Ripple Effects

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William11_1 Ripples. You'd think there wouldn't be much to blog about when one has done not much the past two weeks other than stack ripples up like years, but oh, you know I'll find a way. I was running late yesterday but took a few shots of the half-done ever-growing ripple blanket in action. I seriously think this is my all-time favorite thing I've made so far. I take it with me from room to room around the house, adding a few ripples wherever I go. I can hardly believe I'm saying that because of my little problem with putting things down half-finished. But no. Still going strong on this one.

William10This little puppers is William, a hound I bought from Kristina and gave to Andy for Christmas. I love the things Kristina makes — they always have such personality. Every once in a while when I'm having a bad day and I need a giggle, I think of that pig she made a million years ago whose head exploded? Oh god, just thinking about it makes me laugh — go look at it, seriously. And the way Kristina writes about her just CRACKS me up. This is one of my all-time favorite blog entries anywhere, and definitely one of my all-time favorite most-adorable pigs. But William is ours (er, Andy's) and we love him.

William12 This morning Andy said, "How come you didn't call that guy about the tool-and-die magazine job, anyway?" Many other people asked me this question in the comments the other day and all I can say is: Peeps, did you hear the part about it being a tool-and-die magazine? What even ARE tools and dies? I didn't call because I was horrified, and, worse, suspected the handwriting analysis was probably completely right. Now, in retrospect, I guess I can safely say, "Well obviously it would've been good experience, etc." But at the time I just saw myself wearing a hardhat, carrying a notebook around a factory in Berwyn, Illinois, eating a Lean Cuisine in a windowless lunchroom forever. At 24, I wanted to move to the mountains of western Montana with my boyfriend, and write short stories, and ride the vintage bicycle he gave me to the farmer's market to buy lupine and sunflowers, and get a kitten. I just didn't quite know it until the tool-and-die guy was handing me his card, when I saw my whole life flash before my eyes. So, we hit the road, and here we are. I'm not saying the things I do make any sense, but that's rarely stopped me.

William8 They say, when decorating, to, you know, just "use things that you love" and it'll all go together, etc. I was just looking at the colors in the blanket and the room and watching them show up here and there, a little bit here, a little bit there. I'm always trying to get the blue right, but the other colors do seem to . . . keep showing up. Which, I mean — maybe everyone's stash is like that? Is that how it just naturally works? That the stash blanket becomes the blanket that goes with everything, by virtue of its being made of everything?

William6 I was slightly surprised that even Andy didn't get why I didn't call the tool-and-die guy, but maybe he just wanted to hear me explain it. He and I are pretty much naturally simpatico on just about everything, except when it comes to interpretations of our long-shared past where we have great conversations that go like this:

"College was totally [insert adjective here]."
"No it wasn't."
"Yes it was."
"No it wasn't."
"Yes, it was!"
" . . . "
"YES IT WAS!!!!"


"She was always doing that."
"No she wasn't."
"Yes she was."
"No she wasn't."
"ARE YOU INSANE YES SHE WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
" . . . "

You can see I always win these. I mean, it is the person who shouts the loudest and calls the other person "psycho" enough who wins, right?

Yes it is.

William7 I forgive him, I really do, for being wrong about so many of our common memories, where we were apparently in the same place, at the same time, with the same people, but, also, apparently, on different planets. Occasionally it does occur to me that it is only I who am on another planet. The Planet of Small Cute Chairs and Cakes.

Soon to officially replace Pluto, if things go according to my plan.


One of my favorite poems as a child reminds me of your lovely little doll house. I posted it today and thought you might appreciated it...

Hi there, read about your vintage blanket (Ripple effect) on another Danish site - she wrote that she's in love... I now understand why. Absolutely lovely. I think, I'll have a go myself at some point. I hope I can. Anyway feel welcome at my site, that's also in English.

You're dog is absolutely adorable!!!

Alicia, your writing just cracks me up! Also, as I was reading the post and looking at your photos, I was thinking 'This reminds me of 'ever-growing ripple blanket'.....' and finally it came to me: In the film 'Like Water for Chocolate', the woman knits her way thru sleepless nights of passionate longing for the man she loves. The blanket eventually becomes so long that when she leaves in a wagon, it drags behind her for several hundred feet! (THAT's a lot of passion!)

Now since we all know that dear Andy is the love of your life, you aren't knitting because of unrequited passion - I'm not saying that.I just have to wonder: HOw long will Alicia's ever-growing ripple blanket GET?!!!!

I HAVE to run out and grab that mag today - can not WAIT to see your lovely place! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

Thanks everybody! For those asking for the pattern, please note that I just made this up so don't have correct counts or whatever, but Jane has cited her source for her ripple blanket here


Who wins when the memory ought to be common, as in, both people were there, but only one retains the memory? Like the ironing lessons? Or the cheapo wonton soup from a bag that you made (using a coffeepot) for me when I was sick that was THE BEST THING I EVER TASTED? Or the . . . .? Or the . . . . ? I even remember the line about the egrolls in the vows. So there. I win.

I´ve been lokking at your blankett for two weeks trying to figure out how it´s done, I´ve searched the internet for the pattern but can´t find it anywere shipping to sweden vere I live. Is there any posibility that you somehow can e-mail a scanned copy of the pattern because I´m dying to have one of almost youst like yours! / Birka

Hi, Alicia! I love your blog and the ripple afghan. I was wondering what brand and kind of yarn you used for it. I love the pale blues, pinks and grays. I can't seem to find any yarn in those nice colors in my local craft stores.

I love your little dolls house room on the loydd loom cabinnet !!

I love those little paper-chains in the picture!

I want to live on Planet of Small Cute Chairs and Cakes. And I would like to live next door to that TINY LITTLE PAPER CHAIN. oh my gosh too cute. Did you MAKE THAT?

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