The One Where I Get My Revenge

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PlaidwoolblanketI love wool blankets on the bed (and wow do the cats love them, too — what's up with that). This is a large throw that I found ages ago, and I put a new blanket-stitch border on it this weekend (great TV-watching activity, the blanket stitch). Unfortunately it's too small for the bed. I'm used to a down comforter now, but I still like me some ole-fashion' white cotton sheets, a wool blanket, and a thin quilt on top for fall sleepin'. I like the way the bed looks without that big huge puffy thing on top of it, too. We don't really have a winter quilt. We do have a delicious red wool blanket, but could use a few more layers.

Llbeanblanket I like a sort of camp-looking bed in the fall and winter — flat and tidy. This one is from L.L. Bean and reminds me of Timberline Lodge or Isaak Walton Inn, somewhere you'd go to ski and sip hot chocolate with Kahlua. Someday I'm going to get this scallop sheet set in red with our monogram on it. All our sheets are suddenly ripping. I guess they've lasted about ten years. I've had my flannels from Garnet Hill for almost twenty years. My mom gave them to me for my birthday when I still lived at home. They are in the perfect state of softness now and I am dreading the day that they start shredding. These sheets never pilled, and just got better and better. I've ordered flannels from GH one time since and they were not quite the same as that first set, alas.

I almost never buy sheets anymore because I've bought so many crappy ones in the past and I am sheet-paranoid. Sheets, you are on notice. (That'll scare 'em.) I never buy them from places like Marshalls or Bed Bath & Beyond anymore because I have been burned by those places so bad. They'll say they have like a 5,000 thread-count or something and when you sleep on them they're awful, or they pill like crazy, or something. I am really picky about my sheets, and, believe it or not, Andy is even pickier. He is a man who cares not one whit for clothes, but pill his percale and he's jumping out of bed faster than you can say permanent press. A long time ago I brought home a very cute set of "irregulars," still supposedly 100% cotton, and quietly put them on the bed. They looked adorable. He got in and immediately jumped out and said, "ARE THESE 50/50??? ARE YOU INSANE?" Jeez!!! Chill, dude! Maybe I'll ask for those scallop sheets for Christmas from my ma. She has been a lifelong very-loyal supporter of sheet lovin'. Why do wool blankets and new sheets make me talk with a down-home accent.

ANYhoo, where am I going with this. While I was blanket-stitching the thing above, I couldn't stop thinking about sheets, and this one blanket I saw the other week at Anthropologie — it's a patchwork made out of all different pastel plaid and striped wools. I don't see it one their web site. It's super cute. I've looked at it twice now. It's FOUR HUNDRED AND TWENTY DOLLARS. It's $420. And it's only five-feet square, apparently. This is the part where I get my revenge and say to myself, "I can do that!!!" and I go directly to the Mill End Store and drop $50 and make it. You hear me Anthropologie? In the name of all that is holy in the indie-designer community, this time I am copying you. For a much, much cheaper price. So there.


Now. How am I gonna do this.


I am sure you had a close look already..
and I am sure you will show us the result..
(this is called positive psycologic motivation..this I mean for the secont sentence.. the first is reality=))
in my house no one likes blankets.. they sleep like madman.. the even take the comforter's cover during their sleep.. but I liked the layered -look ..
I love the colours of the red squares blanket..and the project patchwork..

Grrrrr. Got get 'em indy-craft tiger!

Andy, I can't blame you for jumping out of the bed due to scratchy-feeling-pilling-fabric. Another reason to bless the man in your life Alicia!

It must be a bed kind of day. Josh and I just went mattress shopping due to the two of us waking up with sore/stiff backs over the weekend. We were spoiled by sleeping on a comfy king-size in Vegas. Damn that Vegas!

i'm with andy about the sheets. (but i do like to sleep with a down duvet every night).

i have loads of woolens, so if you need to add to your revenge quilt, let me know. (isn't mill ends the best for woolens?)

i am going to write to you and catch up. xo.

I'm with you on the cotton sheets but I like them thick thick thick so have no interest in the 1,000,000 thread count ones I see popping up everywhere (even Target)

I'm addicted to Actil First Line, thick cotton Hotel style sheets which appear to have a half life of about a century. New Zealand's Household Linens brand used to be good (I haven't bought any since I got Actil)

For summer when I have just a sheet and cotton bedspread (and sometimes just a sheet) I have a collection of beautiful cotton sheets with embroidered or lace edges and I look forward to the time when I bring them out each year.

