No Sweater Bags

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Camellia1But there will be lots of pretty new things on Monday, my last major update before I stop taking orders on December 15. New Cagelets with vintage birds. New paper mache Friendly Birds. New Winter Camellia pins, like this one.

Bouttie2 All new Pouf Boutonnieres. Perhaps new puppies, I'm not sure. New POSTCARDS, with pink envelopes. Super excited about those. I can't remember what else. No Sweater Redux bags again though, even though I said I would have them. I'm sorry. Those just take so much time, and I felt it was better to get a higher quantity of littler things finished. I hope I can get myself to do them again. I'm not feeling it right now, alas. But maybe after things slow down. Those are molasses-slow projects. I'm more paint-ball these days, unfortunately.

OlivineshowSo I'm going to take the weekend away from the blog (though I'm going to try very hard to sneak out to this cool holiday sale my friends Shelly and Denise will be at) while I scramble to get as much stuff finished for the site update on Monday, December 4. Let's say 2 p.m. PST again. That gives me some time to get things worked out technically in the morning. And this time, it really will be first come, first served, and I'll email people right away if the thing they wanted gets scooped by someone else, so please check your email a couple of times after you place your order, just to make sure you don't hear from me that the thing is gone. The Cagelets and Friendly Birds cannot be duplicated; these flower pins get duplicated about eight or so times before they're done; I used to do dozens and dozens of the same one but I'm changing that. Too boring, but I was too lazy to change the photos. There are a bobillion postcards, so you're very safe with those.

Can you believe the spell-checker doesn't know how to spell bobillion? Hell-o!

Flierbackjpg2 *Steph just sent this flyer for another sale that sounds really good on Saturday, too. All the Congdon ladies will have their beautiful things there, and there's music and storytelling and treats, too, all for a good cause. And I was planning on working all day! Time to pull an all-nighter, apparently, cause these things are too good to miss. . . .


Fun, Fun! Can't wait to see what you have to share on Monday! Happy December!

Good luck conjuring up your pretty-pretties and may the computer force be with you on Monday morning :)

I am always shocked by the things my spell check doesn't know...fantabulousity... for example. Really just shocking!

Wow, I WISH that I could be in Portland this weekend to go to these art/craft fairs and see the lovely Portland holiday lights. I'm reminded of trips to see the lights of Peacock Lane when I was growing up. Does that still exist?

Love the ultra-suede Camilia pin!
Here's to a productive weekend for you!!

Why why why can't my city have cool crafty events like these? Craft fairs are not so easy to find here. Good ones anyway. :( Sigh. Makes me want to Amtrack it up to you!

Man, the composition in your photographs is just gorgeous.

This isn't related to your blog but you are the only person I "know" in Portland...
That is a link about a San Francisco family missing in the Portland area...
Just in case you know someone who knows someone who's heard anything...thank you Alicia.

I agree with Claire about wanting to go North to Portland just to attend some craft fairs (I live in S. Oregon...Medford)! Waaaaaaah. I'm so lucky to have you online crafters, though. Makes a huge difference. Looking forward to Mondays sale. :)

Ahhhhhhhhhh......! I just found a craft fair going on this weekend at Southern Oregon University (Ashland, OR...20 min. from me)! So, as I will miss what is in Portland, at least I found *something* here! :)

oooh, oooh, puppies, i want puppies, i've been longing for a puppy and they're all sold out! do you take custom orders for puppies? (if you don't make any?)

Have a good productive weekend that leaves you feeling free and refreshed!

I wish I had a spell checker considering that I'm a lowsy or is it lousy speller. Have fun

I'm one of the lucky ones who gets to live in the crafty city of Portland. Thanks for the tip on the craft shows this weekend! I want to take my dogs snowshoeing on Mt. Hood tomorrow morning but I'd love to get back to town in time to check out these sales for some one-of-a-kind Christmas items.

Looking forward to the shop update. It always inspires me that your items get snapped up so quickly. Can I be like you when I grow up? Like others too - I wish I was in Portland for those fun sales and shows! Have a great weekend!

Love those camilla pins. I love seeing your sweater bags. I've been making some too--not as cute as yours, of course! And I use vintage men's ties for the handles. I've only been selling them to friends so far, but may set up an etsy shop. Check them out at my blog!

Ohhh, I love those leather flowers! Looking forward to Monday!

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