The Stare-Down

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Doggie Yeah. She won.

Carlene's talking about this post, which still cracks me up every time.


She is too adorable! I love staring at sweet.

She is just so dang CUTE :)

I just love it when you post pictures of Audrey. I'm still laughing about the little slug eater in her cashmerino sweater.

Such a cozy girl! That gaze, how could anyone turn away? Have the exact same quilt, just love it and the color is perfect! Enjoy your day of doggy snuggles!

awww! how adorable!

Who could resist that face? I lost my battle with the stare-down here.

Hope you two had a fun day!

I miss my corgi :( Audrey is lovely.

She needs her own website. Something like
Thank you for sharing her with all of us dog-less folk out here!

What a face!

So, are you eating something yummy, or did she just drop her favorite slobbery tennis ball in your lap for you to throw? :- )

By the way, I think we need an "Audrey" category so we can find all these cute pictures when we need an Audrey fix!

I bet you could spend all afternoon having staring contests with her.

she's a very beautiful dog!

anne sheridan says: January 21, 2007 at 06:21 PM

how funny is that! my dog does the same thing...i know one day she's just going to start talking to me.

I would not win either, not with that adorable face!!

Hi Alicia!
I love reading your blog and seeing all the pictures....and..You've been "tagged"! Check out my blog! If you were already tagged, pleasedisregard this.. :(

Hi I've been reading your blog for almost 6months now, and because of it and many other lovely blogs I started blogging, I love the pictures you take and the things you do.Just thought I'd say hello. Your dog is very cute :)

Too sweet...she makes me want a dog.

I'm now wasting time staring into Audrey's soft brown eyes when I should be working!

With a face like that, she would always win. I am such an Audrey fan :) Great great photo!

What a sweet dog!

Well that is just the best picture to start off my Monday morning!

Thanks for sharing she is so cute!

I can't believe that dog is real. She's too cute.

I heart Audrey - she looks like such a sweetie pie!
Corgis, remind me a little of daushunds with their short legs.

you know, it really ins't very nice how animals use their adorable-ness to win at these types of competitions!

She is such a cutie!

What is Carlene talking about re: Audrey's cashmerino sweater? and slug eater???
Poochies always use their "oh, i'm so cute i'm going to sit here and look so cute you can't resist me and want to give me treats and let me stay on the big bed all day" look and the next thing you know, her ass is in your face, with her tail wagging and tickling your nose! :o)
well, that's what mine does.
sheesh. they always win.
that look is deadly. :o)
i think you need to get some of those little cards with Audrey's pics on them!!!
OOOOHHHH! it would be so fun to have a swap of doggy pic cards and have our dogs have a swap?! :o)heehee...greenies, toys, pictures, slobber towels, special collar tags...

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