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The Kim family was traveling from Portland to Gold Beach, Oregon, on their way home to San Francisco after Thanksgiving. They did not arrive at their destination and a search is currently being conducted. Photos and information are here. I'm sure their friends and family as well as the police are desperate for information. Kati Kim is known to many in the craft community as the owner of Doe and Church Street Apothecary, her boutiques in San Francisco.

The Kims are traveling with their two small children. I hope they will be found safe very soon.

*8:00 p.m.: As far as I can tell from news reports, the search continues. Please keep the Kims in your thoughts and prayers.


please let us know if there is anything your readers can do, Alicia. Donations to help cover search costs - anything. We would all like to help in any way that we can. That's one thing about the internet community - at a time like this, the physical distance that separates us is secondary to the emotional connection we all share.
I will be keeping the Kim family in my thoughts and prayers.

how very, very sad...I hope for good news soon, thoughts and prayers...Nel

Looking at the family photos brought tears to my eyes. Saying a prayer right now...

How worrying that there is still no news. I keep checking in, hoping for a happy outcome, and this morning still nothing. From the other side of the world we can only hold this family in our thoughts and prayers, and reinforce that you have a supportive network Alicia, who care very much.

Just read about this on Blair's blog. Though I am not from your side of the country, I will pray for the Kim family and their safe return. Please keep us posted here on your blog and as to whether there is something we all can do to help.

My heart is so heavy.
Thank you for sharing so we can all join in praying.

I live down in Southern Oregon and I know they've been doing searchs around here. I hate hearing about these kinds of things and I know how bad the weather around here was that night. My family will be praying for a happy ending to this.

i keep them in my mind!!!

I'm praying for the safe return of these precious people from here in Australia and passing the prayer request around to friends and family too. Looking forward to hearing good news soon!

I was so sorry to hear about this. I am hoping and praying that they have only been lost, and will be found safely very soon.

I've been sooo sad since I read this... I keep checking the updated news.. Praying! Praying! And praying...

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