Ripple Effects

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William11_1 Ripples. You'd think there wouldn't be much to blog about when one has done not much the past two weeks other than stack ripples up like years, but oh, you know I'll find a way. I was running late yesterday but took a few shots of the half-done ever-growing ripple blanket in action. I seriously think this is my all-time favorite thing I've made so far. I take it with me from room to room around the house, adding a few ripples wherever I go. I can hardly believe I'm saying that because of my little problem with putting things down half-finished. But no. Still going strong on this one.

William10This little puppers is William, a hound I bought from Kristina and gave to Andy for Christmas. I love the things Kristina makes — they always have such personality. Every once in a while when I'm having a bad day and I need a giggle, I think of that pig she made a million years ago whose head exploded? Oh god, just thinking about it makes me laugh — go look at it, seriously. And the way Kristina writes about her just CRACKS me up. This is one of my all-time favorite blog entries anywhere, and definitely one of my all-time favorite most-adorable pigs. But William is ours (er, Andy's) and we love him.

William12 This morning Andy said, "How come you didn't call that guy about the tool-and-die magazine job, anyway?" Many other people asked me this question in the comments the other day and all I can say is: Peeps, did you hear the part about it being a tool-and-die magazine? What even ARE tools and dies? I didn't call because I was horrified, and, worse, suspected the handwriting analysis was probably completely right. Now, in retrospect, I guess I can safely say, "Well obviously it would've been good experience, etc." But at the time I just saw myself wearing a hardhat, carrying a notebook around a factory in Berwyn, Illinois, eating a Lean Cuisine in a windowless lunchroom forever. At 24, I wanted to move to the mountains of western Montana with my boyfriend, and write short stories, and ride the vintage bicycle he gave me to the farmer's market to buy lupine and sunflowers, and get a kitten. I just didn't quite know it until the tool-and-die guy was handing me his card, when I saw my whole life flash before my eyes. So, we hit the road, and here we are. I'm not saying the things I do make any sense, but that's rarely stopped me.

William8 They say, when decorating, to, you know, just "use things that you love" and it'll all go together, etc. I was just looking at the colors in the blanket and the room and watching them show up here and there, a little bit here, a little bit there. I'm always trying to get the blue right, but the other colors do seem to . . . keep showing up. Which, I mean — maybe everyone's stash is like that? Is that how it just naturally works? That the stash blanket becomes the blanket that goes with everything, by virtue of its being made of everything?

William6 I was slightly surprised that even Andy didn't get why I didn't call the tool-and-die guy, but maybe he just wanted to hear me explain it. He and I are pretty much naturally simpatico on just about everything, except when it comes to interpretations of our long-shared past where we have great conversations that go like this:

"College was totally [insert adjective here]."
"No it wasn't."
"Yes it was."
"No it wasn't."
"Yes, it was!"
" . . . "
"YES IT WAS!!!!"


"She was always doing that."
"No she wasn't."
"Yes she was."
"No she wasn't."
"ARE YOU INSANE YES SHE WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
" . . . "

You can see I always win these. I mean, it is the person who shouts the loudest and calls the other person "psycho" enough who wins, right?

Yes it is.

William7 I forgive him, I really do, for being wrong about so many of our common memories, where we were apparently in the same place, at the same time, with the same people, but, also, apparently, on different planets. Occasionally it does occur to me that it is only I who am on another planet. The Planet of Small Cute Chairs and Cakes.

Soon to officially replace Pluto, if things go according to my plan.


verry beautiful color's , so i like every thing's you make ....

and your french doll is very sweety !!!! LOL for your explain !!!

LOVE the Banner. Hi Puppy!

Now that's one planet I'd like to visit. The blanket is wonderful, just like everything you do!

That afghan looks pretty done. How big will it get? Every time I go to buy yarn in "different" colors. I come back with some variation of pink or blue. I try very hard to reach for other colors but they just jump back on the shelf.

Oh my gosh! What a great description of your memories. My husband and I have been together since we were 17, and you would think our memories would be the same, but no. He is always making up stuff that happened. Yes, he too is in the wrong. Not I.

Who needs to buy magazines with photos like these?!...pure eye candy...

I love your ripple blanket. It inspires me to make one with my immense stash of yarn. And I love your sense of style, too. It's a lot like mine. Little hints of childhood and flowery meadows stirred together with vintage and fun.

Great blog!

Your rippple blanket is beautiful. I'm in the last few (well maybe more than a few) rows of a log cabin blanket I've been knitting for months. I gotta tell 'ya, your blanket makes me want to pick up ahook and learn to crochet.

