Heart on the Stairs

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Heartonstairs2 It's just a heart-shaped rose petal on the front stairs, that's all. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Yesterday I was feeling like I was probably coming down with a sore throat — too much double-ended candle-burning — so I was going to take it easy, maybe get some groceries and maybe look out my kitchen window here (this is my little mobile with French postcards from Sarah and Shelly) and bake Alicat's casserole.

Kitchenwindowtour2(This kind of casserole is an old childhood favorite of Andy's, one that his mom once froze and put in a carry-on bag when she flew out to visit us from Chicago, and let me just say, that was one very heavy carry-on bag.) But did I do that, just shop and cook? Yes and no. Those and about 27 other things. Shouldn't have. My foot has been really bothering me lately, because I've been overdoing it. I realize two things about leaving the boutique this fall: 1) I've got no more enforced "sit-down" time and 2) I've become the worst correspondent/friend because I used to write email and call peeps when I was working. I haven't done either in months. I guess I need to work on these things again. AGAIN. I never, ever have it right. Anyway, bleh.

Well, after next week, things will slow down a lot, and there's no denying that. We have the photo shoots (R.H. will also be photographing my sis's place and Monticello) and then Andy's dad comes for a week (perhaps I should see how amenable he would be to carrying-on another casserole — kidding Sue! [I'll make the casserole — have him bring a stuffed pizza. KIDDING! I'm just kidding, I swear] ) and I'm just so looking forward to that visit, and hanging out. I hope we go somewhere good. Maybe Timberline? Or Sauvie Island? Or pumpkin picking? I hope the boys include me in something. I want to play, too.

I was telling Anna last night (see, I did write one email, at least, and have you ordered a copy of Crafter's Companion yet? No? Honey, go! We'll wait here for you . . . ) that when she moves back to the U.S. she must indeed take the train from Minneapolis to Portland. Besides the possibility of experiencing a Before Sunrise–moment, it's a great way to go — if you can splurge on a sleeper car. Coach is hell. I don't know if I've ever mentioned here that I am a pretty serious train traveler, because I'm afraid to fly. (Well, I've mostly gone from Chicago to Whitefish, Montana; or Seattle, or Eugene — that whole Empire Builder route.) If you want to know anything about what it's like to take the train, I'm your girl. It is my preferred method of travel. I've also taken it several times between Portland and Los Angeles. When Anna takes it out here, I think she should stop the Izaak Walton Inn in the middle of the Montana mountains and spend the night. My friend Martha (no relation to the Martha-Martha-Martha discussed below, and by the way, thank you for that discussion — I was totally interested in hearing everybody's really thoughtful takes on that) and I spent a few days in Glacier many years ago, and we stayed here. It was fantastic. This is one of my favorite places.

Oh, and Alicat, who is from Bozeman, also mentioned that the Bozeman police reports are indeed live and well. In fact, just yesterday "a person broke out the front window of a business on West Mendenhall Street, entered the building and pooped on the floor." I'm just sayin'. That's all. xoxoxoxoxxoxoxox love you, Montana. I really do.


We travelled a lot by train in the USA - a great way to see the country! I wish we could have afforded a sleeper car. We definitely saw some 'interesting' things.

San Clemente, CA, Police Report as reported in the Police Blotter of the Sun Post:

"2:30 a.m. Male caller states he's going to commit suicide by laying on the railroad tracks. No trains until 6"

It's my favorite one....

Man those police reports are funny! I guess its one way police get to lighten their days up a bit.

I took my son (at 3 yrs) on a train to my parents house. It took about 6 hours. He absolutely LOVED it and was fascinated that you could walk to a food carriage and buy your snacks and lunch. I have meant to take him on a train trip like that each year, But now he is almost 5 and I havent been on one since. Its a great way to see the scenery that you normally miss because you are driving. Must put that back on the list of "to do" for the next 12 months!

I do hope you keep us all updated on when your little house is featured in the various shelter mags. I, for one, plan to run out to buy copies!

dang, you and amy both better start being nicer to yourselves and take a break! get some rest in this week you hear? at the very least do some cooking so we can salivate from afar.

So much talk about Bozeman and Montana! I'm so surprised about it. Here in Billings (2 hours drives east of Bozeman) our police reports are just standard boring. Nothing interesting (unless you want to see if your neighbord were robbed). But seriously, I'm thinking your readers are imagining a hick little town with horses. If you could see Bozo (as the college kids call it) now, you'd be so so suprised. it has so many gourmet restaurants and upscale boutiques on main street, and "burbs" even.

Love to travel by train to.

Just can't tell you how much I LOVE your blog! People are correct-your photos are absolutely drool-worthy! Have a great day!

I love your 'make your own' clip-mobile. Absolutely used to the bestest as a recipe holder. Fantastic !

why is coach hell? it looked really nice on the website (amtrak) not that that means anything but i was just wondering bc i'm going to be taking a train from wv to chicago soon, which will take about 12 hours, and i was going to go coach

After seeing this mobile, I had to have one. I started my search on Amazon and found several models right away. Just do a search for mobile photo clip. Ebay has a buy it now auction for it too.

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