Heart on the Stairs

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Heartonstairs2 It's just a heart-shaped rose petal on the front stairs, that's all. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Yesterday I was feeling like I was probably coming down with a sore throat — too much double-ended candle-burning — so I was going to take it easy, maybe get some groceries and maybe look out my kitchen window here (this is my little mobile with French postcards from Sarah and Shelly) and bake Alicat's casserole.

Kitchenwindowtour2(This kind of casserole is an old childhood favorite of Andy's, one that his mom once froze and put in a carry-on bag when she flew out to visit us from Chicago, and let me just say, that was one very heavy carry-on bag.) But did I do that, just shop and cook? Yes and no. Those and about 27 other things. Shouldn't have. My foot has been really bothering me lately, because I've been overdoing it. I realize two things about leaving the boutique this fall: 1) I've got no more enforced "sit-down" time and 2) I've become the worst correspondent/friend because I used to write email and call peeps when I was working. I haven't done either in months. I guess I need to work on these things again. AGAIN. I never, ever have it right. Anyway, bleh.

Well, after next week, things will slow down a lot, and there's no denying that. We have the photo shoots (R.H. will also be photographing my sis's place and Monticello) and then Andy's dad comes for a week (perhaps I should see how amenable he would be to carrying-on another casserole — kidding Sue! [I'll make the casserole — have him bring a stuffed pizza. KIDDING! I'm just kidding, I swear] ) and I'm just so looking forward to that visit, and hanging out. I hope we go somewhere good. Maybe Timberline? Or Sauvie Island? Or pumpkin picking? I hope the boys include me in something. I want to play, too.

I was telling Anna last night (see, I did write one email, at least, and have you ordered a copy of Crafter's Companion yet? No? Honey, go! We'll wait here for you . . . ) that when she moves back to the U.S. she must indeed take the train from Minneapolis to Portland. Besides the possibility of experiencing a Before Sunrise–moment, it's a great way to go — if you can splurge on a sleeper car. Coach is hell. I don't know if I've ever mentioned here that I am a pretty serious train traveler, because I'm afraid to fly. (Well, I've mostly gone from Chicago to Whitefish, Montana; or Seattle, or Eugene — that whole Empire Builder route.) If you want to know anything about what it's like to take the train, I'm your girl. It is my preferred method of travel. I've also taken it several times between Portland and Los Angeles. When Anna takes it out here, I think she should stop the Izaak Walton Inn in the middle of the Montana mountains and spend the night. My friend Martha (no relation to the Martha-Martha-Martha discussed below, and by the way, thank you for that discussion — I was totally interested in hearing everybody's really thoughtful takes on that) and I spent a few days in Glacier many years ago, and we stayed here. It was fantastic. This is one of my favorite places.

Oh, and Alicat, who is from Bozeman, also mentioned that the Bozeman police reports are indeed live and well. In fact, just yesterday "a person broke out the front window of a business on West Mendenhall Street, entered the building and pooped on the floor." I'm just sayin'. That's all. xoxoxoxoxxoxoxox love you, Montana. I really do.


Hi! Where did you get that cool clippy-mobile? I know I've seen it somewhere but don't know where! I'd love to get one...

I'm also from Bozeman - my boyfriend(a Bozeman native) and I were just discussing the police reports - yes, indeed, they are alive and well! Jamie

Those police reports are hilarious! And I know what you mean about doing way too many things at once. I just got back from two glorious weeks of vacation in Puerto Rico and this is my first week back at work. It's been HELL. It's like they were just waiting for me to get back to send all sorts of work my way. :( To top off my week, I turned the big 3-0 the day I found out that the job I was applying for and actually offered, was given to someone else while I was gone on vacation. (they lied and told me they'd wait for me. guess not!) BUMMER!!!!!! I'm going to spend this long weekend doing nothing but crafty things. I DESERVE IT!

Hope your foot feels better. Thanks for letting me vent on your blog! :)

ya know, the more I think about it, the more I believe that whoever writes up the police reports from bozeman must want to get mentioned on that segment on the jay leno show. :o)

I took a train ride from havre montana all the way to milwaukee. LONGEST two days of my life!

In my mind I had a very romantic idea of how lovely it would be to take a train -- but sadly it was a disaster. The train broke down, the seats were bad, the food was bad, I was nausious (sp) the whole time.

But -- I will say, if you haven't seen much of Montana, it is really nice to be able to sit back and take in the changing scenery. :)

I cannot believe someone pooped on the floor! I will have to ask my dad about Bozeman. After he graduated from college, he was a geolgist for an oil company and lived in Bozeman. He loves Montana, but I remember him telling me stories when I was little about Bozeman... lol Bozeman must be infamous for this.

There is a train in OKlahoma City that runs quite a few places. I just wish it connected to Tulsa. I have always wanted to go on a Train trip. I have only travelled from Chicago to the suburbs and Boston up to New Hampshire.

Alicia, I so love taking the train too!! We rode from New York to San Fransisco, in a sleeper car (I agree with you 100% there!). Fantastic! I can't wait to take another train trip!

