Critter Menagerie, and Dangle Earrings

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Okidoki1 At Pioneer Place mall yesterday, waiting for our movie to start. A sort of odd little store I've never noticed before called Oki Doki (religious gifts, jewelry and handbags, and . . . a ton of stuffed animals.)

Okidoki2 We couldn't resist buying the big owl for our four-year-old niece, Brooke. So sweet. There were signs all over the display saying "DON'T TOUCH THE DISPLAY!" Waaaah. Now I know how the four-year-old set feels while shopping. (And yeah, I touched. Are ya kidding me? If you think I left without bear-hugging those owls, no way. I'm a rule-follower by nature, but them's crazy-rules!)

Okidoki4 My camera died before I could get a picture of the little stuffed log with three sweet little mice huddled inside. Why didn't I get that one. Or the squirrels in acorns (Stephanie you would love these). Just adorable.

I did get these guys though, for some future Easter baskets for the kids.

Okidoki6 Let's hope they make it that far. Might have to make an Easter basket for myself. I'd like one snow bunny and one pink marshmallow peep. I'm willing to give up the field mouse, but only because . . .  no forget it. I want him, too. Sorry kids.


such a cute owl!

Do us girls ever get completely over loving stuffed little animals? I have to stop myself,or they might take over the house.
Your pictures and purchases are too cute. Hope you can wait until Easter.

Do us girls ever get completely over loving stuffed little animals? I have to stop myself,or they might take over the house.
Your pictures and purchases are too cute. Hope you can wait until Easter.

cripes - i would have hugged every last animal in the shop - you showed great restraint!!!
I hate those do not touch notes in shops - i have a gift and interiors shop and always have a play table stacked full of the same toys we sell - i think it is so important for kids to touch and feel and play - after all its how we all learn!
Lovely pictures of all the animals - made me really smile at the end of a long week - thankyou x
Tracy x

When I was two I decided that I liked lions. I had two stuffed animals: Ma Lion (lioness) and Bay Lion (lion cub,"baby"). Then Daddy took me to see A Jungle Book. I fell in love with ('Bagheera'?) and decided that black panthers were my favourite.

Thanks for taking me down stuffies memory lane :)

Oh the cuteness!!!! i would have bought all that and kept them for myself! And seriously, no touching the displays? Why does their cute have to come with a big ol' side order of crazy? I prefer side orders of mashed potatoes. (that's hilarious in my head, but I'm sure I'm the only one so amused.)

I'm mostly a "form follows function" kinda gal but lately with all the adorable critters around I'm thinkin' I might just need some little guys simply because they are so darn cute.

Those are some cute animals.

Yowzers.. I would have been hugging to! Those owls are stupendous. I wish I could find those around here (I love owls.. Emma always points them out and when she is with grandpa and finds one wants to buy it for me.. how sweet).

Oh, I do not even want to think about Eater yet... maybe Sunday when it is supposed to be 60 around here I will be more in the mood to think of Easter = Spring.

Chris Howard says: February 16, 2007 at 10:48 AM

You know, I've really not been much of a stuffed animal person past the age of 5 or so (the singular exception being my beloved "Annie" Raggedy Anne doll who sits happily in her high chair in my bedroom now and woe to he who touches her). All that being said, I really, really want to hug one of those big fluffy owls.

OH MY GOD you have to go back and get me an oooowwwwwllll or i'll surely die!!!!! i think the little one next to the dumb white thing with the bug eyes. hey what movie did you see and did you snuggle with the stuffie while you watched it? was andy jealous????

Cute! Love that stuffed log and critters!

Don't touch the display? I always hope people will touch the displays. I figure if they pick it up they're half way to owning it!

Just too cute!


Bad idea clicking on the stuffie link, bad idea.
Now I must hunt for a plush treestump and mushroom magnets.

I had probably thousands of stuffed animals when I was little and I still get one every now and then. I ignore the rolling eyes of my husband, who just doesn't understand that they are not stuffed animals anymore, they are "adult collectibles". :)

Ohhh, now that is a very strokable shop! I love and adore stuffed animals. I sadly have a thing for the poor abandoned preloved ones I find in charity shops though. Although that owl, that mouse! How cute!

That little mouse has touched my heart. :) He is adorable!

See thats why its fun to have kids- you can buy them whatever stuffed animal you love (or crazy over the top barbie) and pretend it is for them. I am so loving that field mouse.

How cute are those stuffies? Oh my goodness!!

Oh those are painfully cute!!! I wish I could reach right into my screen and pull a whole bunch out!

Those are so cute! my kids are huuuuge stuffy fans and they would go bonkers for them!

but did you get any earrings?

Bear squeezing owls! Brilliant... I would so have to have one of each and dear me! where would hubby sleep at night!! ....a snow bunny.... marshmallow peep AND a reeses peanut butter egg!

I just saw your house over on apartment therapy. great pictures, I love your house (ok, well Ive seen most of those on your blog, but still, lovely!)

Adorable stuffed animals! How can they expect anyone (let alone kids) to not touch all the cool stuff?!

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