Oh, the Irony!

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Pho_la_mackintosh_lgDearie me, 102 degrees predicted for today, and here we are with the wool. It's not because I want to, it's because . . . I just have to. I have to start thinking about fall products because the fall ball is the hardest ball to get rolling. Planning things for summer when it's chilly, blustery winter is kind of a no-brainer. Planning things for fall closets (and, let's face it, fall has the best clothes, no?) is like cranking up the fireplace in your swimming suit — it just doesn't seem right, somehow. I don't know how people in industries (fashion, magazines, etc.) where they are always working six months or farther ahead do it. When I worked in book publishing we were always working like a year and a half ahead and I seriously could never get a grip on it. If anyone started talking dates over a week and a half away, I would kind of get this empty-eyed donut-glaze happening and have to say, "Uh, you just lost me." Which, you know, wasn't great. Even now people say things like "Spring '08" (and I really don't know why they would be saying this but I feel like they always are saying it, somehow, and then I start twitching) and I can only barely imagine when that is, and what comes between now and then.

Nevertheless, every year as I'm scrambling in September, I make a vow to start sooner. It takes me so stinking long to plan, source, cut, sew, and finish my stuff I just have to start now. Must. Start. Must. Start.

But oh, the irony! Please don't break, air conditioner!!!


THAT'S a beautiful bag! It's really quite something. That wool looks like the last thing you'd put on there is crocheted flowers...it's amazing how well it works.

I remember having this conversation with a quilting shop owner, about how far in advance they have to order. At least for them it's just fabric. I can't imagine thinking that far ahead about clothes. I guess you have to have a really good imagination.

That bag is the cutest! I have a couple of wool handbags and I love them - love the cozy feel (ok, not right NOW, but in Fall they're the best!). The flower is great too!

I hear you about looking ahead! It's crazy. Your bag is adorable! I too am working on Christmas gifts/sale items now as well. By the time Christmas gets here I am almost sick of it, but hey - everything is finished by Dec. 10 so I have time to recover and do fill in shopping so... Trade off!

I actually don't even like to receive my magazines a month in advance. I subscribe to Country Living and on July 1st I received the August issue and I don't even want to think about summer ending in July. I would much rather receive July's issus on July 1st. I do like living in the now, especially in the summer. I need to start preparing the children's Fall natural table and I'm not too keen to even think about it until the end of August.

I feel your pain. I'm avoiding it too - can't any longer. Ouch, that's hot, honey!

Alicia - I am absolutely smitten with that bag! I don't know that it could any more "me" - beautiful colors in plaid wool with crocheted flowers. It's perfection and I'm going to be obsessing over it now.

I totally hear you about working on fall things in the summer! I have this blanket project from felted sweaters that I started but can't bring myself to finish in the heat. Maybe I'll feel more inclined to work on it when things start cooling down. I'm just glad I don't have any deadlines to worry about. :)

jeanne-marie says: July 21, 2006 at 08:59 AM

Hey Girlfriend! Where's that bookbag? I mean, are you making them for sale? 'Cause we're headed for the library and Charlie (2 and a half), while not extremely verbal, is looking at me like "Mommy, why are we putting all the library books in that old pillowcase tied with 30-year old pink yarn?" Me: "because that's the only way I can keep them in one place." Him: "?"

I laughed a bit about Lilli's "just fabric" comment with regards to the quilt shop. It really is fabric, patterns to inspire the usage of the fabric, what gifts are going to mechandise with that fabric, who will make samples to inspire the customers and how soon shall we put up our displays. Its way more than opening boxes and shoving the fabric on the shelves. At least at the shop I work at.

As usual, lovely commentary and pictures.

well if it's any consolation, that's a fantastic bag.

Great bag, made in sufferingly hot conditions or not!

The bag is beautiful I love the soft look of it!! Also, I can completely relate to the time/season conundrum. I went to the International Quilt show in May and was so excited for Sample Spree (a.k.a. Sample stampede) to be able to touch and buy new Moda fabric. However, as beautiful as it is, it has sat on my shelf since because it is in fall colors. I cannot even crack the ribbon until September. Honestly though, I think bundles of beautiful fabric should be considered as a decorative piece anyway:).