The only problem with good cotton sheets is they last too long so you don't have an excuse to buy new ones :-)

oh sheets. the hubby and i are sheet arrogant too. there's nothing i hate more than poly mysteriously slipped into "100% cotton" high thread count sheets. like they think we won't notice?

good for you on the anthropologie copy-cat blanket idea. i'm getting so tired of seeing large companies like anthro [and i love anthro] and urban ripping off all of the small time indie crafters who have been trying to run their businesses.

may i suggest a pattern like your patchwork vintage wallpaper door? that would look so stunning with those fabrics.

we've been looking for new bedding. it's not going so awesome. we can't agree on a COLOR. i want everything in our whole life robin's egg blue, and he only wants warm colors. this is what i get for marrying a painter. he's a wackadoo about colors. we are currently seeking a compromise.

stick it to those darn anthropologie peeps. do you have a serger? i feel serging could be instumental in the wool blanket of mass i'll-show-you,-i'm-alicia-frickin-posie project. xoxox!

You will do it and do it beautifully without a doubt

Garnet Hill has delicious sheet and so far I have not been disappointed by The Company Store either.

But my faves ? Finding those old packages of cotton sheets from the sixties and seventies in gawdy or weird prints that never got opened or used.....oh we have some delicious blue florals that don't match a thing ... but they are like sleepin in BUTTAH.

Looking forward to the Wool Patchwork - which will definitely be worth at LEAST $420.

Me, I love plain white cotton or white cotton flannel sheets all year round. I get vintage 100% wool blankets at thrift stores for next to nothing. I buy every one I find. The single bed size blanket can be put sideways onto a queen or double bed... try it it will fit. I do this all the time. My 3 cats love wool blankets too however my puppy Holly thinks they are for eating...

I know good sheets are expensive! . In our poor student days, and after co-habiting for many years, our so-so sheets were looking sad. My partner said "you know if we got married, we could get some great sheets for a wedding present".I still consider that my wedding proposal!Maybe there's a lot of romantic proposals where the marriage didn't last as long. We've just had our 25th wedding anniversary, but in our typically "unromantic way" we didn't realize it was a milestone. Our daughter reminded us. We love each other to bits. Ah sheets. Who would thing there's so much to them!

That sounds like a smashing project - will eagerly await pictures of the finished item! I have to have decent bed linen; can't stand cheap sheets - YUK! Egyptian cotton - that's the way to go!

Blanket stitch is just so homey and comforting, dontcha think?

I have one white cotton sheet from Gramma's house, that feels like silky velvet from all the washing it has experienced over the years.

Good for you, for making your own wool quilt. How cozy and heart-warming will THAT be?! :)

I can't wait to see this quilt! I'm cheering for YOU!

love the look of your blanket stitch blanket, if it is too small for the bed you can just cosy up under it on the sofa to watch tv. good luck with the patchwork blanket project!

Im feelin' alot of energy from this post. I have NO doubt that however you do this..(sorry I have no suggestions for you..) its going to look great!! They sure are cute wools.

I know what you mean about sheets. I have the worst time finding good ones. And the problem is you can't really tell if they're really good until you've had them a while and then you can't find them again. Ugh!

I got a kick out of the "Friends" reference in your title today. And now I am in a very blanket kind of mood. Now I want to work on a blanket stitch of my own. Maybe during GG tomorrow night.

good on ya. Take that anthropologie, for tempting us so badly! Can't wait to see it, and I know that it will be loads better than theirs!


I sleep peacefully with utter certainty that----


cant wait to see them =)

I am really looking forward to seeing how your patchwork blanket works out. Sounds fab!

Although G and I are all about the duvet. Love the duvet. I want blankets for snuggling on the sofa though.

The wool patchwork is going to look great. Can't wait to see it. I was wondering what happened to the other patchwork you started in the summer? You inspired me to start one at the time which I haven't got around to finishing. I wondered if you finished yours. If you did, any chance of posting a picture to inspire me to finish mine?

keep checking Garnet Hill for their sales- I got some REALLY nice cotton ones on sale (a lovely shade of green) and made in Portugal- they are great

I love finding inspiration in items that would otherwise cost a lot to buy, and instead, finding the materials and making it myself, or at least, thinking to myself, "I could make that!" Excited to see the final results!

I LOVE sheets. My linen closet is full. My new and perhaps last love is pure linen sheets. They cost a fortune, but each washing makes them yummier. And they are cool in summer and warm in winter (Maine).

I buy tons of cotton print pillowcases and make all sorts of combinations of top, fitted and cases on the bed. My favorite cotton sheets are Ralph Lauren and I do get them at TJMaxx and they were usually perfect. The pillowcases sometimes are weird.

I also like an Australian wool mattress pad on the bed. Oh! So Nice.

I totally agree, YOU CAN DO THAT! and of course a lot less. I find things like that in some lovely magazine catalogs too and they are soooo expensive. Eh. Makes ya sad, but then I think, I can do that, and go about my merry day. Good luck, be sure to keep us posted on your progress of said blanket.

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