The One Where I Get My Revenge

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PlaidwoolblanketI love wool blankets on the bed (and wow do the cats love them, too — what's up with that). This is a large throw that I found ages ago, and I put a new blanket-stitch border on it this weekend (great TV-watching activity, the blanket stitch). Unfortunately it's too small for the bed. I'm used to a down comforter now, but I still like me some ole-fashion' white cotton sheets, a wool blanket, and a thin quilt on top for fall sleepin'. I like the way the bed looks without that big huge puffy thing on top of it, too. We don't really have a winter quilt. We do have a delicious red wool blanket, but could use a few more layers.

Llbeanblanket I like a sort of camp-looking bed in the fall and winter — flat and tidy. This one is from L.L. Bean and reminds me of Timberline Lodge or Isaak Walton Inn, somewhere you'd go to ski and sip hot chocolate with Kahlua. Someday I'm going to get this scallop sheet set in red with our monogram on it. All our sheets are suddenly ripping. I guess they've lasted about ten years. I've had my flannels from Garnet Hill for almost twenty years. My mom gave them to me for my birthday when I still lived at home. They are in the perfect state of softness now and I am dreading the day that they start shredding. These sheets never pilled, and just got better and better. I've ordered flannels from GH one time since and they were not quite the same as that first set, alas.

I almost never buy sheets anymore because I've bought so many crappy ones in the past and I am sheet-paranoid. Sheets, you are on notice. (That'll scare 'em.) I never buy them from places like Marshalls or Bed Bath & Beyond anymore because I have been burned by those places so bad. They'll say they have like a 5,000 thread-count or something and when you sleep on them they're awful, or they pill like crazy, or something. I am really picky about my sheets, and, believe it or not, Andy is even pickier. He is a man who cares not one whit for clothes, but pill his percale and he's jumping out of bed faster than you can say permanent press. A long time ago I brought home a very cute set of "irregulars," still supposedly 100% cotton, and quietly put them on the bed. They looked adorable. He got in and immediately jumped out and said, "ARE THESE 50/50??? ARE YOU INSANE?" Jeez!!! Chill, dude! Maybe I'll ask for those scallop sheets for Christmas from my ma. She has been a lifelong very-loyal supporter of sheet lovin'. Why do wool blankets and new sheets make me talk with a down-home accent.

ANYhoo, where am I going with this. While I was blanket-stitching the thing above, I couldn't stop thinking about sheets, and this one blanket I saw the other week at Anthropologie — it's a patchwork made out of all different pastel plaid and striped wools. I don't see it one their web site. It's super cute. I've looked at it twice now. It's FOUR HUNDRED AND TWENTY DOLLARS. It's $420. And it's only five-feet square, apparently. This is the part where I get my revenge and say to myself, "I can do that!!!" and I go directly to the Mill End Store and drop $50 and make it. You hear me Anthropologie? In the name of all that is holy in the indie-designer community, this time I am copying you. For a much, much cheaper price. So there.


Now. How am I gonna do this.


I can't wait to see the finished product! I like all the patterns you picked. Hmmm.... I think I might make something similar today. You have inspired me, girl, as you always do. :)

sheets...ahem a touchy subject aroudn here. I LOVE bedlinens, somehting I inherited fomr my mother...who still regularly tries to pass sheets off on m eshe scored at some 75% sale at the macys.

But the pivotal moment for me was about 9 years ago when I put a blue and white cabbage rose flannel set on the bed..(just arrived in the mail from my mom) and they looked so cute I installed them without washing.
When DH got in bed he said these smell funny...and then proceeded to have an asthma attack. Those sheets got ripped off the bed toot sweet and spent the night in the garage offgassing. Then washed a couple of times in very hot water and line dried. They fell apart pretty quick. Inferior cotton that probably exploited everyone in their chain of production.

Now i only buy organic cotton new or thrifted cotton sheets that I refashion into pillow cases, etc.

Your blanket stitched blankie is a beut.

This is too great! I've also been a'searchin' for the perfect wool blanket for mah fall bed, and can't find it (or, I see one I like and it's a mortgage payment--no can do.) So I too am taking matters into my own hands. I'm eager to see how yours comes out! Mine will just be gray strips with some yellow thrown in. Thanks, as always for the inspiration!

I just love the fabric you bought. Portland must have a much better selection of fabrics because I am quite sure I could not find that in Tulsa, OK... of course. ** I cannot believe the cost (oh wait.. yes I can)of the blanket. I sat down and figured out just exactly what my crocheted (and still working on) "quilted log cabin look" comforter would cost... well, it is all wool and organic cotton.. so, needless to say, I can never part with it now. It is yarn I have had so I have bought it along the way, but if I were to try to sell something like this no one could buy it! LOL So, guess I better make darn skippy sure I like it : )

On the subject of sheets.. Right there with you. I have some flannels from Eddie Bauer that are about 15-20 years old and still going strong. For my bed I like 500 count sheets from Tuesday Morning. I love love love them.. and it appears I have turned my almost 5 year old (this Friday the 13th)on to them as well, as she likes to sleep in my bed!