Chris Howard says: July 21, 2006 at 09:31 AM

Ahhh..fall, my time of year. Okay Miss Posie, I want you to lie back and close your eyes and think about these things for inspiration:

crisp october days with sparkling blue skies

ruby red ripe apples

caramel corn and corn dogs at the state fair

vibrant autumn leaaves floating through the air

mottled brown gourds sitting on a homespun quilt

a dough bowl full of colorful mini pumpkins, gourds and indian corn

grinning jack o lanterns lit up with a soft yellow glow

the mixture of autumn chill and magic that is halloween night

the pervasive and spicy scent in the air of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves

the beautiful brown of a roasting turkey, ripe and juicy and waiting for your family and friends

the bittersweet sound of crows cawing

the smell of candy corn

the flickering glow of candlelight reflecting on the faces of your girlfriends while you huddle up in PJs and tell ghost stories

the comforting feel of an old worn flannel nightie

the soothing taste of a hot cup of tea on a cold damp autumn day

the haunting jazz of "The Great Pumpkin Waltz" from the Charlie Brown Halloween Special

the woodsy smokey smell of the first fire in the fireplace

the paranoid feeling that SOMETHING is out to get you after you have watched your first horror movie

the warmth in the faces of the people you love smiling back at you at the Thanksgiving table

the tangy sweetness of a cup of apple cider

the beautiful muted reds, oranges, browns, greens and plums of an autumn quilt

the eery glow of a harvest moon

tracing your hand and making a thanksgiving turkey

the vibrant orange and black of a halloween garland

the smell of beeswax candles burning brightly on your harvest table

the rich chewy taste of a caramel apple

the sound of the wind whistling by on the front porch of your local "haunted" house

the golden shimmery light of an autumn afternoon

I hope this helped! I can't wait to see the lovely things you make for the fall!

Well, I know I'd really love a couple gorgeous wool skirts for my fall wardrobe! Okay I'll shut up about the skirts for a while.

You know what I really want though? One of those old-fashioned book straps that looks like a belt. That might be cute.

I'm going to tell you again, just in case you haven't heard it today...you're very funny. But as you can tell by the responses thankfully you're not the only business owner that has to start thinking about darker, shorter days covered in wool. I'm putting it off for one more week until I get back from my camping holiday in Cornwall. Then I'll join you in you're walk towards autumn.

That's the sweetest little bag. I can't wait to see more of your fall products!!!

I have been seeing the plaid come back. I like the lines, but it all makes me think of my Nirvana-wannabe boyfriend who only wore plaid -- the open button-down lumberjack shirt with tees underneath? oh, the grunge era in seattle; that city will never be as cool ;) the crocheted flower is lovely.

Hey, I had the wool out yesterday, too! It was so...wrong. Christmas in July? Not easy.

Also, I heard about something slated for Fall '07 over the weekend and immediately dismissed it as irrelevant. Somewhere in my brain, it's still the year 2000....

that bag is excellent!
perhaps if you really cranked up the air conditioning and put on your some goodies from your fall wardrobe, you'd be more in the mood?? maybe not.
(i was just talking to my best college girlfriend who lives in portland, this morning...ugh! keep cool in that heat wave!)

I am dying of heat but I still love that bag !! Clarice

Looks like you are off to a good start! At work we are just wrapping up Fall 07 and heading into Spring 08, which is a relief because atleast I can think a bit more springy now. You are right- it is tough to think fall in the heat and sweetness of summer.

I love your bag, and relate to your heat issues. I live in NYC and we haven't had power in my neighborhood for over 3 days - ugh!

I LOVE that bag....and Im so excited because as you gear up for Fall, we head towards Spring! Bring on the warm weather. See Meg mentioned Christmas in July being wrong..and I can understand how you must feel that. But here in Oz, Christmas is HOT and its so great to spend the day alternating between the pool and cold beers and ham on the deck. Bring it on..I cant wait!!!

That bag is adorable. Very fall!

And I definitely agree that fall has the best fashions.. jeans, corduroys, and cableknit sweaters are the parts that I love best. :)

I've added- 'your air conditioner not breaking'- to my own list of
'Things I Plea to God For!!-even though they are of little significance in the Big Picture of the universe;but, for my own miniscule middle age existence,- Absolutely !, desperately! -just have to have it!- Necessary!- to prevent spontaneously combustion! or run screaming like Forest Gump into the Desert!
110 today...... please hear our prayers oh Lord.
PS- the purse is adorable and I'm sure will be more appealing when the temps drop below 80. =)

You are so right about Fall having the best clothes/accessories. I LOVE Fall. It is my fav. I probably have more stuff to decorate my house for that time of year than any other.
I just got back from Monterey, CA (okay, do not hate me.. lows in 50s and highs in mid 60s.. too bad it was a business trip! In the office 9-10 hours every day). Anyway, I was going somewhere with this. Well, even though there was a beach, I kept thinking of fall. I cannot wait. I am leaving for Family vacation this Tuesday to Colorado.. hence, more time to reflect on Fall.
I love your wool purses. They are fabulous.

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