Butterscotch Sunday

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We have some serious ice cream lovers in our family, mostly among the underage set. Getting a restaurant sundae, no matter how humble, is very exciting.

The little sundae glasses reminded me that I have a set of sundae glasses myself. I spent a lazy Sunday watching documentaries about the royal family, finishing my ripple blanket, making butterscotch pudding from scratch, and really enjoying the Academy Awards with my little sister, who was visiting this weekend. I thought Ellen did a great job, and those dancers that rolled into different shapes for each movie — how cool was that. That was my favorite part of the whole thing.


Making pudding is pretty easy. I saw this recipe in the newspaper last week and thought it sounded interesting.


With brown sugar and browned butter, it was very nutty and intense. I did my little mise en place thing and that was nice. It works out well on a lazy Sunday, I think.


And the butterscotch pudding reminded me of Gwyneth Paltrow's dress, which I thought was really pretty, too. I always love that part in The Royal Tenenbaums when she orders the butterscotch sundae. It seems so unlikely, but then so right, somehow.


your pudding looks delicious!

Yes, very butterscotchy...I thought this years academy awards were very good this year, a different look and feel and Ellen is the best.

The dancers are Pilobulus, they used to tour years ago, have always been so unique and fun to watch...I hope they have a touring company that comes out again!!

Would you share the butterscotch pudding recipe? Looks divine. I liked the awards this year. The gowns were more flow-y and attractive on the whole. Gwyneth is beautiful in such a classic way. Love how the music cuts off the long speeches that seldom make sense to anyone but the speaker.

my parents recorded the oscars for me, we have no tv. now i am really excited to see it after reading this, as i had them record it because one of the dancers you mention is a yoga teacher i have studied with. i have never seen a human move the way this guys does...now millions have enjoyed him, love it!

My mom used to tell me about how sometimes after school she and her friends would stop at the diner and order a treat for themselves. Her favourite was a Tin Roof Sundae: vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, spanish peanuts. The salty crunchiness of the nuts against the smooth sweetness of the ice cream makes for a well-rounded eating experience :)

I thought Ellen was great too. I watched the Oscars while eating rice pudding (which my sweet husband made). I probably gained 5 pounds last night because I couldn't stop.
My cousin won his 3rd Oscar last night (sound mixing Dreamgirls) so it was pretty exciting. Now I need to go see the rest of the movies!

I was surprised that on one site her dress was featured in "worst dressed". I just think she is so stunning and wore the dress so well.

I love those people who rolled into shapes, things. My favorite part too! This girl just got back from aerobics class and now I would like to have a big bowl of puddin please! :)


Butterscotch yummmm!!!!

Hi Alicia,
You know, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. It's really nice to take a quick peek at your little spot of sunshine everyday. Audrey is fab, the hubby is great, your projects are fun and inspiring. I saw the piece in Romantic Homes mag and loved it. It was great to see your goodies in print.

Yum! Is the recipe online at the paper's site? I love me some Butterscotch pudding! Ok. I'll be honest, I just love pudding!

I love butterscotch, but I love malt more. Yumm! Your new logo is gorgeous. I just adore those embroidered pastries; they're very sweet. ;)

OMG that looks so delicious. Shame my youngest has an egg allergy although did you only use the yolk in that? I have a butterscotch craving now, funny how pictures can do that do you!

Mmm, butterscotch! Pilobolus is local here in Durham NC (but from CT the rest of the year) most summers at the American Dance Festival--they put on many performances and workshops during the weeks-long event, and it's fun (and humbling) to see them around town. Truly a unique troupe and very cool that they got some national attention last night!

PunchPrincess says: February 26, 2007 at 10:39 AM

Oh my gosh, you finished the blanket?!! I just got the book from Amazon and am going to start one. We have a long, long, multi-day car trip coming up and I can't sit still that long. It might be a blanket, might be a scarf. ;->

Yours is wool, right? Is it washable?

Annie and I holed up in my bedroom last night for the awards. She baked oatmeal cookies for the occasion. Although parts were REALLY boring we still enjoyed ourselves completely...High-fiving each other alot. We LOVED the rolling dancers...think that was our fav. While we loved Gwyneth's dress we are in awe of Nichole Kidman..sigh...the skin on that woman!
Plus...your pudding looks divine!

I agree, the shadow dancers that made those awesome shapes were the BEST! I especially loved them making the bus from"Little Miss Sunshine"! Amazing!

I could live on brown sugar, I think. Royal Tannenbaums is my go-to movie when I am feeling down. It makes me laugh everytime. I wish for Gwenyth's poise. She seems so unflappable and I bet SHE never runs around like a chicken with it's head cut off. Ya know? xox.

I thought Gweneth Paltrow was the best dressed last night, very vintage Hollywood glam, but in a subtle, classy way.

I love the expression on the face of cute kid on the left. What a cutie!

Mmmmmm! Butterscotch pudding was my favorite when I was a little girl. I'll be right over!

JAMMY ! :) Looks delicious...I love pudding..hihi
Specially the Dutch one..

I've heard some rather snarky comments on TV about those dance segments, but I thought they were cool & wonderful. No surprise that I'd find some like-minded souls over here on your blog.

Wait, you're FINISHING the blanket? I think I heard horns sounding off in the distance. Yippee!

i saw GP on a list of the worst dressed at the oscars and i thought, WHAT? I loved her dress!

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