Little Sisters

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Please come in and meet my girls.

Gretelabigail3 This is Gretel-Abigail. She's the oldest, and as such tends to be the most inclined to set a good example. She plans to go to med school to study epidemiology. She's also a bit of a worrier. Which makes sense.

Gretelabigail1 But who wouldn't be.

Gretelabigail2 It's a chicken-or-an-egg thing.

Simoneelle1This is her sister, Simone-Elle. She is actually adopted, from the Alsace region of France. Which explains her weakness for flammekueche.

Simoneandmarjorie Being the middle child, though, she knows how to share.

Marjorie-Bea has now developed the taste for bacon and onions. And, of course, a good Riesling. But mostly she likes to build pinatas. She has made, to date, over fourteen-thousand.

You wouldn't think it, to look at her, would you.

Marjoriebea1 But it's totally true. She's the foremost pinata-maker in the world.


And lets be honest, who doesn't love a pinata?

I love them and their stories!

I'm screaming over their cuteness! I LOVE your dolls!!

Wow, I've never met a real epidemiologist before!

You're a hoot, Alicia!!! Thanks for a good chuckle first thing in the morning!...Your girls are just darling and I must say they live fascinating lives! I especially love their braided hair. So sweet!

I LOVE your girls! Adorable, talented, smart, favorite kind of girls. Thanks for the introduction.

Oh, they are SO cute. I name my squares, but they don't have such lovely stories!

Ah yes: doll birth order. It explains everything :)

Have a pretty day!

They're lovely! I think they should be in a children's storybook...

you are such a riot! beautiful work.

HAHAHA so cute thanks for brightening my day!

I adore Gretel-Abigail's skirt! As an older sister I really relate to the heavy burden she must bear - I just never looked so good doing it!

Love the dolls, Alicia!

And Gretel-Abigail?? Seriously, those two names have been on my "baby names" list for a while. Greta too.

Those are awesome! enough said : )

I love their little mouths most of all.

so gorgeous. i love the fabric on the 2nd one. you are a talent, alicia.

Allie from Minneapolis says: January 24, 2007 at 09:25 AM

Alicia, do you ever make your dolls to sell or are they too hard to part with (I think they would be)? Just wondering because they are so lovely and happy - I would enjoy looking at one every day :o) Thank you for sharing them with us.

Alsace is just one region over from me! I love going there. Beautiful.

Simply beautiful Alicia - hopefully they will be making their way into your store soon? Gorgeous fabric skirt on the last one :)


You're so funny darling Alicia. SO FUNNY! I just want to hug you for this post. xxxxx

this is very maira-kalman-esque. but of course, why wouldn't it be, with the world's foremost piñata maker involved.

this is so much fun--

Love the girls, but especially love their stories! Beautiful!

How cute!

And 14,000 pinatas, huh? I didn't even know the demand was that high for pinatas! I definitely have to go tap this overlooked market.

You better watch out Marjorie-Bea!

oh goodness gracious alicia these are adorable!

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