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Wreath5Oh, Christmas. Why do you come so soon? I haven't gotten sick of you at all, even though I started early. Now I'm counting days and hours left to enjoy the season and feeling that typical panic — not "will I get everything done?" (who cares about that) but "will I do everything I wanted to do?" Last night I was up in bed thinking while Andy and Audrey did their final walk-through downstairs (coffee, doors, lights) and when Andy came up I assaulted him with anxiety: "It's only three days until Christmas [I know it's not, I'm just telling you what I said, and I know he has no idea how many days there really are until Christmas, and, as mentioned, I have to pull out the big guns when I'm trying to make a point around here lately] and we haven't gone to our friend's Christmas-tree farm and had a party with cioppino and hot chocolate! We haven't gotten dressed up and kissed under any mistletoe! We haven't gone caroling!" "You want to go caroling?" "Well . . . no, but I mean . . . we haven't gone." "We have a friend with a Christmas-tree farm?" "No. . . ." And about four seconds later we were both fast asleep. Loooo-sers.

There's still time to make a gumdrop wreath! If you want to, I did a tutorial for them over at Kiddley today. They're super fun.

Also: I made it out to my P.O. box yesterday, and though I have sobbed many, many times for many reasons at the P.O., I've never sobbed because I was overwhelmed by Christmas cards and packages from blog friends I've never met. Until yesterday. I truly felt like I was in my very own Hallmark Christmas movie. I lumbered past the thirty-or-so peeps standing in line to mail their packages with my big box of presents and I thought my smile really was going to pop right off my face and kiss every one of those frowners as I went by. They just couldn't help but smile back at me. It was a great moment. Thank you, girls.


You're so cute :)

I know what you mean, though. I think we should have another couple holidays throughout the year that have all kinds of ceremony, meaning, and splash to them. We could invent one (Happy First Crocus to you!) or thrust more significance onto an existing holiday.....Groundhog Day Tea Party?

Good Luck cramming all your Christmas rituals in :)

You are FUNNY! I love your blog. It makes me feel sane.

I love the gumdrops. We used to make the ones on the cones to make Christmas trees.. so fun & easy! Not sure its going to make it into this years Christmas festivities...will have to live vicariously through you!

The gumdrop wreath is so cute.

So cute. You didn't mention that these aren't great for outdoor use and I remembered that once the birds/varmits got wind of this thing, it was trashed (as was the area near the wreath). Thanks for the great tutorial. Have a happy holiday!

ah, i love the liberties we take with husbands when trying to make a point. christmas tree farm, you had me going there too!

I love gumdrops!! This is really sweet looking. The kitchen would be a great place for this!! love it!

That is the third, fourth, gazillionth reference to Christmas tree farms + cioppino + hot cocoa I've heard this year. And I had never heard of it before. Is this some cool new thing to do (it does sound divine) or have I just been completely oblivious?

And now I really want a gumdrop and I don't even like candy that much. Thanks.

If it's the cool new thing, I've only just heard of it myself, last night on Easy Entertaining with (the very well-groomed, I might add) Michael Chiarello on the Food Network. . . .

And yes, sigh, it did look fun. . . .

I can totally relate to not having had the chance to go out to a nice party yet. We have Christmas Eve to look forward to over here but even then I have run right out of shopping time now and have had to dye some old shoes to match my dress. Hey ho, at least it's Christmas! Merry Christmas to the Paulson Family! Yey! Cherry xx

That's so cute. I think I'd have to varnish it though, as I have such a sweet tooth it 'develop some spaces'...

So funny! I was just about to email you for that P.O. number (can you email it to me toot sweeet?) and you've already picked up a pile of things :)
I owe you a big long email (or letter wink wink) to thank you for doing all you do here and for all of us out there...
only TWO days left til xmas now!
(and I can see you've been watching the foodies on tv again - that michael c. is a goofball, no?)

So very cute~ we are going to make these for sure! Adding gumdrops to my shopping list. Thank you!

Love this wreath!

I love that gumdrop wreath - gumdrops are one of my favorite Christmas candies.

I hope my package was one that arrived safely! :)

*sigh*....if i made one of those luffly gumdrop wreaths my husband would pick the gumdrops off one by one until there were only, like, 3 left. and that would all be within several hours of having made it. prettypretty, as usual.

:) merry merry christmas alicia! hope you get all you wish for, and that you don't run out of time to get it all!

ps mail is the best! you deserve every last one of those gifts :)

Christmas doesn't end on December 25, you know. That's when it STARTS! So there's no hurry to get it all done before then. You will still have the 12 days of Christmas (lasting until Epiphany, January 6th) to celebrate.

Merry Christmas!

Such a pretty picture! That's a present in itself! Thank you! I know what you mean about the time just flying by - let's embrace each second, shall we?

Love the wreath Alicia - I think I might try one but it's getting so hot over here that I am afraid that the gumdrops might start to melt and we would come home to a sugary gooey mess over the floor...or maybe we could just eat it quickly? Hope you enjoy the last few days of this wonderful season.

I keep saying there are only two more days until Christmas..... I start saying that around December 1st. It's funny how the activities we want to do before christmas don't seem as fun or comforting a merre 24 hours after December 25th.

We actually did have a friend with a christmas tree farm - here in San Diego of all places. We went there for a christmas party and got to cut down our tree. It was the best.

Love the gumball wreath. However that would last about 2 minutes and 3 seconds with my two kids. I would have t keep filling in the holes with sprigs of holly!

I have to make a gumdrop wreath! so, any suggestions on where to get gumdrops? I didn't see them at our grocery store or at Target. Any chains stores that people know carry them? Thanks for any suggestions. -alison

Hello, I'm sure you've been asked this question a million times, but what color/kind of paint did you use on your studio? I've been trying to find the perfect aqua for my room. Thanks!

I'm in an all out panic now. That wreath is just yummy. I'm filing it away for next year when my little girl will be old enough to help.

Hello dearest! I just missed your phone message by about 5 minutes. Would have loved to talk and catch up. We are great, although now I'm every bit as (if not moreso) panicked as you about getting everything done. But, hey? We will do what we can and enjoy it all the same, right? Now that my family has lights they can just bask in my glow (ha ha).

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