Springtime in Paris (and Not So Much)

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Dress I just bought this but now I want these in red for when I don't go to France but pretend I do. I used this to save up for that.



super cute!! I'm nuts for polka dots!

I love the outfits I get for when I don't go places. Too much dress up as a kid I guess. I finally did go to Paris last summer and I can tell you, all of this would be just "tres magnifique"

I just bought the same dress yesterday! I love the detail on the collar. Blue is a very good choice.

oooh, I've been all over that spotty dress in green ;)


Ah, what's not to love about Boden. I keep thinking I'll go to their factory shop - and then have to hold myself back.

Ahh Boden and espadrilles! I have problems with these every year. That very espadrille site in fact! I can never pick and by the time I decide to bite the bullet it is time to get out the tights and wellies again!

love the outfit!!!! Boden could be the death of me

The dress is definately dreamy!... Boden...they have such adorable stuff. Be sure to let us see your adorable self in that dress when it comes! I, unfortunatly, am the not so proud receipint of 'cankles', so no knee lenght dresses round these parts! Will happily leave that up to you!

Oh I love Boden too! But I recently splurged on a dress from Anthropologie, so I shouldn't....

I was just filling up a wish-list-cart at Boden yesterday! I love their polka-dot cardigans too. I don't know if it's weird suggesting this store (shopping is personal!), but have you seen these? http://www.oldnavy.com/browse/product.do?cid=17796&pid=452320. They are similar and a lot less. I've been eyeing the green ones.

I'm totally longing for spring and a chance to go back to France! Ahh...

I love the dress and espadrilles!

Oooohhh!! How pretty. I'm currently a prisoner of maternity clothing until May, and then most likely a summer of uncertain sizing...so I will live vicariously through your Boden adventures this year!!

so cute! this is one of those dresses i really would want, yet tell myself that i could make it. not that i ever would get around to actually doing that and by the time i realize this, it's sold out. the espadrilles are great, too! bon voyage!

Oh, I love Boden and love the "dot dress".. it's made for fun and frolick!
A perfectly fun afternoon would be to look at the spring Boden magazine along with Country living... uk edition...... but then pretend I am in a cafe in Paris! Happy Day to you!

Love Boden. I went to that shoe site also, wonderful and so many to choose from. I'm starting to get excited about spring and summer now.

I just received my new Boden spring catalog and sat and wished for about an hour. You picked a very cute dress. And I love those espadrilles!

Ohh, the outfit is so cute! I´m studying in Spain for a semester and they have a month-long sale with such lovely clothes that aren´t found in the US.

Love that blue polka spotted dress! How fun!

Oh, I was just wishing for that same dress the other evening. I thought "Hmm, purple or blue? Definitely blue!" Or perhaps I should say "bleu". C'est fantastique!

Haven't rec'd my spring Boden catalog yet, but looks like I'll have to set aside an evening for it. (And a separate savings account, too.)

oui oui! that will look just smashing!

This is the first I have heard of Boden and I can see that you are going to get me in trouble!! Super Cute Dress!!

Just got their catalog....droolsville!!! :)

Oooh, Paris. I have been dreaming of Paris myself...I even found a huge enlarged framed photograph on the eiffel tower. A sign maybe...

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