Tee hee... I thought I read nipple blanket but then when back and read it correctly. Is it OK that I am 28 and I still think like a 13 year old from time to time? Your blanket it beautiful... I totally LOVE it when you post more than one picture in a post. The colors you surround yourself with are dreamy. Yes, I said dreamy. (see 13 year old self) The hubby and I have been together for 8 years and you would think we live two different lives. He remembers things that did not, could not have happened. I would have recalled such things. Yes? Of course I would have. That being said, I think he has a grand imagination (or I am forgetfull).

Oh your ripple blanket is so lovely. I can see why it would be your all-time favorite thing you've made. It's gorgeous! (It has me missing my Grandma, who crocheted ripple blankets for everyone in the family.)

p.s. I think I would really enjoy living on the Planet of Small Cute Chairs and Cakes.

Girl, you are on fire today.

"But at the time I just saw myself wearing a hardhat, carrying a notebook around a factory in Berwyn, Illinois, eating a Lean Cuisine in a windowless lunchroom forever."


"The Planet of Small Cute Chairs and Cakes. Soon to officially replace Pluto, if things go according to my plan."


And do my eyes deceive or have you changed your background color? Nice. And new banner too? Hi puppers.

your house is so cute and all the little details charming. the blanket is really lovely- great colors

I love that Audrey is now the star of the banner. I got my Romantic Homes magazine yesterday, and I wanted to scream it's Posie, it's Alicia,it's Audrey, but i knew my family would have me put away. I love your home and I so look forward to reading the blog each day. Thanks for sharing your beautiful life.

I am loving your blanket. Makes me want to put down my piece by piece log cabin (now this is mock log cabin and kickin my arse due to the 8 different stitches used.. wait there could be more) and start a ripple blanket.

I love the color on your walls. I am thinking about that color for my bedroom.. but that would require painting the furniture that white washed way. Not a bad idea. I did buy it from the people I bought the house from for $400! Queen bed, 2 night stands, highboy and dresser. Hmmm... oh wait, just last spring and summer I hand plastered the textured walls to be smooth, took the popcorn off the ceiling and did this whole Veneitian plaster thing..okay, nevermind

anyway, I really do like seeing Audrey on your banner. After playing with Turman (9 week old corgi next door) I am just itching to get one!

Re: the different interpretations of a shared past I say "HA!" and I also say "it's funny because it's TRUE" and again I say "something in quotations just to make things more complicated because I seem to do that". Anyhoo, this is not about me this is about YOU and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post from top to bottom. It was so good in fact I think I will go back and try reading it from bottom to top.

May you have a particularly lovely day. :)

that blanket is so good alicia. good good. i love your um, dialogues with andy. very similar in my house. david loves to make this statement quite frequently, "no matter what i say, you always have to disagree or say the opposite". which of course my instant response is, "no i don't". arrrgh. catch-22?

I completely agree about the colors that keep showing up! I always end up with a lot of brown, orange, red and other fall colors in my rooms. Since this is my favorite season, maybe I am just trying to have eternal autumn somewhere in my life. Your blanket looks beautiful with William!

This post had me laughing out loud on more than one occasion. You are such a gifted writer. The ripple blanket just may force me to forego knitting for a bit and learn how to crochet!

I think I have sheets that match your comforter. I know about your sheet "thing" and I have to tell you, they're the good kind.

You are a hoot. I love the ripple afphgan. It is very beautiful, and looks very cozy. I have only finished two afghans my whole life so far and they each took me probably 2 years each. So kudos to you for sticking with it and finishing it!

I will become an astronaut to go to that planet!
That blanket is so beautiful!

This was a great post! And I like the planet you're on. Never leave there, please.

I've also noticed before, that your palette with whatever you're doing or making kind of seems to "match" (that's not a nice word)and I like your colors. It has a nice effect. So no surprise that your crocheted blanket also fits the palette. It looks lovely. And just when I think that I don't have a palette - I realized that the blanket (straight rows not ripples) I'm crocheting some odd leftover skeins (or so I think) also seems to "match" just about every room in my house too. I guess that I also have a life palette. Except in my studio which is completely springy feminine colors.

and I loved the tool & die story because at one time in my life, at about the age of 21, I also say my life flash before my eyes, and it made me break up with a guy who everyone around me thought we were perfect for each other. I didn't make anyone happy but myself, but I knew that I just couldn't head down that road. to me it was the same as tool & dies.

This is hilarious, this entry. The whole thing. The tool-and-die story was great, so glad you kept going with it. Wonderful Alicia!

Angela Haselton says: January 25, 2007 at 10:06 AM

How intuitive of you to realize how your yarn stash ends up being what you surround yourself with. You have created such beautiful vignettes everywhere the eye looks. I wish I could translate what is inside of me to my outside world that I see and surround myself with. Love the pup! Is that a miniature paper chain framing the precious selection of chairs? How novel! Love it, Love it!! (as usual)

Angela Haselton says: January 25, 2007 at 10:10 AM

Oh, by the way, I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who saw "nipple blanket". Crystal T. was brave enough to confess, so will I.

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