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Poufs1Petals of silk saturated with color. Nothing holds dye like silk, especially silk taffeta. It has an intensity that is luminous and reminds me of a big glass jar of water with a drop of dye just beginning to be swirled in — transparent color. Jell-O blooms. Beautiful.

And taffeta has its own sort of scrumptious, crunchable qualities. It crumples and gathers in my favorite way, it's cowlick-y, and full of highlights and shadows. I sat under various piles of blossoms yesterday, finishing various new things and old. Finishing old things is never as exciting as beginning new, but there is a certain understated satisfaction in having done so. And a freedom. Appropriate for the beginning of the new year, I think. Now if only the Christmas decor would kindly put itself away. I really don't feel like doing that.

Poufs2I'm beside myself with excitement over the possibility of seeing Miss Potter next weekend (I think it opens here January 12, but I'm not sure), brought to us by the inimitable Chris Noonan, the magician who kept Babe tinged with wonder and delight (and, speaking of luminescence, that color — I love the way color appears in that movie, those incandescent greens — well, I just love everything about that movie). It looks like Miss Potter will be every bit as magical, possibly moreso. I watched a short "making of" documentary this morning and . . . well . . . I'll just say I am very very very much looking forward to this movie!!!

I watched a lot of movies this past weekend, as Andy worked almost the whole time. I finally saw Elizabethtown, of which I knew absolutely nothing, and I have to say I loved it. Might be my new favorite movie. (People either loved or hated this movie. Don't read the reviews, though, and do try to forget that Tom Cruise and Cameron Crowe had anything to do with it.) (Update: I like Cameron Crowe and his movies a lot, I just sort of liked this movie better when I thought it . . . came out of nowhere . . . and I was more forgiving of some of the plot hiccups. I forgive them anyway, of course, but you know what I mean — C.C.'s a pro now, etc., so there's a certain . . . expected veneer . . . but it's okay, really.) Coincidentally, only hours after I saw it, Garden State was on cable so I watched that again, too. (They have some similarities. GS seems . . . riskier . . . less polished [obviously] . . . love this movie . . . the kiss in the quarry . . . agh . . . love that.) I also just finished reading a book I really liked called Everything Changes by Jonathan Tropper. I've been wanting to make a list of books that got turned into movies where I liked the movie better than the book, like Wonder Boys by Michael Chabon. Love that movie. I was not surprised to see from Jonathan Tropper's web site that Everything Changes is in movie development with Tobey Maguire's production company. I kept picturing Tobey Maguire as the main character as I was reading. But anyway, ramble ramble. I also watched Big Fish, Bridget Jones's Diary (great new year's movie), Love Actually, and . . . Freaky Friday (new).

I guess I'm glad that it's back to business now. I'll be updating my site this week . . . and hopefully leaving the house, egads. Help.


Forget Cameron Crowe?? But he directed "Say Anything"! No matter what else he's done, he has that -- one of my all-time favorites.

I hope it was the old "Freaky Friday." Though I've heard Jamie Lee Curtis was not too bad in the new one.

Love all the color...

hee. I'm getting ready to *leave the house* this week too after a week of slothing...kinda scary, isn't it? Happy New Year Alicia! And thanks for the bright dose of gorgeous color today!

Beautiful flowers! And happy new year to you!

I'm with Amy H. up there...Cameron Crowe pretty much filmed adolescence and young love as it will forever be for me in "Say Anything." If you haven't seen it, do--it's ordinary and magical all at once. He also wrote & directed "Almost Famous," again with the teen years spot-on and another favorite of mine. More movies for your list!

new or old Freaky Friday?

top picture is especially lovely. happy new year!

hi alicia
what are you going to do with all those blossoms

Happy New Year and good luck getting out of the house! Seems like the right time to be getting a move on, doesn't it?

Absolutely gorgeous flowers, i just love them. Your colours are always so beautiful. Love Actually is my favourite movie. xx

i love love the fowers!

been watching for Miss Potter for awhile but it isnt coming out until the 29th as far as I know (my patience is lousy right now) =) I love the flowers too too pretty!

Oh, so very much with you on the taffeta thing. My wedding dress was made of it - olive green with crazy flowers and threads hanging all over it! (I was going for a bit of a wood elf look, as I definitely have the ears for it!)

Yes! Loved Garden State! Loved Wonder Boys (the movie -- and found I couldn't get through the book). Loved Babe, of course. And can't wait for Miss Potter.

SO glad you're back. :-) Gorgeous colors. I spend way too much time thinking pink (and aqua) thoughts about Posie...

Your flowers are beautiful, made me feel like--kinda springy! I just finished making a Frizzy Flower Hat from your oh so wonderful pattern! Thanks!! It turned out a-okay!


I love the flowers, the colours are gorgeous.

Alicia....I'm so glad you pointed out the movie Miss Potter....i've always been enchanted by her life, and stories....can't wait to see the movie....happy NEW year:)

Hi Alicia, this is my first time commenting, love your blog!

I'd also like to see Miss Potter since I grew up reading her books and I still love them :) Your flowers/blooms are beautiful!

If you like Everything Changes, you have to read the book he wrote before it: The Book of Joe. It's full of great pop culture references that you'll get because you're the *right* age! Great story, too!

I just read your feature in Romantic Homes - beautiful - looks just like i have envisioned. I can't wait until the next issue.

Also - Corey Amaro - aka Tongue in Cheek has an article in the latest issue of CLoth Paper Scissors mag - Fabulous reading as well.

Love the colours and the textures. And loved the film!

Yay! I really want to see Miss Potter too! I think it opens here in England on Friday, so I must try to see it this weekend :)

The flowers are lovely. And as for the movies, well, I think we have similar taste. Loved Wonder Boys, Garden State absolutely, Babe. I am, however, a bit wishywashy on Elizabethtown. There were things I really liked about it, there were some things that seemed incredibly far-fetched, but I have recently found myself wanting to watch it again to see if I'll like it more. Of course, Bridget Jones is great, but I actually liked the second one better.

miss potter! I am in all a dither about it. so excited.

I love crafts. I love YOUR crafts and I also adore talking about movies! Loved "Elizabethtown!" The beginning was kind of shaky but it was so worth it so we could experience the road trip along with the character. SO eye opening! And oh my "Miss Potter" is destined be a future favorite! Cheers!

I loooove Big Fish!

The flowers are stunning, I mean they literally leap off the screen at you!

I have some beautiful thai silk scraps - they look like they were remnants from a cutting shop - they would be perfect for flowers. If you want them, they are yours, better put to good use than sitting in my moslty neglected fabric pile.

How could you not love Miss Potter, Renee Zellweger, Emily Watson, and last but not least, Ewan McGregor (yum)!

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