Turtle Sundae

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Pho_swtrbag_carmelstripe_lgGetting it together. Or trying. I've got so many different little projects happening all over the place I've kind of lost track. I need to regroup today, and see where things are. I wish I had more than seven sweater bags to put on the site, but there it is. I'm having trouble parting with these — what is up with that, that never happens to me. Doesn't this one look like a turtle sundae? Anyway, the bags will go up tomorrow afternoon, at 1:00 PST. I do not in any way expect a stampede or anything, but I have something to do tomorrow morning, and I do like to be here to babysit the web site after I update it because I always screw it up somehow and it's nice to get that first email from someone saying, "Er, I don't see anything there. . . ." right away, instead of four hours later when I get home, etc.

Okay. What else. STUDIO CRAFT. Surely you've heard elsewhere, but as I said, catching up here. Studio Craft is a November 4th trunk show that is being organized by that illustrious duo Sally (Shim + Sons) and Melissa (All Buttoned Up) and will include Abby (Abby Try Again — possibly my favorite blog name ever), Stephanie (Little Birds), Mariko (Superbuzzy), Blair (Wise Craft), Sumi (Sun + Stone), and moi. I'm really excited about this mostly because I like all of these people so very much and I can't believe I get to spend an entire day with them. What I want to do is set up my table and then leave it and go perch on everyone elses', chin in hand, and chat. But that would probably seriously bug them (especially if I were, actually, sitting on their table, the way I picture it). Really I actually think it would be fun to forget the crafts, put on velour sweats, and just hang out, too. But duty calls. I can't wait. I haven't participated in an event in a long time, and — well, you know how good these girls are at what they do. I think I might get all my holiday shopping done right there. Come see us, if you're in town.

Oh, and here's a photo of the big light again, from a bit further away. Just FYI, I looked it up on the internet and found that the bottom of a chandelier should hang between 30"–34" from the top of the table. This one is at 30", though it seems higher from this photo. And then we probably don't need to see this dining room ever again, I know. But you know we will anyway. I've got a lot more cooking to do this fall. It's the first day the sun hasn't been blazing down here in P-town. Maybe I can finally dig in and get some work done! C'mon rain! I need you!



Maybe I just don't know anything about lighting but I'm so curious about your new light. You say it plugs into the wall? So do you have to run a cord across the ceiling and down to the outlet? How does it work? Thanks

The Studio Craft trunk show looks amazing. It would be a great experience to be in the room with all of you talented crafters not to mention go shopping. I wished I lived a little closer or at least had free time to take the trip south.

About the lamp, yes, a clear cord comes out of the top and runs along the ceiling and down the wall into a plug. Ours doesn't even really show and is tucked into the corner.

I do love that lamp, too cool! I need more light in my living room, and something like that might just do the trick for a cozy corner with a big two person chair : )

You are so correct. Your purse looks good enough to eat. Kind of like neopolitan candy but in a fudge/turtle sort of way. I cannot wait to see what you have made! I also wish I was Samantha on Bewitched so I could twitch my nose and be in Portland for the trunk show on Nov 4th.... I guess I can keep on dreaming because my nose may twitch from time to time, but it never gives me anything I truly want : )

My mom makes a turtle cake and your bag is making me hungry for it. The good thing is my sister's birthday is this weekend and that is what she normally requests. Oh, sometimes I really wish I lived in Portland.

love the stripes on that bag.

I'm going to be down in Portland on Nov 4 -- can't wait to see Studio Craft in action!

I am sure you will have wonderful time at the craft studio..wish I was near.. and the bags are nice.. and your dining room as well..
have a great week...

oh there will be chatting. we're putting this together for purely selfish/social reasons, didn't you know? i can't promise velour sweats, but you have my permission to go crazy with that.

Well poop. I always felt something about my dining room table/light was somehow a little off. My light hangs 37" above my table. My hubby threw away the spare hanging chain. This is going to drive me absolutely nuts until I find a way to lengthen it.

I also wish that I was coming to Studio Craft. Love the dining room and I'm thrilled to see as many times as you want to show it. More dog as well, because I'm loving the dog. Additionally, I just love how clever those bags are.

I havent had a chance to say “happy blogiversary” yet! Congrats! Your blog is fabulous!

As you know, I’ve been dying to go fabric shopping in Portland – and maybe studio craft is a perfect excuse to come down!

now i know i have read 30" inches somewhere, so i think you are just right and fine.

I love the color in your dining room. Which type and color of paint is it? I love reading your blog!

Oh..you will have so much fun at Studio Craft! Please take a photo or two for us..please, please. I would love to come and could easily buy goods from any of these talented ladies! Now its a 24 hour flight from here..wonder if 'they' would notice if I went missing for a few days?

You are more than welcome to come and sit at my table at Studio Craft...In case you don't see it right away, it'll be the one with all the desserts on it. I'll be knitting a sock.

Love your bags - wish I lived out west so I could visit at the trunk show. sigh.
I do also love your new fixture and noticed that the wire/birdhouse thing on the wall - I picked up the same thing last week at someone's yard sale because I loved it, I just don't know where to put it yet.

Ooo...saving my pennies for the Trunk Show!!


the sweater bag is gorgeous. love the colours :0) x

i'm bringing my velour sweats and i am going to wear them.

The Turtle Sundae bag is wonderful--very yummy! Best luck selling the bags--they'll go like hotcakes! The Studio Craft trunk show sounds a treat...Wish I could be there...boo-hoo, but won't be in the States then. Look forward to more news about the show! Happy Days! :o)

The bags are beautiful! And I just looooooooooooove that little birdcage "floating" high above the little mirror. Doesn't it look like a magical castle floating in the sky? I just may have to borrow that idea from you in my own apartment.

i'm really diggin' the turtle sundae bit! studio craft sounds amazing!! i so wish i was out there to check it out.

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