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AmaryllisA, obviously, for Miss Amaryllis, who has finally decided to make her flamboyant and much-welcome debut in the dining room. Pretty pretty girl.

But also A for "And some other stuff." In school, my favorite period was always A- (or "announcement") period. Twelve minutes of randomness. (Did you know I also went to high school with this comic genius? He was a year younger than I, and he was hilarious then, too, in just about every school play.) Anyway, this post is kind of a hodgepodge of little things I've been meaning to tell you, but it should only take about 1.2 minutes.

Thank you for all of the eggroll-, Bears-, and Andy Paulson–lovin' yesterday. He was so excited to read all of your comments, and get more egg roll tips (I'm excited about that, too). I have to admit it was rather nice to see him out of his Bears jersey this morning (on his way back to work), since he wore it for about three days straight, having put it on directly out of the envelope, sent from Chicago by his dad. Twenty-one years since we last did the Superbowl Shuffle. It's hard not to be excited about that, even for me, who doesn't even really know who we're playing. (I thought it was the Scouts, and then someone said Colts.)

Have you heard about the Softie Awards? I'm thrilled to be one of the judges for this cool contest, which is now open to everyone who makes original softies. I just looked at some of the entries that have already come in and am blown away by the never-ending cleverness, talent, and humor of softie makers from all over the world. This is going to be really, really fun, so please go on over and check out the rules and all the info and then submit your favorite piece!

Portobello_1 I got an email the other day from Sandi who said that she was participating in a "launch" (when several designers get together and create items based on a theme) and the theme was "magazines." She decided to make a little girl's outfit inspired by my studio. Isn't this little ensemble the cutest thing (second of course to the super-cutie-patootie model)? What a confection. I'm excited that my special room inspired such a treat. Thank you, Sandi! It's really just so beautiful, and right on. (The dress, not the room. The room's a total mess, currently.)

The auction to benefit Drawbridge over at Apartment Therapy has some beautiful pieces, like this, for a good cause. And Claire is having a benefit auction for a very good cause, too. And Free Geek always needs you and your hardware.

Also, for those of you who have asked if I will be selling the dolls — weeeeeeell, I will probably be selling some dolls, but not those dolls. I'm actually going to keep those three girls for myself. But I'm sure I'll be making some more here sometime. I'm also working on more musies, and more bookbags (crazy excited about these — wait 'til I show you all my new [old] fabrics I found thrifting last week) for spring reading.

I'll definitely do a shop update in the next few weeks. Not in time for Valentine's Day — wouldn't you know it? I am totally not into V-Day, I must tell you. I don't know why. They just put too many things-you-must-do-something-for together. It's like, after the endless parade of holidays and birthdays, that thing rolls around five minutes after I've cleaned up all the stuff and it's like, Dude, enough already! Leave us alone, then! Sorry. Everyday romance, good enough for me. A paper heart glued to a doily and a little kiss — good. And several people who know me in real life have written to me gagging with disbelief that, as stated in the RH article, I actually "advocate the return of hand gloves and serving tea." My sister said, "Please! You are total Big Gulp, and sweatpants." Yes I know. I told you, I can't control these things people. We serve you Coke, egg rolls, and coffee, and encourage comfortable clothing around here, at all times, FYI. In fact, I haven't worn anything that doesn't have an elastic waistband in several weeks. If I don't finish that ripple blanket soon (you cannot crochet a ripple blanket while wearing anything other than pajama bottoms, and if someone comes to the door at two o'clock in the afternoon and sees you in your pajama bottoms and says, "Oh no! What's wrong?" you just say contentedly, "Nothing. Everything is so, so very right." 'Cause I tell you — there is no greater joy than making a ripple blanket in complete comfort) I may never wear anything else again.


My Amaryllis is shy. Do you have any tips for getting her to come out of her shell?

The word Amaryllis always reminds me of a Renaissance song we sang when I was in the university chamber choir :)

Thank you for the softies link. I entered a month of softies a few years ago with my first stuffed animal, and this has motivated me to make another. I have had one in my mind for my neice for a long time. I can't wait. By the way, I'm a lurker, and I LOVE your blog.

Love you love your photos. I'll wear elastic waist pants and celebrate a comfort day with you. Happy ripple. And keep on insinkerating.

