Be There, Baby!

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Studiocraft1The details. And if you can't be there . . . we'll miss you.

(Don't forget I changed the date of the postcard sale to Monday, November 6, at 2 p.m. PST. And yes, I'm thinking "pajamas" for the postcard sale and, for some reason, "dirndl" for the investiture ceremony [and no I don't know what investiture means, either].)


I'm so sad that I can't make it to studiocraft!!!!! I was so tempted to take the train down to Portland just for this event. Look forward to hearing how it all went!

*Sigh* Dreaming of this today! I hope you all have a lovely time!

isn't "investiture" when they get their patches? yes? no?

hopefully there will be a little bridge over a little fake pond and they will get to cross over and collect a handful of patches for their mothers to dread sewing on aka how i spent grade school. have fun at thee trunkshow! take pictures (this is a given, no?). xo!

Have a great time at Studio Craft!

The second I saw dirndl, I immediately thought of "The Sound of Music".

My Posie purchases are absolutely among "my favorite things".

I read Erin Michelle's comment about the little bridge and cracked up. I walked over that bridge. Haven't thought of that in YEARS.

Oh that little bridge, we always called it bridging I think? Maybe you should wear green since it's a girl scout thing, or maybe not, then they might have you walk over the bridge too.

Yup! It was a Bridging Ceremony! How fun those years were. One of those experiences I didn't appreciate at the time and now are amoung some of my fondest memories. Tell us all about the ceremony when you get back, I want all the details!

i stopped by studiocraft today and really enjoyed looking at all the pretty things -- y'all did a really good job setting up. it was a pleasure meeting you briefly today. you gave me a lovely compliment on a day that had started out less than lovely. that was nice. thanks!

I also came by studiocraft today to see all you lovely ladies in person as well as your creations. I was too shy to tell most of you I am a blog lurker... But thank you for complimenting by baby boy with the fat cheeks. :) Everything was great at Studicraft! Do it again!

i tried to call melissa to say hello to all you ladies and wish you good luck!

oh and i am in love with your new banner. gorgeous!

I went to Studio Craft today too. There were tons of people and the house was decked out with all kinds of wonderful crafts, and I got to say hi to Alicia, and most important of all, I GOT THAT PINK STRIPED SOCK CORGI! Woo!

Oh how I wish I could have been there! I hope it went well for you, but with the amazing cuteness that are your things, it probably went awesome ;)

& I LOVE your new header! I so want one of those birds!!


I am stuck here in the midwest and you guys in the northwest are having all the fun!!!!! I wish I was closer.............:(

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