Frosty Fairy Ring and Cumulus Crackleware

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Frostflowers3Out on the lawn this morning I discovered these frosty fleurs. I guess they sprung up overnight?

This past week was busy, and no one here was feeling particularly well, and we kept going upstairs to bed before 8 p.m. On Saturday night I think I was actually asleep by 8. I can't believe it's the week before Christmas. I'm hoping to finish all things work-related today, get the last of the presents finished and wrapped, make a list for everything else. Christmas cards will have to wait until New Year's. Neighbor-and-friend gifts need to be gotten. I really wanted to make my niece a Marie/Clara doll from The Nutcracker, but I'm pretty sure that won't happen either. (I've always known that character as Clara, but in the production we saw last week her name was Marie, so my niece knows her as Marie, and I keep forgetting that and referring to her as Clara — anyway.) These fleurs are intended for the site update in January, and were inspired by the movie Marie Antoinette. They're made of really luscious silks and cotton organdies and, appropriately, cotton lawn, and they just feel frothy and wonderful to me, like petticoats, or ball skirts.

CumulusrepimageOver the weekend I got some early presents — remember when I was excited about the honorable mention I got in the Apartment Therapy color contest? Well, they very generously sent a $150 gift certificate to the web site, and I think I waited about two or three whole minutes before I was on my computer, ordering. I have been wanting new silverware forever, and so got this. And then I also got these really simple-but-pretty dishes, called Cumulus Crackle, and they really do have a sort of cloud-like billowy depth. Most of the pieces came on Friday night so that was pretty exciting and I love it all so much. there's nothing like having a big, fat gift card to make you feel like a kid at Christmas, let me tell you. Thank you again cb2, and Apartment Therapy, and very dear and incredibly talented Stephanie Waddell. I'm going to use all this new stuff for my Christmas Eve dinner and I can't wait.

I might be feeling pretty wiped out, I must confess, and looking forward to my break. I plan on putting off anything that takes any effort at all, like thinking, until after January 1. I really loathe pushing things to the last minute, and I have several play-dates lined up for myself over the next few days, so I'd better get up, buck up, and finish up. Then, it's playtime for me. I can't wait.



These are *gorgeous*!!! Wow, those colors make me so happy!!

Marie?? I'm in the Clara column.

I love the silverware and dishes you picked! A CB2 gift certificate wouldn't last long around here either.

I love these flowers !!! There are gorgeous !

Reminiscent of sugar plum fairies and boxes of bonbons. If they're going in your shop I'll have to cyber-camp out to get one (like the January sales)

I too have been really looking forward to my break, which started 30 seconds after my last student left on Friday, and which will last until January when I resume teaching. I love my students, but I work really hard for them and I need some down time, some me-time.

Now it's time to really get into the Christmas spirit, do some wrapping etc.

Anyone want to see some vintage Christmas windows?.....

Love your site! A little corner of humor and inspiration all rolled into one. Thank you! :)
PS These look very much like italian bomboniere! They are in demand for weddings in the US.

So pretty, those flower pins!

once again, thank you so much for the beautiful photos and words. i am living vicariously through your christmas and the ones in magazines this year due to family things going on, so i can't do my usual decorating, baking, craftiness and i miss it terribly. i will probably feel compelled to have a belated celebration next month or the one after, but it's hard to wait!

Love reading your blog. I hope you are feeling better at your house. I too am living vicariously through you in regards to home decoration as I am in the process of moving house - so can't put up decorations for a few more days - itching to do so! I am writing this at 3.30 am West Australian time because I am so excited about finishing moving I can't sleep!

Oh my lord, those fleurs are fab. I could just eat those up.

Those look like fairy flowers! Have fun on your playdates. Be a good girl and get you work done!

Hi Alicia, I thought that you might like to know a little tidbit of dance history about the Clara/Marie names. The main character's name in the original story was named Marie. Marie had a little doll that she carried around named Clara. Now the original story was written in German and a ditzy translator got a hold of it and hey presto! Marie became Clara and Clara became Marie. Clara has stuck as the main characters name in many ballet companies all over the world, but a few traditional companies have desperately tried to resurrect the name Marie. But I'm in the Clara boat as well! Tradition shmadition - I think it's a prettier name!

beautiful little flowers. Wish mine looked that good when they came up : ) Can you come plant some in my front flower bed? lol

I know what you mean about busy. I can't get my head above water lately... mainly due to work. Not home. I have a couple of projects going on at home and cannot wait for next week.. a whole week off to craft and play!

The fluttery flowers are stunning!

Those flowers are so GORGEOUS! I can totally see the Marie Antoinette influence, and I think you really captured the feeling of that era's luscious fabrics well. :) Beautiful eye candy for Monday. Thank you for sharing. ;)

Just wanted to let you know my friends and I headed up from Corvallis to Portland for the weekend and on your suggestion stopped into Monticello...lovely! We'll be back!!

By this time of the year a lot of us get really tired...get well soon.
Love these flowers and those delicious cookies!!!!

Oh your frosty flowers are so delightful, I can't wait to see Marie Antoinette!

gosh, the comment just flew out of my head.

save to say that paul doesn't think we're cutlery twins after all. i think he's wrong, so we might have to have a showdown.

Have a fun play time.

I LOVE those flowers. The color combination is perfection. I have a love/hate relationship with receiving gift certificates to place where I covet the merchandise yet normally do not shop. I received a gift certificate for Crate & Barrel for a housewarming gift. I held on to it for 1 year before finally being forced by my husband to spend it. I think I love holding on to the potential of a purchase moreso than the actual purchase.

Wishing you a very RELAXING Christmas!

neihgbor em says: December 19, 2006 at 09:48 PM

i'm so inspired by all your beautiful rosette-type embellishments, these are just beautiful. also love your choice in silverware. i, too, have the clara/marie complex. merry christmas!

I love your aesthetic sensability!
Marie Antoinette is one of my (new) favourites. So much pink, and turquoise, and pastels, and whimsy - I can see why you like it, actually. It's a very rosy/posie aesthetic.

Perfect in every way!!! I see them cascading down a fondant covered tiered confection!! Ohh Love them!!

xoxo Jenny

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