Sprinkle-Covered, Sprinkle-Colored

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Morning1Yesterday's sunrise was a harbinger of colors to come. You know we like a candy-colored Christmas around here.

Iced2My cookies from the previous night were waiting. I find baking and decorating cut-out cookies a ton of work, so I've always used packaged dough and packaged royal icing because, even using those shortcuts, I'm (historically) ready to be done with the whole thing when I'm about 5/8ths done, which is the point at which I become fatigued with almost every project I undertake. I think it's like the Golden Mean with me. If I had to add dough- or frosting-making to the equation, I fear I wouldn't get past the baking part. Or perhaps the rolling-out part. Or actually I might just skip straight to the not-doing-it part. And the other thing is that I like the taste of these just fine. I prefer it, actually. It's like having a craving for Kraft macaroni and cheese. Sometimes it just hits the spot.

I do, however, hand-make all my sprinkles.

Iced3Kidding. By the end of the batch I'm just spraying sprinkles everywhere, Get on there, babies!, rushing to make them stick before all the frosting dries up. (It dries quick.)

Iced5Showers and showers of sprinkles. Sometimes it's hard to remember that "sprinkles" are actually "sugar." Biting into a cookie that actually crunches reminds you . . . as well as the sudden urge to lay down and take a nap about a half-hour later. . . .

Beads3The sprinkles reminded me of these beads, a big bowl of which I put together the other day. They're all just kids' beads from the craft store. I find stringing beads to be very relaxing. If you add pom-poms (see Heidi's adorable garlands over at Kiddley), you have a great TV-watching activity. My mom was looking for a project to do and I suggested this to her, and asked her to make me one. Immediately after hanging up the phone, I realized I felt a bit flushed . . . put hand to forehead . . . yes, I had the stringing-fever myself. So of course went out and bought three bags of beads and five bags of pom-poms and have made, so far, seven garlands. Sigh. I drive myself insane, I really do. I now have enough poms to fill a standard pillowcase. They do make adorable strands of cuteness for the tree or the mantle

Pompoms1Oops, wrong "mantle."

Garland1I meant this one.

Garland2 When we were house-hunting six years ago, we looked at a house that had a fireplace in the master bedroom, as well as a tiny nursery with a mint-green linoleum floor and little paned French doors off of it. The place was a fixer, and by the time we wanted to write our offer, one had already been made. But I drive past that house every few days on my way downtown and I think about it. A fireplace in the bedroom. It's a spectacular dream, don't you think? I could do a lot with that.

Iced7Generally, I'm just saying that it's good to have every aspect of your holiday decorating color-coordinated with your . . . sprinkles. Obviously, it's where one should always start.


From the pace of that post I am tipping you drank a lot of coffee this day also? (takes one to know one perhaps?!)

life would not be the same had you not bought the house you did and the studio de la posie not become what it is. fireplaces are lovely but scary. the dear little house we're in the process of buying has a chimney that thinks its cool to lean towards the house. oh heck. please send some of that sugarcookie lovin this way.

Just dropping in to say this post made me do a happy little sigh. So pretty. So calming. So happy. Thanks. I love your blog. I'm so happy I've found it.

Everything you make is absolutely beautiful... it's so much fun to see what you are creating and making and baking! I just started reading your blog this month and you have definitely added sparkle to my Christmas!:) Your ornament dresses made of felt inspired me to make some for gifts.... thanks for your continued inspiration!

Those garlands are so cute, seems to me you could never have enough :) Also, I realized I can't bake your easy muffins because we don't have bisquick here. Now I understand you can also buy royal icing! Wow!

For many years I lived in a house with seven fireplaces. I practically swooned when we first saw it and I remember thinking how incredibly romantic having a fire in our bedroom would be. What I didn't count on was how much cold air, dirt and assorted critters would emanate from beneath those mantles. When we had the chimney sweep in the first year to prepare for many beautiful firelit rooms, we were informed that the chimneys and flues were all in terrible condition and that only one was safe to use. The cost of lining each chimney so that we wouldn't die from carbon monoxide poisoning was as much as we put down on the house, so in the end we had to seal up all but the one in the living room. The mantles were still great places to display precious items when the children were small and I do miss their design possibilities, but the wind howling down those chimneys in the winter - no way!

Love your blog...you are a truly inspiring woman....and with a sense of humour too!
I love the candy coloured Christmas too.
Merry Christmas to you!

Your photos are so HAPPY! Just what I need to see this grey day. I'm a'wondering, where did you get your swan-shaped cutout garland on the mantle?

Oohhh my, what delicous goodies and piccies.
Have a lovely Christmas!

Can you tell me what kind of yarn you use to make your pom poms? I've tried once or twice, but they never look that full and fluffy! I think my yarn is just too wimpy.

You had me going there for just a second when you said "I do make all my own sprinkles though". NO WAY!??
Then I saw the just kidding. Cute.

I love your beautiful pictures!! The cookies look so yummy :D And the pom-pom garland... omg, too much cuteness for one girl to see! I love reading your blog!

ok, ok, I have been reading your blog for quite a while now. I'm finally leaving a comment because I;ve come over all christmasy! I was feeling so glum and moody but everything you posted here has perked me up and I'm ready to wrap and make cookies. Thank you SO much. I'm so inspired now!

lovely stockings!

neihgbor em says: December 19, 2006 at 09:53 PM

Do your fingers ever stop? it seems to me you are constantly at it. i'm so jealous. with my 2 small girls i hardly find time to create anything. i love all your ideas and am looking forward to girls getting bigger and joining in. in the meantime- i'll live vicariously through you, please.

What a sweet sweet day!! Loving the color palette of your cookies! So happy! And your garland is just so so cheerful!!

Thank you so much for the holiday smiles Alicia!!

XOXO Jenny

sigh ... if only we had little kids around to eat all the cookies , I would still bake. As it is, I have to quick quick (!) give the cookies away before I am tempted to eat them. I love the playfulness of your cookie sprinkles and ... those pompom garlands are sweet. okay -- i'm not going to wait until next christmas to make a few for my bedroom windows. thanks for the idea. (i found your post from liz's blogpost ... thanks, liz!)

Oh. my. God. I love your everything on here! But please tell me, did you make that fabulous swan cutout garland on your mantel? If not, where did you find it?! I adore every little bit of your blog. Thanks for sharing such happy, beautiful things with your equally wonderful photos.

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