Horse Day

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Horsefarm2 I went with my friend Shelly to her parents' house in the country over the weekend. It was so good to get out of town, and especially to see some real horses. These two were pretty skeptical at first. How cute are they, with their interested ears. Who's here?

Horsefarm3 I brought apples, though — surefire shy-horse flirtation technique. C'mon babies.

Horsefarm1 So sweet. I love this picture of Shelly with them both. Most of my photos were so blurry — I am so not used to taking photos of animals that actually move. And speaking of technical difficulties, my computer put itself through a torturous series of automatic updates over the weekend and I can't stand how it changed everything. For instance, all of this type looks blurry to me, and I can't find my "happy place" (i.e.: when all my fonts and sizes looked good here on my own computer, at least — everything's either too big or too small, even when I change the view size, etc.). So, a Goldilocksian problem. Any PC peeps with advice?

Horsefarm7 Shelly's parents live in a big, beautiful log cabin. It reminds me of a lot of houses I used to see in Montana. Sometimes I forget that "Oregon" is the "West." I was always an English-saddle type, but I can kind of see the appeal of all this honey wood on a cloudy day. It's warm and big and seems to defy all dampness, somehow.

Horsefarm4 And a big huge fireplace is nice.

Horsefarm5When I go to peoples' houses in the country, I'm always amazed at how much room there is. I know that sounds obvious, but it feels really different. Our house has tiny rooms, tiny places, it's densely packed, connected to itself by a dozen doors. It's very close to our neighbors' houses, the street is so skinny you can't park on both sides of it, and I can hear every conversation in every yard. In the country everything is big. And open and bright. I can picture lying on that living room carpet watching TV, or playing a game, or spreading out some fabric and cutting a pattern easily — things I don't do at our house because there are no big, open spaces like that. Kind of a Goldilocksian thing, too, coincidentally. I wonder what is the right size for me. Not that I could ever afford anything like that, but sometimes I do wonder. If you had your choice, what would be the right size?


Portland really feels like a world apart from its rural neighbors. One doesn't have to travel far outside the Portland area to find the West as we imagine it. Lovely post with lovely pictures. Thank you Alicia.

My dream house is a spacious log cabin, although I am not sure if that comes from reading Laura Ingalls or from growing up in the Sierra Nevadas. Maybe a bit of both.

Instead I live in a sweet, tiny little cottage in Virginia, which I would describe almost the same way you did your own house -- tiny, compact, practical. I can actually touch the ceiling in two rooms.

I'd like a bigger house, most definitely, with lots and lots of built-in storage -- but not a huge one, because I don't like feeling lost in my own home, either. I would, however, like ceilings that are higher than 7 to 8 feet tall.

But what I'd really like is lots of land to move around on, and a separate building for studio and office.

Huge - I mean mansion with an east wing and a west wing type huge.Not to mention the coach house, stables and gate house!

I'd like somewhere big enough to have my own studio space in a room of it's own. Space to have a lovely spare bedroom. A garden big enough to grow my own flowers and vegetables. It would have to be old and in the Countryside, probably somewhere in the south west of England.

I'd like somewhere big enough to have my own studio space in a room of it's own. Space to have a lovely spare bedroom. A garden big enough to grow my own flowers and vegetables. It would have to be old and in the Countryside, probably somewhere in the south west of England.

I used to live in a 800 sq ft condo, so I can understand the small space thing. I now live in around 1800 sq ft on around 1 acre of land, which since I live next door to my parents and we have a connecting gate, it is more like we have a 1 acre backyard all together... that being said....

I LOVE small and cozy, but I also want some room to spread out. I like the size of my house now, but if I were to build a house it would be around 2000 sq ft with all built in cabinets, book shelves, drawers in the closets, built in china cabinet... etc. It would have to have one big room, which would be the "who care what this room looks like because we can close the doors room". It would be for crafting, sewing, watching TV/movies, roller skating and scootering around in, etc. I could never live in a mansion... just too much wasted space.. and the more room you have, the more stuff you buy to fill it up with. I am in the middle, I like more room, but I also like cozy.. something you have to work at to achieve.

I've lived in a big house and a tiny house and right now I like the tiny house best. I say I want a bigger house, which is sort of true. I like the idea of having more room, but I also like that my kids share a room and giggle together at night. I think they play better together because they are always in each others way, haha.

Besides, if we had a big house it would probably be a two story and I am a klutz. There wasn't a day in my life at my folks house that I wasn't in a hurry going up or down the stairs, so I would ALWAYS fall and end up sliding down the stairs on my butt. Or my face if I fell while going upstairs.

those are the prettiest horses, and the house ain't bad either.

I've lived in many countries but my favorite place would be in southern Spain, where it's sunny and bright. The house would have to be big enough for me to have my studio in a room of its own with big windows so it's very sunny and a garden outside to plant veggies and flowers.
I guess we all have a dream house :-)

My perfect space would be a bit bigger than what we have now (800 square feet), but not huge. I like coziness, and rooms where the air moves quickly from one window to another, without getting lost in a big huge ceiling or something. But what I'd really want more of is outside space. We have a corner lot, and so no backyard. I would really like a backyard for the kid & dog and all of us to play together away from the street.