How are you going to do it--good question! How did Anthropologie do it? Did you get a close-enough look? If it were me, handed this project with a "here, do this," I'd probably overlap the pieces, machine stitch and leave the edges raw, but then, that's probably why I don't design for Anthropologie. :)

Yes, how are you going to do that? I wonder how the anthropologie one is made? I wonder if you could just sew your patches together like a quilt but maybe serge/overcast the seams so they don't fray. I mean it's not going to show on the bottom, since there will be sheets or other blankety goodness under it. I'd be checking the Anthropologie one for contruction. Love the super cute idea! And your fabrics are darling.

Wow. I love that idea. Sounds like a job for the heavy-duty sewing machine, though. If it's possible I'm sure there will be all sorts of woolly quilts turning up amongst your readers, because how useful will it be? It's every frozen person's fantasy, ins't it?

Oops I posted a note about snuggy blankets on yesterday's post. Long and short - check out the Pendelton Mill Ends store - they have great blankets that are done with left over wool and designed on the spot by the weavers. The stripes result in some cool and zany color combos. They are a great price, and oh so cozy!

I too can't stand a 50/50 sheet. In fact I have a hard time wearing anything that isn't natural. We rarely use a top sheet because we have a duvet during most of the year. I like your idea of a fall bed but with our 1927 breezy windows and lack of wall insulation, our room is already cold enough for our fluffy duvet. Nearly all of my sheets that I do own (fitted and 1 top sheet) have been thrifted and luckily are pretty good quality like Ralph Lauren and Laura Ashley. I too like luxurious, cotton, lots of thread, sheets.

Out of desperation, I purchased Ralph Lauren sheets. Now there is not turning back. Hopefully, my sheets long life will compensate for the high price.

Out of desperation, I purchased Ralph Lauren sheets. Now there is not turning back. Hopefully, my sheets long life will compensate for the high price.

My sheets are shreading, too. I keep saying I won't go back to BBB, but I keep doing it! Ack!

That is going to be one cozy blanket. -- and cute, too.

I saw that quilt at Anthropologie. It was on sale, but still overpriced. I tried to memorize it. Course...I have no short term memory.

I have bed linen issues as well...I am seriously contemplating investing in linen, nettle or hemp sheets in the very near future. I understand that they are quite conducive to a good night's rest. Next unexpected windfall will be going towards that purchase! I choked on the price, but if they last as long as everyone says - it will be more cost effective in the long run. And you can leave them to someone in your will! :)

I have had HORRIBLE luck with BBB and Linen and Things too - regardless of the thread count. Those relationships are most definitely over!!

I have heard good things about Tuesday Morning though. Really good sheet sets (you just have to dig a bit and visit frequently), for not too much $$.

EL-OH-EL!! Stick it to em. ^_^

booyah! alicia p takes down anthropologie!! hot damn, cant wait to see it in action!

I saw a crochet necklace on coloursknits that was an exact replica of one on Anthropologie for some ungodly amount. Those people need to get their act together.

This post had me laughing so hard. My hubby is like Andy, could care less about clothes, but his thing is good quality toilet paper [don't even try to give him any single-ply, sandpaper crap!]. I can't wait to see your Alicia-pologie wool quilt.

Those wools look yummy - can't wait to see your version of the throw. Undoubtedly, it'll be much better!

Can't wait to see the quilt! I would love to learn how, but it seems that I always have at least one new knitting project to work on! Plus I don't even know where to start.
I know this might sound like the very last place you would want to buy sheets, but last year I bought a pair of sateen sheets from Wal-mart- and love them! I wash them every week and they are as soft and comfy as ever!!

Know what's triple cool about this? The colors match your patchwork vintage door!

Lands End 100% cotton "Sheets That Fit" are the ticket to wonderful sleep! Although they are rated at 200 count, they are superior in every way to any other sheets, not matter the thread count stated. We had LE sheets that were over 20 years old for our queen sized bed. Then, we bought a king bed and I gave the LE sheets to my sister who loves them. I bought new LE sheets for the king bed (talk about $$ but so worth it!) and they are just as fab as the ones that are over 20 years old. Plus, their guarantee is iron-clad so should your sheets get a pill in 10 years (which I can't imagine would happen), LE will replace it, no questions asked.

Alicia, your projects are such an inspiration! Looking forward to seeing how you create the blankie!

Chris Howard says: October 09, 2006 at 12:30 PM

Wow, well I have become quite the princess with sheets the last five years ago. I purchase these lovely soft 320 thread count from The Company Store, and now we can hardly live without them. The problem is, they only have a shelf life of a year or two before they totally wind up shredding, but but but they are SO soft. My Mom was in my bedroom the other day looking at our poor shredded pillowcases and she was like "Chris, you guys make too much money to live like this!". /sigh I have a sheet conundrum.

Chris Howard says: October 09, 2006 at 12:30 PM

er, please consider my above post edited for stupidity. I just ate a big lunch and boy, the juices just aren't flowing for me now.

hmm, good luck with the blanket! copying-on-the-cheap is my favourite activity these days...and you don't just save money. you actually get a better-made, better-matching, better-everything result! i can't wait to see how it turns out.

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