collage work.

Please, please don't shun me!

I would say that yes, you have most certainly started a china collection ;)

I LOVE that china! the first small set you got with the roses, then this mint green set and the other pieces as well--and to imagine scoring all that dinnerware-goodness at a mere 7 bucks?! that is unheard of! especially where i am, in California. I'm definitely going to have to keep an eye out for some antique stores on my next road trip out your way!
btw, your poochie is sooo cute!
craft on! :o)

wow!! I found some weil ware last year at the antique mall and begged for it from my mom for an early b-day gift. My set, with a covered butter dish, is in yellow-and was NOT $7-it was much much more than that! great score and I love knowing you have some too-I've haven't found very much. . .somehow I missed that you had found it before-what a score!

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