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Rhcover1 It's a bizarre experience, to see yourself and your stuff in print. I can't quite explain why, and I wouldn't understand it if someone was explaining it to me, about themselves. But I know that when it happens to me it feels dreamy — as in, that dream I have where I'm buck-naked on the subway, desperately grabbing at people's Tribunes to cover myself, while praying that the thing comes to a screeching, sparking stop so I can sprint out the doors and run straight off the . . . planet. In other words, I feel profoundly vulnerable and exposed, and thrilled, and a little bit scared, like I must only look at it through the little shutter of my fingers while my hand is covering my eyes. But I keep looking, trying to take it all in.

Rh2Today I must say, I'm pretty overwhelmed by this. If you've hung around here for a while, you may remember last fall when there were some photo shoots happening around the place and I was cleaning like a crazy person and chattering away about it all. This October afternoon in particular was pretty magical, and yesterday the results hit the stands (or at least some subscribers' mailboxes). This is the March 2007 issue of Romantic Homes magazine with an article about our house. I'm actually a little bit speechless. It's ten beautiful super-saturated pages long. It just kept going and going.

You never really know what these things are going to be; as the subject, you don't have a lot of control. Once you've said "yes," you pretty much have to let go, put yourself out there, and allow it all to be . . . interpreted, however it will. But it's never easy. It's always fraught. You sort of stand, pigeon-toed, off to the side while they do their thing, full of hope and pride and nerves, wringing your hands, crossing your fingers, pretending it doesn't really matter anyway, what anyone thinks. But when it comes out, it's impossible not to care, or feel emotional. I couldn't be more thrilled, or flattered, or nervous today if I tried. I'm thinking of having Andy take my blood-pressure. It's nice to have an R.N. around the house when your magazine article comes out.

Thanks for being here, you guys. My legs feel a little bit wobbly. If we pack really tightly into this subway car then I might be okay.




I can't wait to see the magazine.

Your sense of color and design are inspirations for so many of us, and now you'll have even more fans!

Congratulations on your good taste!

Will you be able to show the article for those of us who cannot purchase the magazine (Rural America has limited magazine choices).

This is so exciting! I hope I can find this at our bookstore. Congratulations! Apparently I'm not the only one who loves your style.

congratulations...that is so amazing!

Absolutely gorgeous! I am on the hunt for the magazine today to be inspired some more. Congrats!


Alicia, I cannot wait to haunt my local Barnes and Noble for this. We are all packed in the car with you, and if you insist, we will wrap you in our sherbert colored raincoats. But I kind of love thinking of that random reader having the experience I did of finding your blog as she opens that article-- of finding a new place that is fluffy and dearly familiar and creative and kind.

Alicia, congratulations, that cover is gorgeous! I cannot wait to get it. I'll have to start looking for it. Watyou have shown so far really looks amazing, dear!

Yikes! That would be torture for me, being exposed and interpreted and displayed, with no control on my part. You are SO LOVED, though, that they couldn't help but show you and your home in the best light possible. I'm sure there is a rosy glow emanating from the pages.

EnJoY the PaRaDE :)

well, hot diggity.

It looks amazing! I've never seen "Romantic Homes" looking so good!! Congratulations Alicia!

I can't wait to see it! I am happy for you.

Congratulations!! I got my issue from the mailbox a couple days ago and literally skipped into the house with it! Awesome cover. I was so happy to see that you got so many pages! It's with me at my desk right now and although I usually rip out all the pages I want to keep from the magazines I get, this one is going to stay intact. I love it. You can never have too much of a good thing! Keep inspiring...you bring joy to my day! N-

Can't wait to see it. I bet it's beautiful.

I was looking for this yesterday just in case.. and now here it is.. I'm going to be on the prowl till I find it. The cover is delicious and I know I'll enjoy the article. I'm so happy to see you have success. As scary as it might be! Happy Day, Congrats.

YR SO FAMOUS! i HAVE a piece of that green floral tableclothy fabric from my lil bitta everything : ) the little article about you and andy in the previous issue was sweet but i was holding out for this one. even though i just stalk yr blog im still weirdly so proud of you. xoxoxoxoxoxopxijvxhjsjg

Angela Haselton says: January 26, 2007 at 11:08 AM

Congratulations, Alicia! I will keep my eyes open for this magazine. You are on my top five artist-idol list. I'm so grateful for your blog, it's my treat for each day. Now, I've got to tear up the earth and find that magazine!!

I've just been looking at your flickr photos and your house is newsworthy for a fact!!! I hope Audrey gets some press, too. I love her in her little coat - she looks like Conch Audrey. Have fun with your fame.

It all looks very promising, my dear Ms. A.
Good work to you, for having the beautiful home in the first place :)
(and Happy Weekend)

Congratulations! I can't wait to get that magazine. Romantic Homes is usually a little too foofy for me, but maybe now they'll go in a more...Posie-ish direction, huh? A little younger, maybe more modern and poetic, less foof? We can hope.

I would so love to see that Alicia!I might offer up a swap on my blog to get my hands on a copy.
Sound a bit like a stalker don't I!

I am sure I've seen the same kind of panicked expressions on the faces of people appearing on This Is Your Life!

It's gonna be great. Everybody's going to love your house. You will be showered with applause and surrounded with love. So bask in the glow!

Wow Alicia! Congratulations.
I can't wait to pickup the magazine.

Hi Alicia - oh I wish I could see it! Are you going to post any of it - please do, don't be modest! I linked to the Romantic Homes website and had to laugh when I read this in the editors letter: "While the world is constantly changing, England is respectful of the past—preserving older, glorious buildings; a place where antiques are in abundance—and though Double Decker buses may not grace as many streets for ecological reasons, you can still buy cheese at a cheese shop just across the road from the vendor who only sells chocolate." I wonder when the she last visited England - the 1950s perhaps! Is she getting it confused with France re: the cheese and chocolate shops? Oh, I am mean, I know...

i've never read this magazine before, but i just ordered a copy off ebay because i can't handle going to a bunch of stores in seattle asking for "romantic homes" magazine! even though what i want more than almost anything is a romantic home, i just don't want to ask random sales people for it. right now i have to settle for a romantic room since my roommate doesn't have the same design aesthetic :)

Sheila Earhart says: January 26, 2007 at 11:25 AM

You are amazing! Way to go.



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