Weekend of Worry, and Work

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Hearts are heavy here on the West Coast and everywhere this morning as there is still no sign of the Kim family, lost in southern Oregon last week. Our thoughts and prayers are with them, and their family and friends.

I never actually made it out of the house at all. I just quietly crafted and crafted, and photographed things in the sunlight, and Photoshopped images, and worked on the web site, getting it ready for today. I always very much underestimate how much time the photography/web site stuff takes. I don't know if I just do things in a particularly inefficient way or if it just takes that much elbow grease. I think it just takes that much elbow grease.

Pho_muse_kensingtongate_lgI didn't get some things done that I expected to; I did get some things done that I never expected to. Like these, little collages using my very best original sewing pattern images. I call them Household Muses. They have addresses instead of names. I'm really happy with them. I can't help it; I love those illustrations ever so much. I've been collecting vintage patterns for a long time. Isn't it amazing that usually just one size came in old patterns? Now there are like, what, five or something, in each package?

Pho_muse_magnoliact_lgI was a little conflicted about cutting them up, but I do believe in giving new life to old things, letting them work their magic in another context. I was tempted to call this one "Bibbity Bobbity Boo," actually. But it's "124 Magnolia Court." Doesn't she look like she's conjuring up something good in the neighborhood? These are tiny, about four inches by four inches. They're reminiscent of the larger collages I've made as gifts for friends.

Pho_woolrose2_icefloe_lgMore Wool Roses. I've been using up all of my best buttons lately, but it's worth it. But I need to get out there and start searching again. People ask me all the time how to find vintage stuff and my answer: You pound the pavement, girls. I don't know an easy way. I don't know an easy way to find any of it. My resources are the same as anyones. I have a car, the Yellow Pages, the classifieds, and Google. That's it. No magic wand. You wander the aisles, you peer into every corner.

Pho_bird3_polly_medSo, Friendly Birds happened this week, too. They've been "happening" for weeks, in various stages of completion. I just so love watching their little personalities come out as they get finished. I don't share the process for these; that's my special secret, just between me and them. They're so sweet. Very well behaved. Most birds are, no? They're pretty much life-size, too, which I think contributes to the sense that they're hanging out, participating.

There are also new Cagelets, some new Christmassy things, new Boutties, the Winter Camellias, new Thank-You Postcards. Lots of good stuff. This will be my last major update before the new year, and then I'll stop taking orders after December 15, as I mentioned.

Pho_cage_missswiss_med2 After the 15th, I'm looking forward to settling in and getting the site fully loaded for magazine stuff in January. Part of me thinks that everyone (including me, frankly) will be pretty disinterested in doing anything other than lying on the sofa watching retrospectives of 2006 (love those) on January 2, 2007. But that's my next deadline. I'd hate to have a bunch of new people come to the site (if they come) and have it be all lame, so my goal is to have it nicely filled back up by then. We'll see.

See you at 2 p.m.! 


Wonderful collages-I would never have thought to cut up the vintage patterns, but they work perfectly in your design.

I am infamous for underestimating the time it takes to create and perfect, it does take a lot of elbow grease...that's just the bottom line!

Happy Holidays!


Good luck! Love the blue flower especially. Good luck at 2. Maybe some new postcards will still be available when I'm home from work. Have a lovely day.

oh! sad that i have a meeting at *just* 2 o'clock because my studio needs one of those collages and I just know they'll all be snapped up in a heartbeat!

hopefully the collage muse will strike again for your January update!

retrospectives of 2006, you mean. right?

those little collages are adorable.

Chris Howard says: December 04, 2006 at 09:37 AM

Ack! MUST have collage, MUST have wintery cagelet, MUST have new little bird for Petaline to stalk...so much pressure..MUST hit RELOAD many...many...many times...

Wish me luck!

You've been so busy! I mean seriously busy, these are so great, I love your brain.