Yay trains! boo planes!

I love your butter bell on the window sill; do you use it? They're very handy. The kittens knocked ours off the table two nights ago and I have to find a new one now. Trip to Mirador, I guess...

Clippy mobile is so cute! I'm going off to order one for myself right away.

Love the Issak Walton Inn, too! My dad and I stayed there in 1999 in one of their magically decorated rooms, and in my memory, we spent much of the night peeking through the curtains at the trains.

Michele H. says: October 06, 2006 at 10:44 AM

Your mobile? OMG-finally, a solid reason to keep every piece of paper that comes in the door. Love, love your blog-yum!

My submission from the police blotter? I'm in a very small Oklahoma town...do they report this stuff in, say LA? Anyway, it read "truck driver stopped on highway for driving erratically. Driver reported an invisible man was hanging on to side of truck. Driver was taken to hospital for observation. The invisible man has not yet been found."

Thanks again for all you do!

Oh Alicia! =^..^=

The windowsill with it's bowl of puppy cookies choked me up ... I still keep a bauer bowl filled by the front door for visiters.

And the darling WONDERUL mobile? Where can I find one to purchase? Do tell ... Please? With crushed peanuts & a cherry on top?

=^..^= zU
PS. give one of those cookies to Auds for me? Bughugs!

If you're totally in balance, you're standing still. You're DOING things -- it takes little adjustments here and there. But do try to take it easy on that foot!

And I seem to be endlessly entertained by these police reports. Many giggles on this end.

Angela Rand says: October 06, 2006 at 11:04 AM

I love the mobile and indeed the whole view. As a matter of fact, When I read this post, I thought, hmmm, I'd like a window like that (but I"m at work in the library) so I clicked on the pic and then right clicked and set it as my destop background, so now I can look out your lovely little window! I hope you don't mind but I do love that view. You post the most beautiful pics and they always make me feel so good. Now, when things get crazy around here (and they often do) I can go a look out the "window" on my desktop and take a breather. Thank you for sharing.

Try Urban Outfitters for the mobile?

I grew up in Montana and have been equally astounded at the strange police reports. At the University in Missoula a man who called himself Baby New Year frequented the campus, clad only in a thong. He hugged my husband once, lucky lucky!

Yes Alicia, do tell us where we can find a sweet mobile like yours. It's so lovely and just the thing to go in my daughter's Paris themed bed chambre.

::SIGH:: =^..^=

Sadly ... Can not find the mobile at Urban Outfitters ... at least not online. And no UO store this far up in northern California to go hunt through.

Darn. I think that one of those little mobiles needs to live at my cottage! I'm officially on the hunt!

Thanks for giving a starting point though ... and if you find them again buy bunches to share ... & sell them!
=^..^= zU

De-lurking here to tell you how much I enjoy your artwork and blog. I found it via Little Birds. About the Izaak Walton Inn - we stayed there on our honeymoon 19 years ago. My husband loves trains, so we stopped in town at the local quilt shop where I loaded up on books. That evening, DH went down and talked to the train employees while I was in heaven reading my books. Needless to say, the guys down at the tracks were pretty amused, but we were in heaven.

How is the train between Los Angeles and Portland? I would love to take that...how much time would you recommend taking out to do that?

Chris Howard says: October 06, 2006 at 01:25 PM

Okay the clippy mobile is beyond cool. I need to figure out how to make one since I have a nice collection of antique Halloween postcards (what else?).

I am sorry to hear that you are on the cusp of being under the weather. I just finished making a nice lasagna to bring to my friend (the one who just gave birth). If you lived nearby, I would pop one in the oven for you too!

That casserole looks yummy. What is it about Fall that just makes you want to eat casseroles?

Okay, you must put your sweet tootsie up on the couch and curl up with Audrey and watch some TV this afternoon. That is an order missy!

Love that photo, rose petals are just wonderful, on and off the flowers.

Love the heart shaped rose petal! Your photos are so pretty and I really enjoy seeing them. Every summer at the beach my girls and I collect heart shaped rocks. Feel well and be kind to yourself this weekend.

Years ago we took a train from Los Angeles to Indianapolis with two small children and didn't get a sleeper. Ay yi yi! It was cold, noisy, and 20 hours late in arriving. We ended up taking a taxi to my husband's grandparents place about 100 miles away because it was 2am, there was a convention in town so there were NO hotel rooms and NO cars to rent. What an experience! My husband couldn't remember the way to his grandparent's farm outside of Muncie, so the taxi driver very nearly dumped us out on a dark street corner because he was tired of driving in circles. Finally something looked familiar, and we arrived at the farm as the sun rose.

What is not to love about you? You surely must get sick of hearing it, but , love you love your blog.

Oh and noticed the link to the Bozeman records! funny.

pooping on the floor... sort of an every day thing over here. surprised we haven't made fox news 12 yet. "live, in the dark, somewhere in north portland near the home of an absent minded toddler..."

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