Winter Colors

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Rosegarden My niece and I headed up to the hills yesterday morning to see the rose garden in winter, and check out the Five Friends from Japan exhibit at the children's museum, and then out to lunch downtown. The rose garden in winter is one of my favorite places. This green. Almost fluorescent. Everything glistening with rain and cold. We were the only ones there. Quiet quiet. Beautiful.

ChildrensmuseumWe had dramatic weather this weekend: sunshine, rain, wind, clouds, snow in almost every direction at higher elevations around the city, still some to come above 500 feet. Alas, our house sits at about 173. I love seeing the sun set through bare trees, but it's rather uncommon here. Usually the sky is a rather stuffed-up pale gray, low, filled with drizzle. It's helpful to enjoy indoor activities.

Childrensmuseum3 I like winter colors that are clear and bright. Similar to the colors I like in summer, but glazed with a sort of frosty haze. Pinks, blues, creams, caramels, silver, a little red. Yellow, for a candle-y glow. I do like that dark green, almost gray, too. Maybe I'll get a teensy little live tree for the living room. The living room is super-dark greeny-gray and it looks pretty with pinks and whites. These are little clay sculptures made by kids at the children's museum. Too cute.

MercantilewindowWe stopped for lunch and then to get some origami paper at Art Media. This window was across the street. It reminded me of my tree.

Balloons3Origami paper balloons are a good couch project after you get home and warm up. We've made them in our family for years. You just pop them on lights and they're fine — turn them off at night. I might put these on the little pine tree I get. Maybe we should rent one of these?

Balloons6Or I'll just chuck the lighted balloon strands up onto the window. I always like fairy lights in big piles or just strewn about. It sure is easier. I like easy.

*For Mary, and anyone else who was wondering if I've completely lost my mind (which is truly always something to wonder with me) — no, those aren't real presents under the tree in the last post. We don't have any real presents until a few days before Christmas. (We are normal people, I swear — it's just that if we don't do the decor when Andy is home for a couple of days in a row, we get too busy and it gets shafted.) I wrapped most of those boxes before we had the fake tree (which is antique, so I don't know where else you can get one) in order to keep the pets from getting in there and drinking the tree water. So now I just pile them up under the fakey, or use them as props for product shots and stuff. But they are very disturbing to all children who see them, I must admit. . . .


alicia, your last few posts are killing me with holiday beauty. thank you so much. while i rarely get off my bum to decorate this time of year, it is nice to live vicariously through yours.

i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those origami boxes on the lights. I think I may have to do this in our place.

Did I mention that I love this?

you beat me to the punch with the origami balloons... aren't they the most lovely thing to do? so pretty and so simple.

It looks like you're right in the holiday swing of things. Me too, and it helps that we're up to our eyelashes in snow. But today we have to deal with our big old willow tree falling apart. All this snow is weighing heavily and dragging the branches down. One big branch fell on the shed, one on the house, and one is cracked and poised to fall onto the hydro line. We've called a tree guy and are waiting for the next bit of excitement.

Nature happens :)

We did a live tree (still in the pot) one year and it didn't smell like a cut tree. It also dripped sap all over the ornaments. 20 years later I'm still trying to clean them up.

We get a big wreath and decorate it - it puts out that wonderful, Christmasy scent.

I'm glad someone besides me has a fake tree! I love mine because I can put it up right after Thanksgiving and leave it up until January.

alicia, you live such a charmed existence..all sparkly and lovely and fun! I know the reality is differnet...just like life with bills you overlooked (that is my snafu at the moment), souffles that fall, buttons that pop off at the most inopportune moment; but still it is wonderful to get glimpses into your world. many happy thanks!

oh, the paper boxes are so purty!

I'm making the marshmallow trees with Lila tonight. Whee!

Call be dumb but I didn't realise that you could make those cute covers for the lights.Thankyou.

Ooh, chiming in with the origami balloon love! Clever old you.

The pictures within this and the previous post are so magical.

And, yes, easy is always good.

Wow, I just LOVE your website! I happened upon it the other day and it has become my new favorite (and that says a lot being that I have only ever had one other favorite blog before yours!).

Is there special kind of paper for oragami or can I use any kind of paper? I am gearing up to make a white gumdrop wreath, a village scene and these great light covers! Your site is so inspiring. I can't wait to get through more of the archives.

Oh yea, and do I start with a specific size paper?

God bless!

I just adore those little origami covers for the lights... and now I'm really wanting to dash out and buy a few strands of white lights to brighten up my room!!

I cannot tell you how much your blog and photographs inspire me. I just love how you've created such a beautiful, enchanted-looking wonderland for the holidays!!

I think I have to copy the origami paper balloons! They are just too cute. Seriously thanks for sharing all your experiences, you blog is very enjoyable.

All your recent photos have put me in holiday decorating mood, and I love the soft colors of your Christmas palette.
I have a vintage silver tree too, although this year I may have to do without it, since my brother is storing it for me for a bit.
Great color for your living room walls and very eye-catching painting with the cats in the window!

Argh. We live in Seattle, and are so jealous of those with weekly access to the Portland children's museum. We visit it every chance we get.

We have a nice kid's museum up in Everett. But the one at the Space Needle is in need of a major cash infusion.

Looks like you and your Niece had a wonderful day! I love mini lights all over my house too, even when it's not Christmas. The origami boxes would look nice anytime of year I think! Nice idea and beautiful photos. I love your tree!

What a great day!!

Ohh I am just so so thankful for your wonderful and festive posts!

We have yet to begin celebrating the season, due to being swamped with orders, and spending days on end making ornaments and such, Your posts bring such a smile to both of our faces!

You make our days glittery and bright!! Thank you bunches!!

Happy Holidays!
xoxo Jenny & Aaron

lovely! delightful! how beautiful your work is!!

Thanks for the lovely origami idea---we made them and used them for our kiddo's birthday tree. :D

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