In the end, though, I wouldn't trade any of Portland or of my friendly, busy street in order to get more space, indoor or outdoor. We've become experts at creatively storing things.

This log cabin is just lovely, if I were a out-of-doorsy sort, this place would be perfect. I love the river-rock fireplace. But at heart, I am a ribbons and lace grandma's little cozy cottage type and so I love the amazing pictures of your little cottage in Romantic Homes. Darling!!!

What a gorgeous place, and gorgeous horses. My dream home, hmmm . . . a log cabin with lots of open flowy floor space and a loft with huge windows and a wonderful view. It's in the woods, but it still has a big grassy yard for the dogs. It's also within walking distance of a perfect little town with a vegetarian restaurant and a small concert club where all the best indie bands stop on their tours.

Ahhh! What a great question. My fave house in the world EVER is this one....(top right in white)

The new River Cottage HQ on the Dorset/Devon borders. Enough room for all the family and buddies to hang out, a vegetable garden, a rose garden and it's a house that retains coziness without feeling cavernous. Not a huge fan of big houses.
SUCH a good question.

Nothing like a weekend away to renew the soul..

so glad you could go!

I guess most people want more space. Anyway that´s what the statistic says. Houses are build bigger and bigger. And it IS nice to have some space. On the other hand: think how much more time you´ll have to hoover and clean up the place!

Ohh looks like Montana! Very nice. Big or small. I'd like that Harry Potter style room, Room of Requirement, where its always what you need when you go into it.

Don't you love the way horses smell? Its so distinctive and pleasant. My experience with horses is similar to yours: completely gaga as a child with plastic horses, stick horses, tree horses, whatever could be imagined as a horse, followed by riding lessons once a week clear through college, now just a thorough-going admirer with no expectations of ever actually owning a horse. Still, the pleasure of stepping up close, feeling the warm breath, stroking the jaw and neck, and smelling that inimitable odor...I do envy you.

I would like a medium sized house, not too big to clean, but not too small to really live in, with all the most clever storage you could imagine. Drawers and shelves and pantries and cupboards...
On about 100 acres in the Bitterroot Valley, please.

My parents live in a geodesic dome home and, I gotta say, it's pretty much my dream house. Inside, there's lots of wide open spaces, but with cozy nooks for curling up tucked under the curve of the roof. Outside, there's a huge wrap-around porch, and the house is surrounded by woods, which is in turn surrounded by farmland. My brother and I joke that the only thing we'll fight about when our parents die is who gets to live in the dome home!

If you're interested, there's a little tour of the dome home on my blog here:

Wow. This made me want to pack up and leave LA this minute. What a blessing to live somewhere with so much space and especially HORSES> I love horses...who doesn't?

I would like my house on a desert ranch, like Lonesome Dove.

Re: size of fonts on screen - I'm not sure if it will be terribly helpful, but when you are in an open window, if you press Ctrl and use the scroller thingy on your mouse, you'll see that you can adjust print size that way. :) Hope that helps! And what a beautiful place! My dream home is a log home for sure, exactly like one my cousins grew up in; modest yet enough room for everyone and everything. :)

Hey Alicia!

We just returned from our trip down to Portland! your city is amazing (and actually very similar to Vancouver). We visited all the fabric stores and I was completely overwhelmed by fabric depot. The cutters at Joanns were really terrible! I’d always had good experiences in the Omaha and Chicago Joanns and I couldn’t believe your post… but you were right!

Your page of recommendations was really helpful. We are already talking about another trip in the spring to see all the flowers blooming. I hope next time around its not raining quite as much but we had a great time reading books (Powells!) during the downpours.

I wish your store was still open! I would have loved to stop in and say hi.

For the perfect house... we're eyeing Alberta St. or Nob Hill!

Thanks for sharing these pictures! My choice would definitely be out in the country where I could have a few horses and a dog or two. Something very similar to this, except maybe not with the log walls.

about 2500 square feet. which is not what we own...even tho' i like what we own. i'd like to spread out a bit but not so big one gets lost.

them harses are fine.

On the blurry text after updating, I'm guessing that you upgraded Internet Explorer in the process. The new version has a way of treating the text that they claim is easier to read (it's called ClearType), but which more likely hurts your eyes (it does mine!). Fortunately, you can turn this off.

If it's only in your web browser, then you can go to the the menu Tools, then select Internet Options. There should be an area called Advanced, and then you want Multimedia. Look for "Use ClearType" and make sure that it's not checked. Then Save and it should be ok.

If it's on your entire computer, then you'll need to also change it elsewhere. Right-click on your desktop, then select Properties. Look for the Appearance tab and click on the Effects button. If the second checkbox is selected (about smoothing fonts), make sure that the dropdown menu near it says "Standard."

I hope this helps! :)

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