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Stationery1It's so nice to have a silk-screening husband! If you have one, he will make you your own stationery. The problem is picking the design. It's practically impossible to decide. I went through about a dozen clip-art books. But you have to pick one. This one's from a book called Graphic Ornaments. I think we'll be very happy together. Now, for the right paper. . . . Decisions, decisions!

Thank you for all the bloggy love yesterday — how kind you all are. Thank you. xoxoxo




With mention of your husband and your recent pictures of your christmas decorations which made me squee, I simply must ask: How does he deal with the girl-ishness of your decorating style? Does he have his own side of the house decorated in blues and grays? Does he perhaps have his own house across the street that he visits to get away from the pink? Please don't take this the wrong way, I LOVE the pink! My whole house would be buttercup and petal pink and lovely shades of lavendar and turquoise if I could. But my husband would never put up with that. I had to compromise and settle for serviceable yellow, sedate blues and keeping the pink to a minimum. Or does your hubby simply let you go about your loveliness with no notice? Please do share!

Love the stationary design, and my yes, you are lucky to have a husband who silk screens for you.... but he is probably pretty lucky to have you too: )

I can relate, as my husband is a fabulous graphic designer! He does everything from typeset things for me, edit photos in Photoshop for me, and make sewing patterns for me in illustrator. He is fabulous. I wouldn't be nearly as far in my crafting endeavours if it weren't for him. Hallelujah for talented husbands!

Beth is right!! I am so lucky. I love the pinks and aquas. It is so much better than my grody garage! Hi, everyone!

your husband is the bomb dot com! It is official now!
Lovely post yesterday-can't even tell you how much it touched me-you are so awesome!
more exclamation points!!!

Really cool, love the design and the font as well. Its good to have complimentary talents. I always enjoy reading when people ask about a the decor and the husband. My husband loves whatever I do and we're just happy together. xo

They look so much like your style. Love it.

Alicia, I didn't get a chance to post yesterday, but wanted to say that Lowry's A Summer to Die was my favorite book as a child. I read it over and over and over, and then I read it again in college for a children's lit class.

Cool husbands are the best! I have one too. Mine likes to grocery shop and clean. What did I do in a past life to deserve this? :-)

It's very nice. I would like to sugest Deviant Art, for Photoshop Brushes and Google search also (will give us tons of sites roalty free graphics). Istockphoto and Fotolia, royalty free stock images, they don't charge a lot and they have beautiful stuff to use or even get ideas.

Pretty! Love the typeface.

gorgeous selection, alicia. I really like the font.

The stationery will be absolutely gorgeous, lucky you! My hubby's good with a staple gun...maybe not as cool as a talented silk screener--but he's a keeper :lol:

perhaps i can trade my t.v. watching husband for andy? just for a day! pleeeease?

Lovely! And how sweet that your hubby also not only reads, but POSTS to your blog!! (Mine still doesn't know what a blog is). :D

I love it! You're a lucky girl :) My husband doesn't have an artistic bone in his body, but he is a computer wiz. I couldn't have my blog without his help, that's for sure!

Gorgeous. I'd like to learn that skill.

very pretty! I hope you two are happy for many a year.

OH silk screening, I haven't thought about that for a long while. **I used to have a screen printing business**. Your design looks great!

when andy gets another hankerin' its two h's and two f's, that would be great thanks!

so perfectly you. i'm loving the typeface. it's so elegant.

What does Andy NOT do?

if andy ever decides to throw in the towel on this nursing thing, you could probably do quite well renting him out. i'm just sayin'... it's nice to know you have options.

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