My Patchwork-Wallpapered Closet Door

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I'm so psyched. This was easy. I've been talking about doing it for months, ever since I saw something similar in a British edition of Country Living (I think they reused the same images in an American issue later, but I'm not sure). Most of this wallpaper comes from my Original Fairy Godmother Pam Garrison, who sells packs of it on Etsy and will do again soon, she says (but you gotta be quick, darlings, because the stuff sells in about five seconds), and some of it is from sweet Tammy Gilley, and some of it is just mine. I cut all the rectangles with a rotary cutter while I was talking on the phone to my sister. It took about an hour; I just cut sizes totally randomly.


The door is our bedroom closet door. It's got a panel in it and is quite skinny. I had a big bottle of wallpaper paste and a cheap brush, and I just put the paste on the back of each piece (using an old cookie sheet to catch the drips) then slapped it on the door. I couldn't find the plastic scraper thing I bought to smooth it all out, so I used a pastry scraper. That was actually a little harsh — it ripped the paper, which becomes quite delicate when saturated by the paste. But it was okay. I just put the pieces up randomly, overlapping sometimes. Then I smoothed it all out. I tried not to get bubbles and stuff but I didn't try that hard, really; the pasting took about an hour, and then the very best part was that as soon as I was just totally ready to be done, I was done! Now, I ask you girls — how often does that happen? Not often enough. I'm always ready to be done when I'm actually only 5/8ths of the way done. This time I was 19/20ths done by the time I was ready to be done. It was great. I'm really happy with this. The wallpaper gets discolored with the paste, but don't worry — by the time I woke up this morning, everything was dry and it looked fine (though there are still some patches of discoloration, but I don't mind that; it just makes it look like it's been there longer than five minutes).


This is my very first time putting any kind of wallpaper on a real wall. I was so nervous that this would be a difficult, messy project, but it seriously was a cinch. Oh wait, I just remembered that I did the linen closet doors a long time ago, but that wallpaper was new. I forgot about that. Anyway, these pieces are all vintage. I want to do the outside of the linen closet doors now, in something more mid-century mod patchwork, to match the hallway (which is more contemporary than the bedroom). I really had fun with this.


Very sweet. Are those your slippers on the chair? Can we see a close up of those, or have you already shown us? I feel like I've seen them somewhere.

Well, if you've been to Target lately (gulp) . . .

cuteness strikes again...

i think that door is LOVELY.. but i'm wondering - what does your husband think? Admittedly, the lovely decor is quite feminine... i dream of someday having a house like yours, but I don't think my partner would go for it!

I love it! You should have seen my place before it had Alicia's touch. It was dreadful! I love everything she does.

I loathe wallpaper, but this is just so fun and unique! You are such a creative wonder!

Divine Dahling, utterly divine.

Looks Marvelous M'Dear ! BRAVA Brava !!!!

(dang, I get that British Co Living and I never saw that !!!)

I am sure your special touches made it look just so....and I love it !

" wherrrrre ( walking around house with chin in hand) can I do that.......?"

x0~ S.

o gawd, wait , I better just keep concentrating on cleaning out that front bedroom right now......Break time over!

This image is going to haunt me forever... it's so beautiful! Tremendous job Alicia!! :)

haha -- being tired of a project at 5/8ths of the way through is about my attention span too! i'm really looking forward to the mod wallpaper project, that's right up my alley!

BTW- how is the antique mall stall (mall stall ?? sorry , that sounds peculiar) going ???

howz thee.....(thinking)....Cute Lil' SHop going ?

Theee - Rosy Little Things Corner of the World going ?

The Rosy Resale Shop , going ?

I am just killing this aren't I ?

That looks absolutely fantastic; you did a GREAT job!! And I know what you mean about jobs being finished round about the same time as you're done with it - that almost NEVER happens!! It looks fab!

So sweet. Andy has been Aliciafied!

I love the door it looks fantastic. How did you get your hands on so many different designs of wallpaper. Your have such a wonderful home and I can't wait to see what you are going to do next.

That turned out great. My family is full of people who throw things out and I've yet to come across any vintage wallpaper that wasn't $30 sq. ft. I love all the details you put into your home!

i LOVE it! what a great idea.

I love love love this- oh vintage wallpaper, just drool worthy I tell you!

I've enjoyed your blog. For some reason looking at this website reminded me of you, so I thought I'd past it along.

Wowee!! That is beautiful! What a pretty, cottage like look!

This is such a fabulous idea. It looks so pretty and feminine. Love the wallpaper designs - they're gorgeous. And I love that it is simple too. I'll have to keep it in mind for a future project. Thanks for sharing!

Oooo, it turned out so pretty!

jeanne-marie says: October 09, 2006 at 07:27 AM

really pretty, ali! we do a lot around here with that very fine Japanese printed paper. The nursery bedroom window looked out into a later-added-on storeroom (basically a giant dark closet filled with jeff's stuff). we put a soft light in the storage space, which shone through some very bold (black and red on wheat) prints. Stylized koi and clouds, right next to the crib. it looked great. The only drawback was, with the door closed, it was eternal twilight in there. A total circadian clockstopper.
xoxo jmcw

I feel for your need for perfect sheets. My husband is one picky sheet man too. I have been happy with the Company Store's Sheets (on sale)- they get softer and softer with each washing and not a single pill. Have you seen the striped blankets at the Pendelton Mill Ends Store? They are made with extra/left over wool - so they are done on the spot, at the whim of the loomer/weaver. There are some wonderful color combinations that happen, and they are often different on each side. Best part is they are much less expensive than a regular blanket from Pendelton. They are big, thick and super cozy!

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