Yesterday was my last day of working outside my home, and I cannot wait to do housework, crafty things, you name it in my jammie bottoms, or anything with elastic, Horray!! You have inspired me yet again!

Thanks for all the great links. I can't believe you went to high school with Thomas? Can't wait for the Reno 911 movie!!!

Well, I didn't think you went in for crocheting in gloves, and I've yet to see a "gloves and tea-serving" tag here. (I'd love a category for Audrey, though!!) But I guess they weren't going to rhapsodize about elastic waist pants, right? Thanks for the fun links!

ummmm, the scouts?

I just have to tell you, I am also so inspired by your home and your blog. I was at a discount store yesterday, trying to decide whether or not to make a purchase and I thought, "What would Alicia do?" hee hee I came home with some really cute items.

To Stephanie: Exactly.

Georgeous Amarylis! I went to go get RH, and BN doesn't carry it. GO FIGURE! Maybe in Chicago you don't have romantic homes? PSSH.
Can't wait for the bookbags and the ripple blanket fin. I agree with you TOTALLY on V-day. I don't even like red roses delivered to me. So cliche! Don't miss the midwest too much..please..it's too darned cold! -8! really?!

Love love love this whole entry!! My husband LOVED the Free Geek link, I'm thinking I have many parts of his that could use better homes. I agree, isn't it in a rule book that knitting/crocheting must be done in pure comfort? I'm sure I saw that somewhere!! NO, really!! ;-)
I am being a copycat, but my ripple is not nearly as pretty as yours, I need a better stash!!

Lovely post Alicia. I always enjoy reading your blog each day. Go the comfy pants!

I keep meaning to comment on your ripple blanket. when I saw the picture, it brought back such great memories for me. My grandma crocheted tirelessly. And her "style" was the ripple blanket. She did one for her kids, all grandkids...everyone. Unfortunately mine got left behind somewhere on my many moves. But it alays brings a smile to my face when I see a crocheted ripple blanket.

Hoorah another daytime PJ wearer just came out!

Hi, my name is Lucinda and I've been wearing my sweatpants for three weeks straight. Even though I have good reasons (disc herniation & illness) I still want to figure out how I can look cute/fashionable and be elasticized around the waist daily. I don't know if it's possible, but it is comfortable. Here's to making Clinton and Stacy cringe.

Beautiful flower photo -- as always.

Thanks for the free geek link. I've already sent it off to several computer part pack rats. I love viral marketing!

I'm so in love with you for using the hyphens and en-dash correctly at the beginning of your third paragraph. I know you got mad skillz, but it just makes my heart beat a little faster to see them in action like that.

Seeing amaryllis bloom is like a miracle. As a bonus, the name always make me think of The Music Man and start humming "Goodnight, My Someone."

My husband was prop master on all the Reno series, and the movie too. He knows Tom Lennon well. He's been to our house for parties (with long pants on). :-)

I bet you are glad he's not sporting that Bears jersey anymore. It didn't go with your kitchen very well. :) All those roses! :):)

long gloves would be a big mistake with eggrolls.

Alicia, you have inspired me to start my own ripple blanket. I was wondering how many "stitches" wide it is? Thanks for a great site!

I had no idea about the Softies. I feel the urge to sew something up now! And I advocate doing anything one can in pajama pants. Ok, I don't go outside in them, but inside, it's all about the PJs. Have to get my hands on a copy of that mag.....

Great pics and thank you for all the links! I do have a fabulous pair of long gloves from my grandmother; cannot get them over my large hands, so I just look at them. Do those lovely kid gloves shrink or did women have just the tiniest hands back then?

You are SERIOUSLY delightful!

Oh man. I must admit I'm a bit of a lurker, but I HAD to comment on two items in this post.

1. Tom Lennon? JEALOUS. Have been a fan since I was 13 and imitating Barry and Lebon on The State. So good!

2. I just found out last week that a woman I work with's husband was on the Bear's Superbowl Shuffle 1985 Team and is on the recording/video of that amazing song. Oh sure, he went to the Superbowl too, but I'm much more impressed with the Shuffle. Close to greatness I am.

Love your blog and your work. Keep it up. :)

that dress is so pretty as is the litte cutie wearing it!

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