Every minute that goes by and the Kim family is not found, I can't help asking what has happened, it shouldn't take this long. They should be home.

oh darn it. I was hoping it was a magic wand.
wink wink ;)

Those collages are so pretty and fun!!

I love your little birdies. Everything is darling.

Love the flower pins - how did you get the circles cut so perfectly?

kind of at loose ends over here.

"find picture audrey, mama. pease."

My heart is so heavy for the Kim family and their family and friends. I keep checking the OSP website to see if there's good news.

I keep hoping at any minute now there will be some great and exciting news and the Kim's are going to be the subject of some cheezy TV movie on how they survived some great odds.

I'm glad you posted about them. Your blog reaches sooooo many people!

Oh my gosh. you collage too???!!! I just love what you did with the gift to your friend! looks like a great idea for the current 1 inch square frenzy going on. I didn't know you collaged too! is there anything you don't know how to do?
And about the photo thing. I don't even do the photoshop step (one day I will find the time) and I still take forever loading, organizing, etc. with photos. I agree, there's no way around some of it!
I really enjoy your blog.

All such beautiful stuff yet again - you are amazing.

it is shocking, i hope it all turns out for the best and soon!

on a lighter note, your birdies are very cute. remember to breathe!

I love the vintage pattern pictures in the collages. It reminds me so much of when I was learning to sew with my mom in the late 60's and early 70's. My happiest day was when my mom got brave at the fabric shop (because I wasn't) and asked the clerk if we could have their out-dated pattern book. They didn't know why not and handed over Simplicity, McCall's, and Butterick. I had so much fun studyig those pages for years! I drew my paper dolls their own custom outfits based on the designs. So your photos made me smile. And if you're looking for another cool-sounding address, mine was "4214 Pinehurst". I loved the sound of that. It was in Milwaukie.

My heart sank to hear about the missing family. I truly hope, as we all do, they are found soon safe and sound.

Love those birdies, but can't get one today *sob!* But I think I got those dear deer!! As usual You have done a lovely job. My mom will be here in about 30 minutes and I fully intend to sit her down in front of the computer and say, "here, mom, shop for me for Christmas! Promise I won't look!"

I am such a brat. :)

Elbow grease - every time. But I think time does distort when you're crafting. Like it amazes me that it doesn't seem to take me so long to handquilt and bind a quilt - but takes *for ever* to pin it together...

sometimes, i'm torn about what to say. i feel terrible for the kim family. and, also want to tell you that i love your new collages. but, when i put the two thoughts together, it just seems strange.

something looks strange on this page of your shop site http://www.rosylittlethings.com/index.html

it's scrolling "free to stitch ..."

elizabeth i. says: December 04, 2006 at 02:51 PM

Hi Alicia -

Your pics are so beautiful - and I am in the market for a digital camera and I am wondering which camera you use (if you don't mind me asking).

Thank you for your comforting blog - it is very true to its name "cosy".


i love
your collages...
will you be
selling them
in your shop...
and your
wool roses!

So so sad ...I truly cannot understand why or how something such as the Kim's Disappearance has to happen. I still hold hope for a safe return home.

Your weekend was incredibly productive my goodness!! Everything is fabulous!! Such fun creations!

I tried my hardest to adopt my favorite friendly bird....but ohhh I was beat to the checkout! my goodness...my refresh button is angry with me! : )

You did a wonderful job stocking the shop with all things Posie and sweet!!

Try not to lose your mind with the feeding frenzy!lol

Have a great week!
xoxo Jenny

I love everything! I am also happy to report they found Kati and the two girls. They are looking for James since they know what direction to look for him in. I am so relieved. I do not know these people, but the thought something happened to them just made me sick. I hope they will find James very soon and they will all be okay.

The mom and 2 girls have been found, and the father set out 2 days ago for help, and they are looking for him. The mom and girls are at the hospital and should be fine. I will keep the father in my thoughts and hope he is found safe, which they do think there is a decent chance of.

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